What We Believe

BELIEVE The only purpose in life is to consciously evolve deeper into God awakening as Love.  

The Deeper Knowing



Keep Him first in your life.
Everyone is a level of energy in your Soul.
We live through the Love we live.
Adore and care for them in their senior years at home.

Never has there been a time that God was not trying to teach human consciousness about Him. Every level of man-made religion and spirituality has similarities and light out of Jesus. At no time has there ever been anyone walking the earth of Heaven other than Jesus. The Egyptian Ra is an amazing light for how long human consciousness has lived trying to know light. Never has God been in religion. Only religion has held God. God has always been the blueprint to life and is the living level of all things.

  • The Bible is the inspired and true light of God. It was given by Jesus and compiled over a thousand years through human consciousness and not by Christ. Christ taught us Love was the way of the world and to live God as reality.
  • There is one God.
    The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Son is a level of God. The Holy Spirit is the light of God upon those that claim Jesus Christ as their savior.
    God is dynamic energy living hundreds of billions of years alive and is living in every atom giving human consciousness the way to live in matter. God created everything that is and ever will be. He is consciousness.
  • Miracles, celestial races and the supernatural are normal with God.
  • Our Lord Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born from the Virgin Mary. He lived a sinless life taking all of our sins upon Himself while giving us the way to God. He died on the cross for our sins and rose again. Ascending to the right hand of the Father.
  • Sin separates us from God because our thought system lives earthly. Living through Christ we reconcile our light with God. We're with God whether we know it or not slowly awakening to Him. Returning as Love.
  • Salvation is aa gift when we live beyond society as reality to God as reality. When we atone and wash away our dark for the light in Christ we live greater levels of God in our Soul.
  • We are called to Love one another as Jesus loved us. We are called to teach every human being the light and the will of Christ, providing the path to God. Only by living beyond society into God can we experience Him profoundly. Never was life to make society reality while having God with us. It was to live with God through society knowing Him as reality.

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