Listen to God on Track 3


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TRACK 1:  Angel says, "Blue Light" is said right at the beginning. This is from a video that after you hear the Angel say, " Blue Light" you see a blue flickering orb come out of the wall. Right at the beginning and at 8 seconds. It's looped 2x's.

TRACK 2: At 3 seconds you hear "Death Hate." I heard this during a time darkness was greatest in my life. I had been choosing Love while not defending myself or attacking back as my life was being destroyed. Heaven was entering my life at the exact moment darkness was greatest.  At 3 seconds, 11 seconds and 17 seconds. Looped 3x's.

TRACK 3: At the beginning, you hear God's deep voice say, "Follow" and then Angels says, "He Loves You happy, happy, happy." This happened after God's Angels were releasing deep wounds from childhood and literally one of the most traumatic experiences of my life was healed within seconds. At 2 seconds, 12 seconds and 22 seconds. Looped 3x's

TRACK 4: An Angel says, "I want to help you out with God." 1 second, 5 seconds and 9 seconds. Looped 3x's.

TRACK 5: Angels say, "A Halo" at the very beginning. At 1 second, 4 seconds and 7 seconds. Looped 3x's.

TRACK 6: Angel says, "Throw the Halo" at the beginning. This was said when they first began talking directly to me and I wanted to know how it was happening. I got very upset and when I started yelling they said, "Throw the Halo."In the video, you see a big bright light with something on the end flow in a line from the top down. At 1 second, 3 seconds and 6 seconds Looped 3x's.

TRACK 7: At the beginning, an Angel says, "Breathe Now Debo." This happened within a day or two after they spoke to me directly for the first time. At 2 seconds, 5 seconds, 9 and 12 seconds. Looped 4x's.




Heaven's Bedroom Hummingbird

This is a life form of Heaven. It looks like a bird that flies in light and then at the very end on the dresser, we see a shadow. The shadow shows the bird as another life form that has many arms. Very different than a human being. A beautiful loving level of our world.

Download Amazing Life in Our Atmosphere

These are raw videos of celestial life in our atmosphere. They are an intelligence living heavenly right beside us. These videos have never seen by human beings. It's a ZIP file with a folder of raw untouched video's inside. There are rods, orbs, voices, and energy in amazing shapes. The size is 425MB.
Should only be about a minute or two to download.





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