Free Energy is Heaven on Earth

free energyLevels of energy are in life to help humanity live at the highest level in any one level of consciousness. In doing so humanity becomes a species able to live eternally in a level in matter that is of Heaven. Free energy is a natural level already in life that can give to life at a level producing greater purpose in its existence for benefitting humanity.

The planet is a living organism in consciousness just as the universe is in consciousness. Every level on earth has ability to give life what keeps it living in higher levels of consciousness. Every human being will experience what is a level of Heaven either in this life or another and have the ability to understand more than the human race at that time to contribute what is able to give to life what it needs to exist. Human beings are living in contribution to life to move life forward in ways that bring to life what keeps it existing in higher levels. Free energy and solar are two ways that give the human race what is able to give life on life better levels of living while also preserving the health of the earth and its levels with the universe.

Humanity needs to understand how energy is in every level of matter and that life is in consciousness in photosynthesis. The fabric of the world is Conscious Energy and the level of energy in life is greater than what can be conceived at humanities level of consciousness. Heaven is in all levels of life for human beings to experience matter at their level of consciousness. Everything in existence is in the light of God for human being to experience Heaven while here on earth.


Solar is the level all power on the planet should be using for life. The sun is able to power twenty thousand earths in one day. Solar can be the size of ones hand and yet able to power enormous buildings through quantum mechanics and levels of energy in holographic light. Solar has the greatest amount of energy to give human beings the easiest level in life to live with. If humanity is going to give to life what can help it the most it will be in what is natural and giving to life already. God created the world to give to humanity what could bring it the greatest opportunity at any one level of its existence. The sun is a level that is the greatest giver to life on earth with has the energy to bless life in greater ways.


Free energy is having levels in mass, force, velocity and temperature able to power all levels in mechanics and in light. Free energy doesn't disturb the earth in any level what so ever. The level of energy is enormously epic in levels beyond human consciousness. Levels of energy can be reproduced, compressed and in temperatures that are able to revalue their purpose in giving to all levels of life through energy instead of using the earth in unnatural ways that disturbs the eco-system with the universe. The universe is giving everything on planet its ability to exist. Human beings have to keep the earth at the levels for the universe to give what keeps it existing. Humanity has free energy, hydrogen and many other elements in abundance to benefit every human beings living. Free energy gives humanity life at a  greater level for living that doesn't take from human life to have it exist. It is free to all life after the initial infrastructure change.

Energy can give life in matter greater ability in technology that today isn't being conceived but in the future will be realized. Free energy is a level that has greater potential in human consciousness living than any other level besides solar. If humanity is going to have the ability to keep life existing on planet it is only through greater levels of consciousness that human beings can have the ability to utilize what God is giving for life to live.

In harnessing energy what is being created is light in levels of energy greater than their original state. The level of hydrogen in harnessing energy is the level that is giving to everything in its light to revalue purpose at the level needed to give mass, force, velocity and temperature at the level of atoms to live in higher light. The holographic light in every atom is giving to photosynthesis the level in the nucleus for light to expand at the level needed for moving other levels of energy. Compressed air in temperatures is able to generate a force that is able to turn energy into a higher concentrated levels of energy to give velocity, force and temperature to other levels harnessing free energy for motion and equilibrium in matter.

Free energy is the level of using what is already available through the level of the world naturally without adding elements to what is already giving. Free energy is harnessing energy to give higher values in velocity, temperature and levity for purposing levels of light through natural energy levels. Every level of life is already energy and the level to repurpose energy to give to energy a level that is natural in helping life.

Every level in life is having levels of energy give it its existence. There is no level in human consciousness that is not in energy. Matter is a nothingness existing only at the level of ones consciousness. Energy is able to give to humanity the level of light for life to live in natural states of greater happiness. God is the light in all energy having the levels of light to give humanity what it can be used in free energy. The blessing is tremendous and gives the human race one of the greatest levels in helping life exist.



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