Life Off Planet

life off planetHumanity is a species that was created by God. God is dynamic energy in an intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive. Everything in existence is existing in the conscious space of God including all life light years away. Life off planet floating in space has always been the way for every race in existence. The body isn't what a human being is, the human being is the conscious energy inside of the body existing in photosynthesis. The world is energy with matter being experienced at the level of one's consciousness.

Humanity has only existed in humanity's level of consciousness. Life off planet and what has been outside of humanity's level of consciousness is what has not been known but its always been existing. What is being lived as reality and normal is only relative to one level of consciousness. If humanity was seen through another races eyes they would seem very different but part of the unity in life that is the pool of consciousness at different ages including what is hundreds of billions of years old. All life off planet is in their own level of consciousness. Each one is living with what is familiar and "normal"  to them. The universe is a pool of consciousness in various levels of mediums at different levels of consciousness.

We are living on a planet floating in space with life off planet in a universe with billions and billions of other galaxies and trillions of planets through out the universe. God created life and God is an energy who is hundreds of billions of years alive. Life is in the light of God with the sun ninety three million miles away giving humanity its existence as the moon is moving energy in the oceans in an intelligence far beyond humanity's level. The mortal world is existing in Heaven with Heaven is giving it everything needed to live.

The enormity of life has been beyond humanity's level of consciousness and humanity is just now learning life is existing in photosynthesis with Conscious Energy giving all livingness in matter. The Soul is what is alive and the Soul is the energy Love. Matter is only existing in our level of consciousness through the level of the energy Love in photosynthesis. God created humanity's Heaven and universe in a level that was part of the light all life is in. Life has been changing since the beginning to higher levels of consciousness. There are different levels of life off planet in many different forms and consciousness. The universe has over a million planets with life. The level of living has never been the level of humanity's level of consciousness.

What humanity would see as objects and shapes can be living in levels of great intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive. Some are able to communicate through telepathy and a level that is beyond telepathy. God is in every atom and hearing God is instantaneous. The level of hearing Heaven is in the light of our living and not outside of it. There is no level of what we are of that does not have God or Heaven running through us giving all levels of our life its level to exist.

Life off planet is life without human features but just like humanity what is living is the energy inside of the form. The body of a human being is not the life span, it is a temporary level in consciousness. All other races are only existing in their body as the level of consciousness they are off. Older consciousness that has been existing for hundreds of billions of years doesn't resemble a human being at all. Life is in many different forms. Humanity is a species that is energy changing form and living in multiple lives through different bodies and Spirits. We are living as energy changing form to live different levels of consciousness in matter. If we discovered this in another species on a different planet we would be astonished at the level of intelligence making this possible and yet humanity is the very species living it and having a gift greater than what has ever been realized. We are in a life continuum living eternally.

Other races in the universe are in different levels of light with some existing in levels beyond what we have ever imagined as being possible. Our atmosphere is in levels of energy and plasma that are alive and living to give humanity the levels that keep it having life. God created light in photosynthesis through levels of energy to give humanity the experience of matter. The space around every single person and around every object we see is alive. The level of matter is alive because it is Conscious Energy in photosynthesis giving its livingness to humanity. There is no level in life we are conscious of that is not in the living species Conscious Energy. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world and is the living species in the conscious space of God. Conscious Energy is able to communicate and give its levels in life for one to experience when one has invoked Heaven. 

The level of what humanity is seeing and living through as life is only one level of consciousness existing at the level of matter instead of through Spirit in the level of energy. All life in the universe is in higher levels of consciousness living in profound levels of peace and Love. Life has been evolving with violence no longer existing for a very very long time.

For humanity God created thousands of species in all different shapes, sizes and roles. Some in water, some on the earth and some in the sky. There are trillions of pieces that have individual roles that by themselves exist perfectly and together they all work in harmony creating what gives humanity life on earth. By design the exact same level is through out the universe. There are different objects with no features having intelligence. There are levels of shapes and textures with no level of body that exist consciously in high levels of intelligence. There are other races with bodies that look nothing like humanity and their level of consciousness is different than humanity's. Life off planet is living for conscious evolution. Consciously evolving is the only level in their existence because the more conscious they can become the greater level of life they are able to live through. Consciousness is all that is alive in the light of God and life off planet is trying to exist in the highest level of consciousness they can realize.

Life is a pool of consciousness in various shapes, sizes and forms. The level of what is "normal" and what is "life" has only been in humanities level of consciousness. Every level of consciousness is living in its own light meaning the way of life, the body and the level of life's existence for every race is only living through their level of consciousness. When we experience life outside of our race it is astonishingly different and will always be nothing like we are. This though is part of conscious evolution and having the depth and maturity to understand life's enormity and existence at the level of Heaven, not only in humanity's level of consciousness.

Life is living for us to create in matter the highest level we can realize in any one level of consciousness. God has created an existence with everything needed to keep us experiencing what gives us evolution. What is beyond earth is enormous and a level for humanity to become greater acquainted with as humanity evolves beyond living violence.

Levels of life have all evolved through levels of violence to living in higher levels of consciousness in peace. Humanity is a young level of consciousness beginning to understand what being alive is and the level of the world in Heaven. The beginning has begun for life to evolve and live in greater levels of life through higher levels of consciousness. Heaven is only living for humanity to live Heaven while here on earth.




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