DOWNLOAD: Video's of celestial life living in our atmosphere. They are intelligence living heavenly beside us. These videos have never seen by human beings. It's a ZIP file with a folder of raw untouched video's inside. There are rods, orbs, and energy in amazing shapes. The size is 264MB. Should only be about a minute or two to download.



This was in Saint Louis and it was after driving in the snow I started videotaping the snow. When I replayed the video I saw the level of Heaven that had been with me during my drive. You can see a white light go across the street and then a light shoot up into the sky at the end. Hopefully, you can pause and rewatch at the end to see the light shoot up into the sky it's very fast.


At the beginning of Heaven coming into my life while living in Sherman Oaks, there was a lot of Heaven helping me to go beyond our world into greater possibilities of our existence. Everything was taking me beyond the mortal world level. Every level we experience in life can only move through our own level of thinking and this was the perfect way to have me realize the world was much bigger than I thought. This is a video of light coming out of the wall and up to the camera. The experience was extraordinaire. 

VIDEO 3 - Another race living in our atmosphere.

This is an amazing video with another level of life in our atmosphere. No other human being has captured on video life beyond the human race. In this video, you learn there is much more life living with us. During the process of learning about creation with Heaven, there have been many experiences with life beyond what humanity has known. The fabric of our world is Conscious Energy which is a living species in the conscious space of God.

Levels of life can be in different shapes, sizes and beautiful objects we would never expect to have intelligence or capability of communicating. The medium isn't what to focus on. The Love and level of consciousness is the gift of God. Different levels of intelligence are leading humanity to greater possibilities.

Consciousness is all that is alive and elder levels of consciousness are part of our existence. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and created a world of life in levels always giving to other levels of life. 

If you download the video file on this page there is a better video of this energy. It is called the Snow Energy Squid.


This is another level of life filmed in Sherman Oaks. Beautiful levels of energy were everywhere in my apartment always creating the way to think deeper about life, what was possible and how it was happening.  We are living in photosynthesis.


A beautiful blinking orb.