What Being Alive Is


1 Life is energy.
Relate to energy and not what you see in form.
2 Conscious Energy.
Is giving us photosynthesis to live through form.
3 Consciousness.
Is all that is alive. The universe is consciousness.

What Being Alive Is

Life's purpose is to become love and the very light that eventually helps to sustain all life. Life is lived in consciousness which means everything one thinks is what is alive. A human being is conscious energy experiencing consciousness through form. There is nothing outside of consciousness. Living in consciousness gave humanity freewill and the ability to create the world at the level one could think as they consciously evolve towards living Heaven while here on earth.

Consciousness created the way for life to always have a direction in it's purpose that was towards Heaven. Everything that is keeping life existing is based on the love that the world is living in. Love is the light in consciousness and the level in photosynthesis giving life the light it lives through. The level of love in one's soul is the love they have accumulated over their life continuum.

The level of what being alive is, is consciousness. Everything we think is what is alive. We are experiencing becoming conscious of consciousness through this life's spirit creating a self story in consciousness for us to experience living through form at our level of thinking. Life is lived in photosynthesis. Conscious Energy is giving the photosynthesis for humanity to experience living in form.  Conscious Energy is a living species that was created by God to give humanity the way to live in consciousness at the level one could think. Humanity exist in two worlds at the same time with only one world being conscious for photosynthesis and it create's the next part of our life continuum through the present life being lived. All places that have not become love in this life will be lived through in the next.

Conscious Energy is the level of all form in existence and is giving the levitation in life the livingness needed for the part it plays in our world. Conscious Energy regulates and is in the light of all matter giving position, mass, force and light in all that is related to humanities consciousness.

The base collective consciousness is creating the world every individual is living through. Every experience humanity live's through is from the level of love in the light of the collective consciousness. There is nothing the world is experiencing other than what is being created by humanities collective consciousness. Everything created is a God faculty to evolve through to live greater love.

Every person is living an individualized curriculum to experience this part of life through their level of love.  Everything experienced as life is through the light in our consciousness which is the love the soul has accumulated over our life continuum.

All suffering is from the level of one's thinking. It is the light in consciousness that creates the level of meaning and attachment we place in form to live through. The level of meaning we give everything in our living is the level of the mortal world. The level of the mortal world is learning about being conscious while creating a world to live through. The reality we live in is only at the level of our thinking that we are evolving through. There is more in our world and consciously evolving is what gives us the way to experience greater life and levels of Heaven. When levels of Heaven are reached the level of meaning within the mortal world  is no longer part of the level of living. The self story that is created at the mortal world level to live this life through fades away when one reaches consciousness in Heaven.

We have a different spirit for every life we live to experience that level of consciousness through. The soul is always in Heaven giving us the love to live through. Heaven is managing the light that all life is in and the love in the consciousness being lived. Every life experience can give the soul greater levels of love but we live in freewill and have the choice to choose love or not. When we choose love it is greater Heaven we live.

Every thought is alive. What we think is what we live. Everything in life is energy and the moment we are conscious of something it is within our light that it exists. We place meaning in everything we are conscious of at the level of our thinking. Through incessant thinking we weave what becomes our reality. We keep reality in place by thinking incessantly from one thought to the next in the self story  we create to live this life through. The self story is the level of love we have accumulated in our souls that is being lived through the spirit in this life to experience our level of consciousness and increase the love we are of. What we are living in this life is in the level of the mortal world.

The incessant thinking we quietly do keeps us from being present to life. We are always living a story in our minds that has us thinking of experiences in the past and what is to come in the future. Thought is what is keeping life alive at the level it is and the incessant thinking is continuously weaving the story we believe is real.  This life is an experience becoming conscious of what being alive is. Thought is all that is alive and it is an illusion being lived through the level of consciousness.  We are consciously evolving to no longer have the self story and live instead consciously in Heaven. The level of the self story and the meaning we give life is the illusion only created to live this part of life through. As consciousness evolves the self story no longer exists.

In our world thought is the energy that is at cause and the effect is the experience in form. The level of the mortal world is only one level of consciousness living inside of Heaven. Thought is what humanity create's a self in for the experience of the story in consciousness. Thinking is only the processor that is processing the experience for spirit to live through. The level of consciousness is the level of the love in one's soul.   We are not our thoughts though and eventually humanity will drop the level of thinking that currently is being living through and only live in consciousness.

The only purpose of thinking is to create what give's the level of living to become conscious in. Thoughts are an illusion. They are transitory and change as one becomes more conscious. Thoughts have different perspective's that are also not reliant on a level of consciousness but can exist at a level of the process that one is trying to become conscious in.

Consciousness doesn't change like thoughts do and is the level of the knowing of all. There isn't a way for a human being to experience consciousness without having what creates the level of the self story for one to live through. As they become more conscious they evolve towards Heaven and eventually the level of the self story fades for what is a greater level of consciousness.

The level we can be conscious of determine's whether we will live at the level of the mortal world and it's effects, or the level of Heaven which we are living in. The mortal world is only a level of consciousness within Heaven. Living towards Heaven is the purpose one should have to experience happiness, love and deep inner peace in living.

God gave us the key to life by having us born with love.  Love is the gateway to higher levels of consciousness and the way to Heaven.  We can live in this experience through the beautiful light of Heaven any time we choose love in our thinking. It is through the love in our thoughts that Heaven is able to be the light in our consciousness.

When humanity realize's love is the level of thought to live Heaven they will give love the power that creates Heaven as the mortal world.