Heavens Consciousness


Living Miracles, Happiness and Light


Emptying Our Pain

Move through life in Love, compassion and greater understanding of your divine light. Open your eyes for seeing Heaven in everything.

Revealing our Light

Why walking into your holy place unlocks your potential for living joyfully in God. Learn to forgive and heal.

Living in Heaven

Where living with Angels, miracles and supernatural light are teaching us to live enlightened.



Living 365 Days of Heaven.

Train your mind. Open your heart. Live in Heaven.


The course is free.


You will receive:

Exercises that restore and renew.
Opening our lives for Heaven from anywhere.
Deepening our reality in God for experiencing Heaven.
Learn the language for controling your thoughts and living greater joy, miracles and Love.
Over two hours of lectures for opening your light in God.
Living in deeper peace gives us the way to listen for God beyod the self chatter.

How does it work?

Through Love and deepening our light in God. The mind has become reliant on thought processes that never change. We have our go-to places, perspective, routines, old energy and comfort zones that keep us living in a tiny box of reality. We never change reality or move outside of how we think. When outside of our veil there is everything we ever dreamt.

Ten years ago, I was living a normal life at society's level. When a choice to live Love changed everything for Heaven. Since then it's been almost a decade with God, Angels, and celestial races teaching me creation, consciousness and how to carve the Soul for consciously evolving in God. Don't think about religion for this course. Simply surrender and only focus on empowering your life for revealing the truth of your light. Your life is living for Love, happiness, and peace. Never underestimate how wonderful peace is in us. Imagine never living in pain, anxiety, worry, or upset again. You will dull it and on this spiritual path live for only living Heaven while here on earth.

Life's power doesn't come from making something happen, it lives becoming the light that's been holding our truth. This course takes you to your Soul's truth. There's a reason you are here in this moment reading this and your life's purpose will become you. The power from living in happiness spreads into all areas of life holding energy that continues to manifest in our lives. We are unraveling the little person's thought system for light.

Live Heaven


The Course (Is at No Cost to You)

In this course, we will let go of pain from the past through guided exercises. Healing our energy from deep wounds that still taint how we think. The veil we created from pain will lift. We will renew our thought system for opening our lives in Heavens level. Experiencing inspiration, creativity, and Love. Changing our reality of life is one of course teachings, having knowledge for what being alive is, who we are and how to live with Heaven is another.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey this course will shape your consciousness for higher light. The greatest gift we have is changing our thoughts for changing the world we experience. The key to life is mastering that gift.

This course attracts people from a very wide range of personal and professional backgrounds. The only requirement is to have the willingness to surrender all that you are to God for all that you can be. Open your mind for living beyond the world you presently know.

During the 33 Daily emails, you will receive a daily lesson read by Heavens Love. You don't need anything to do the practice and the lessons can be done anywhere. Each lesson comes with the written text and the audio version for listening online or downloading. The exercise is for retraining our thought process and reality. The practice is a mind-training process for shifting from thinking at matters level for thinking at Heavens level.

We recommend you keep each lesson and build a library that you religiously repeat over and over again. The only way to change a thought system is to release and replace. Building your light in Heaven only lives out of carving the Soul deeper in God. While I wish I could be there with you every moment of the day, I can't. The power of the course can change your life profoundly as long as you do it profoundly. It's not a sometime thing. It's a life-changing reality to live like your breath. We are ending incessant thinking in self-chatter for living consciously in the light. Making it a way of life is the only way.

As you begin the lessons they may seem odd or funny. That's heavenly. Please keep doing them with great conviction as each one is creating the path for a new thought system. Try not to judge and just live them. Our present mind won't feel comfortable because the new thought system is shedding old energy for new. Your practice will determine the level of Heaven you experience. Every lesson is guiding your thinking beyond the present level. You won't realize your eyes have changed until you do. I Look forward to sending you this beautiful course for keeping reality in God.


Awakening to Love. The creation of your life.

This is a practice for living in Heaven while here on earth. Most people have never experienced God changing they're thought system, Angels talking to them or celestial races. And yet, its a natural level of our lives. This course is a mind-changing practice for leaving darkness for light. For changing society as reality to God as reality. Which has always been the life we live.

Every practice is for unraveling the thought process while retraining us to live deeper as Love for living happily. We're shedding our mortal world perception and the little person for our divine light and the heavenly world we're in. Living Love gives God's energy in our light for living beyond this one veil to a higher level of our being. May this nourish your Soul deeper for living in miracles, happiness and light.


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