Dimensions and Grand Unification Theory

dimensions grand unification theoryHumanity is living in decimals existing in photosynthesis. Dimensions are a natural level in consciousness. The level of everything in existence is Conscious Energy rather than the hypothesis in grand unification theory.  In every atom there is holographic light with infinite levels in Heaven. Human consciousness is only seeing dimensions at the level of human consciousness.

The grid is a level within the light giving to levels beyond human consciousness. The grid is a level that is having different emphasis in multiple dimensions for human beings to exist. Humanity is presently in two worlds at one time but only conscious of one world for their life continuum to be created and for photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is having levels of light in every atom creating the light in the grid to give human beings the ability to see matter. Seeing matter is only possible because of the level of Conscious Energy having the ability to give photosynthesis in human beings levels. Everything is an image in the light of our Soul.

Matter is only one level of consciousness. Energy has no matter. Matter is a nothingness. The level of dimensions in life are infinitely expanding in consciousness. The level of parallel universes is also infinitely expanding in consciousness. The parallel universe is only a level in another light within the greater light of life. There is no parallel universe in the present level of humanities level beyond the level of dimensions in human consciousness. There is no end in light there is only a level of beginning in the light of everything. Energy never leaves it source and God is truly all there is existing. Dimensions are only levels of light giving matter its appearance in photosynthesis at the level of ones consciousness.

Every level of human consciousness is existing within a much bigger dimension than what is known. Grand unification theory has no level in existing for gravity does not exist. Every atom is not having its level in purpose from anything other than human consciousness. Atoms have levels of Gods light (the Goditron) and human consciousness to give the light in matter.  Every atom is in photosynthesis. Atoms are only energy in light at levels in the weakening light of particles that are in levels of methane.  Every atom is having levels of light from other giving elements in photosynthesis to have matter at ones level of consciousness.

Heaven is existing at a level that is gargantuan in light. It is an infinite level living for life to exist within. Grand unification theory is only consciousness existing in light. Every level of grand unification theory is not existing. There is no gravity or magnetic force in life there is only Conscious Energy giving the livingness in matter. Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, temperature and levity in all matter.

The grid in life is in different shapes connected by a square. They are lined across in vertical and horizontal shapes with greater levels of light that appear like a bar sliding over them. The level of shapes are infinite in levels of Heaven. The level of photosynthesis is a level in every atom giving to how a human being is seeing matter. Matter is an image from the light in ones Soul. Levels of light are all that is existing in level of consciousness. There is no matter existing outside of human consciousness. God created human consciousness to have the ability to consciously evolve having greater levels of light in energy to create in matter what can become Heaven here on earth.

The level of dimensions in life are only having light at the level of a human beings level of consciousness. It is Gods level of intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive giving humanity the ability to exist in matter as energy. Consciousness is a level in energy that is having light at levels that give greater energy mass, force, velocity, temperature and levity.

The level of energy is compacting light at a rate beyond the light of speed there isn't a level in light that can be measured for it is instantaneous in levels beyond human consciousness. Human beings are experiencing light at levels in a an the energy Conscious Energy. Conscious Energy is the level of energy in the conscious space of God giving human beings the ability to have light in photosynthesis.

Dimensions have the ability to create in life the level of matter one can see if they are able to understand life in decimals giving to every level of present consciousness. The level of human consciousness is only existing at one level and is seeing the leaf and not the branch or the tree or its roots in the earth. Going beyond seeing the leaf is consciously evolving through greater levels of energy. The only level in energy that can expand the light in consciousness is Love. Love is the energy the world is in and is the energy of God.


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