Celestial Life and Other Intelligence In Gods Light

celestial lifeCelestial life, other races and levels of intelligence are only living for Gods light.  There is a unity in life far greater than the level humanity has been understanding as life with different races and levels of consciousness all making up the enormous pool of consciousness life is in.

The mortal world is energy living in matter through photosynthesis. It is a world that is levels of vibrations, frequencies and light creating humanity's experience at the level one can think in matter. What is being seen in matter is only a level of light in ones consciousness. The light in consciousness is the level of the energy Love in ones Soul. All that is existing is energy being given levels in matter through photosynthesis in the light of our consciousness.

Humanity's level of reality has been a level only based on the incessant thinking from thought to thought at the level of meaning being placed in matter. The outer material world has been the level humanity has focused on instead of conscious evolution and the divine light within that Heaven is giving to us for experiencing greater life. Celestial life is only an extension of consciousness. There is no celestial life in existence because all life is energy in different levels of consciousness. Humanity's present level of consciousness is creating what is being called celestial life because of a young level in understanding life. Energy is all that exist and the level of matter is in humanity's level of consciousness. Focusing on energy rather than matter is the level needed for humanity to understand consciousness is all that is alive. Our level is only one level giving us the world we believe is reality when it is nothing more than just one level of consciousness authoring what is in matter.

There are levels of celestial life giving to humanity to exist that have been with the human race since the beginning of time. Humanity's level of consciousness is the only barrier in understanding the level of the world and what being alive is. Conscious evolution is the only way for humanity to understand life an dhow enormous it is living for Love.

The mortal world has other levels of life in levels of intelligence hundreds of billions years alive. Conscious Energy is the living species in the conscious space of God giving humanity their livingness in matter and can communicate in the light of Heaven in levels of consciousness that are in Heaven. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the mortal world. All life on planet and off planet are existing in a pool of consciousness to give what is needed for life to exist and to give what has us consciously evolve into greater levels of life. Celestial life existing are part of the level of the world humanity is living. Celestial life is nothing more than older levels of consciousness.

We are existing with billions and billions of galaxies with trillions of planets and over a million planets having celestial life. The very level of humanity not knowing the fabric of the world is the living species Conscious Energy is the very level in consciousness that isn't comprehending the enormity of the universe and how much life is existing. Human beings have not known about creation since the beginning of life. Only in levels of consciousness has humanity been realizing the greater level of life in Heaven.

All life in existence is in consciousness including the human being, who is not the body but is the conscious energy inside of the body. All different races and celestial life have different mediums. What is living is the conscious energy inside of the form. The level of the medium doesn't matter. No other race will look like a human being. Celestial life will always be incredibly different and beyond what humans have imagined as living levels of life. Matter is only existing for the experience at this level of consciousness in matter. All races are in their own level of consciousness in their own level of body to match that level of consciousness. They will look different and some extremely different. The level of what is being called celestial life is non existing when one understands that humanity was created by an energy that is hundreds of billions of years alive and we are living on a planet in space. God created humanity out of His conscious energy to exist in matter and humanity is creating out of their conscious energy what is the world in matter. Life is living in consciousness giving matter its existence.

What would be called celestial life can be objects and beings in different shapes, sizes, textures and colors in an intelligence far greater than humanities present level.  Greater life is living for conscious evolution and they are of a higher level in living peace and Love. There are well over a million planets with life in higher levels of consciousness than humanities with greater abilities in bringing into matter technology, livingness and understanding of the existence of life. There are other dimensions and levels of universes beyond humanities.

The level of humanities universe is consciousness existing in energy and the level of matter we see is at the level of humanities consciousness. Space time is only a human concept, space time does not exist. The level of what humanity believes is space time is levitation in higher levels of light that bend the level to give other levels of instances greater light than the light within. It is a level in consciousness that has been around for a very long time having levels in all levels of the universe. Humanity is only beginning to realize the level of the universe and other races in existence.

The level of the body for every race is in their own level of consciousness. The level of body isn't where reference is, it is in the level of consciousness inside the body. All races are very different than human beings having the ability to be transparent, move through matter, clone to the environment, be in levels of only energy and some have no features at all and yet are very much alive and can communicate through telepathic means. Most races other than humanity are communicating telepathically. The level of races off planet are as vast as the level of different species on earth. All by design have Gods incredible creativity and light just as life in humanities level of consciousness does. For other races the human being is very extraordinaire having the ability to live in multiple lives with different bodies and different Spirits through the level of light in the Soul.

Other species have different life purposes than the level of human beings, their sole purpose is conscious evolution and not living for what is in material or money. Conscious evolution is the focus. There is no ending in what can consciously be brought into being to live through in matter. God, hundreds of billions of years alive brought humanity into existence to continue the pool of consciousness evolving. Every level of consciousness creates what is giving life greater light for conscious evolution.

Every level is taking life into higher levels. There are levels of energy able to live without any kind of necessity a human being needs to exist. Energy is able to live without having food, sleep, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, water or oxygen. The level of what is alive with humanity is hundreds of billions of years alive and existing in a level of life that humanity hasn't had the ability to understand as part of humanities existence. The mortal world has always been in Heaven. The entire premise for the human race is to become conscious of Love evolving from the level of the mortal world to the level of Heaven.

The level of life has always been far greater than humanities level of consciousness. That is by design. As humanity evolves greater levels of life come into being in Gods light. The pyramid of consciousness has different levels of life for different levels of consciousness. The unity in life is that all life in existence is connected through the pool of consciousness creating what gives humanity the ability to live in the highest level of consciousness that can be realized.