Understanding the Illusion of the Mortal World

humanity mortal world

The mortal world is living in energy that is in the light of God. The mortal world is a temporary level of consciousness. Humanity is living through photosynthesis in levels of light giving what is perceived in matter in our level of consciousness. Humanity is experiencing light in images with the Soul as life.

Consciousness isn't in our mind or inside of a body, it is in heaven. Consciousness is an energy and is the energy Love that is in our Soul. The Soul is managed in Heaven in the light of God. The mortal world is existing in Heaven trying to become conscious of Love.

Matter is a nothingness. Energy doesn't have matter. Energy is giving us the level of  the livingness in matter through photosynthesis. The level of what we are seeing is only in the light of our consciousness. We are giving matter its livingness through Conscious Energy in photosynthesis. The world we are experiencing is only energy giving us the ability to think into being at our level the very world we experience and live through.

When God created humanity he created every human being to be born in light and that light is Love as God is Love. Humanities life purpose is to consciously evolve becoming Love through carving the Soul to higher light. We carve the Soul by living through experiences that challenge the energy to be different than what we initially experienced. As we become conscious of Love it is the light in consciousness that expands giving us the way to bring into matter what is of Heaven.

There are three levels in life that are transitory and the illusion at the level of ones consciousness. They are the body, what we call self and our level of thinking in the mortal world.  Human beings are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. The body is consciousness. Consciousness is coming into us from Heaven. Self is transitory and only the level of the mortal world. There is no level of self that exist, there is only our level of consciousness creating the level of self for Spirit to live through in matter at our present level of consciousness. In our life continuum we will have many mediums and Spirits and in each will have what we call a self. Self is only a level of consciousness created for the level of matter we are experiencing.

Thinking is in the level of the mortal world. It is only a level existing through the light of the base collective consciousness which is humanities level in living Love. Consciousness is giving thought the level to emerge through. The level of consciousness is the level of Love in ones Soul. Thought is emerging out of the level of energy in consciousness. As one becomes more conscious of Love the level of consciousness changes the level of thinking, and eventually thinking fades for only consciousness.

Photosynthesis is the level of what is giving all of life on earth the ability to live in matter. The light in photosynthesis is the energy Love we are living in matter. Everything we are experiencing in living is only energy and what is being seen in matter is only one level of consciousness. Life in energy means there is no place where one person begins or another ends. Energy has no barriers and matter has no level of energy except in the light of photosynthesis. Matters only energy is the image in photosynthesis. It is the image in the level of photosynthesis having the level of its livingness in our consciousness.

Conscious Energy is the living species in the conscious space of God that is giving photosynthesis and all livingness in matter to humanity. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world. Conscious Energy is the mass, velocity, force, levity and temperature in all matter in one's level of consciousness. Humanity is bringing everything into being.

God created life in a beginning level of consciousness so that the world would have everything needed for consciousness to evolve. This gave the way for humanity to create in matter the level of the world humanity lives through. When God created life in consciousness it gave humanity freewill to bring into being the experience of living at the level one could think. We are only living to process matter into higher levels of consciousness. Realizing our light through Love in all matter. The level of the world today is only one level out of an infinite in consciousness.

The energy Love is the light in consciousness. Love is the energy in the level of God that is existing with humanity giving all levels of life the ability to realize consciousness through matter. The Soul is the energy Love. The Soul is what is alive in a human being. The Soul is giving the light in consciousness for Spirit to live through in this level of matter.

To understand consciousness one must understand that if there is a room of twenty people what is alive is the one who is observing the twenty people. No mater who it is. Whomever is conscious of the others is living through the light.

What humanity is living in thinking and not consciousness. Thinking is the processor and is the level of the mortal world. Consciousness is the energy giving humanity the level of thinking to live through. Thinking is the level that is creating self and the level of the story within the mortal world to live through becoming conscious of Love. We are not our thoughts, we are the Love in our Soul. What we are thinking is only a story giving us the image to live through at our level as we become conscious of Love. Humanity is thinking incessantly from one thought to the next weaving their reality. The incessant thinking is keeping thoughts constantly moving forward from one to the next with our senses participating in the level of the mortal world. Everything is one level of consciousness including the level of our senses. There is nothing outside of consciousness. Every level of life keeps moving forward. It never ceases. Energy changes form continually creating greater levels of living for life to live. It is a process that is Heaven. The same way we age from an embryo to a senior in a process without our doing anything is the same way thought will give the next thought to live.

Consciousness is beyond the mortal worlds level of thinking. Consciousness is not transitory like thought and is the deeper knowing of all. Beyond our incessant thinking is the conscious space of God. When we are being conscious of life at the level of consciousness it is in the light of God we are thinking. One can be conscious of living but not be conscious of life. One can think incessantly from one thought to the next and never be conscious of the conscious space of God. Consciousness will only give to thinking the level it is of. When one becomes conscious of Heaven the level of thinking becomes Heaven too. Humanity wants to move through the mortal world level of thinking to the level of living in the conscious space of God.

The Soul is the light all life is living through. Everyone we see and all levels of matter are only in the light of our Soul. Therefore only in the light of our consciousness. We are trying to become conscious of Love because it gives us the level of light that has alchemy in matter to experience Heaven. It has the wisdom and ability to help us live in a greater level of life beyond the mortal world. Heaven is only existing for us to live our divine light within.

There is only one of us here with God. Humanity has to realize every level of what we believe is life's existence including the world is only in our level of consciousness. There is nothing outside of our consciousness existing. What we are perceiving as a world with people and life is a level within the light of our Soul. Everything we observe is to live Love through. The experience in matter is the base collective consciousness creating the level of the mortal world while we are living with everything in our light becoming conscious of Love.

How we have learned to live in the mortal world has been taught from birth. If we were born in a world that had yellow people with no hair it would be very normal for us. If the world we were born into was only levels of water it would also be very normal to us, because it is a level we are born into and taught as life. Our level of consciousness is only through the level of humanities level of consciousness and the world we are born into. God created the beginning level of consciousness for us to evolve through. What we have made life be and the level of the world today is only our level of consciousness and the level of Love we are living.

The level of the word is what is building the level of the world. Every level of meaning in what we see is creating our level of life. Love is the energy that changes meaning. The universe is inside of us. We are living through a world that is only living through our level of consciousness. What humanity sees as life like the sky, earth and universe are only in the level of humanities present level of consciousness.

The universe doesn't have a level existing beyond what humanity believes is existing. The universe is for us to open and create living through by having the level to expand consciousness to see greater levels of life. This is why God created life in consciousness. It gave humanity the unlimited and infinite ability to create the world we could live through at our level of thinking and it individualized for every human being the experience. All of humanity is in their own level of consciousness.

All life off planet is in a level of consciousness far beyond humanities. Every race is in its own level of consciousness and every race is in its own medium. Meaning, they look nothing like a human being. Their level of consciousness and medium has been existing for tens of millions of years to hundreds of billions of years. Life is living in a pool of consciousness with all levels of life giving to all others in existence. Life off planet is to give to humanities level of consciousness the ability to expand and evolve to greater levels of life learning through the wisdom of our elders in the unity of life. Life is enormous and waiting for humanities level of consciousness to open its divine light to greater possibilities in what is existing.

Life off planet has evolved beyond violence and has been living for tens of millions of years in peace and Love at levels that would be considered Heavenly. Humanity is just now becoming conscious of the mortal world inside of Heaven and that God is in every atom. Our consciousness has been living at the level of knowing what it knows and knowing what it doesn't know. We have the ability to live through a level of energy hundreds of billions of years alive acquiring greater knowing. Having knowing only increases through levels of energy in light coming through ones level.  We can only have energy from a greater source when we are living aligned to the level of that energy. Humanity has to live the energy Love for greater light in consciousness. Light is all that is existing in levels of energy that are giving humanity the ability to experience matter in photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the level of what is creating every image experienced in ones light. Love is the energy everybody is being born with to experience life in matter through. Love is the energy that is giving us greater levels of life with more experiences of other life in Heaven.

If we are to be a species a thousand years from now able to bring into matter what has the world at the highest level that can be realized. The path to conscious evolution must be established now. The level of life's purpose is only to become conscious of Love because through Love consciousness expands into the greater conscious space of God.

In the mortal world one lives for money and exists at the level of matter. When one lives for consciousness they open the world beyond the mortal one to greater levels of life with Heavenly peace, happiness and light in divinity. Living with Heaven in ones life is the greatest gift that can be lived by a human being. Knowing that Heaven is all around us is why we want to choose the level that opens our light to experience it.

Every level of life has Heaven.When we choose Heaven we invoke Heaven. What is seen as outside of us, is only living through us for the experience in matter to become more Love. Everything is energy. Energy changes form. Where we don't live Love we repeat a level of that energy in our lives by it manifesting in different levels of matter until we live the energy in alchemy that changes the experience. The energy in alchemy is Love. Every level of what changes the illusion to Heaven is only able to live through Love.

Jesus gave us the way and showed us why we needed to Love others as ourselves. By giving what helps others live better, and caring with infinite compassion it is our light that expands to live that level through. Experiencing other people, situations, adversity and challenges is to experience levels of energy that give us reason to live Love through.  We're living to realize the level of consciousness that has us experience Heaven. Christ consciousness give's us the level to experience only one of us here with God in the light of Heaven while here on earth.

Give people all the Love you can for they are the level of Love you live this life through.



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