Every human being is living in Heaven in an energy that is hundreds of billions of years alive. The energy is giving every person the ability to live through matter in their own level of consciousness. Life is in decimals, vibrations and resonance. The experience of the mortal world is only in consciousness. We experience the world through individual levels of light in photosynthesis. The light is the level of the energy Love in the Soul. The Soul is in Heaven giving the light in consciousness for Spirit to live through this level in matter.

The world is existing in a level of resonance and vibrations. The level of resonance is because the level of matter is only energy. Energy is the level of living. Matter is a nothingness having its livingness in the level of our consciousness. Resonance is at a frequency beyond humanities level in consciousness. The frequency is having humanity able to live in light through individual levels of consciousness. The light is living in a frequency producing in photosynthesis what is being lived through in matter. The level of the mortal world is only existing as an image in our Soul and the mortal world is only living in our consciousness. The fabric of the world is Conscious Energy in the conscious space of God. God is in every atom giving all life the ability to exist. Humanity would not be able to experience energy in matter if not for God.

Vibrations of energy are all that is existing in matter in levels of the energy Love. The level of energy is only in the light of ones consciousness. Every level of consciousness is in its own vibration. This means every blade of grass, leaf and drop of water is having levels unique to its own existence in our consciousness. This level is infinitely producing levels of light in vibrations that produce in photosynthesis the level of matter at ones level of consciousness. The world we are experiencing is only existing in the level of light within our Soul.

Every thought is dynamic energy in a frequency creating through Conscious Energy in photosynthesis the level we experience in matter.  The level of how thought is produced is through the level of the energy Love. God is Love. The level of Love in energy is a level having properties giving light in different levels of vibrations and resonance in decimals able to be detected in levels of light through out the universe.

Life is in decimals. The decimal is living for humanity to have the ability to live in matter. The decimal is in photosynthesis for humanity only. It allowed for life to have greater ability to evolve to higher levels of living. The level of the decimal in life is in a level producing infinitely the levels of energy to live in matter. The energy in every decimal is a level that is giving to one level of light. The level of light in ones consciousness is a decimal and the decimal is having within it, infinite levels of decimals giving to the light in photosynthesis. Every level of what is being produced is within the light of God. God is in every level of every atom for it to have its existence. The level of the atom is beyond humanities present level of consciousness. Every level of life is having its existence through the light of God. The level of decimals in life's existence is only in the level of photosynthesis. There is no level of numbers having existence in creation outside of photosynthesis. The atom is having holographic structures within that are creating deeper levels of its existence in levels producing decimals and light greater than humanities level of consciousness. This is giving humanity the ability to live uniquely in ones own level of consciousness through matter.

Matter is a nothingness only existing in our own level of consciousness. There is only one person wth God existing. Every level of the world is only in the light of ones Soul. The world being experienced is in Heavens level of living giving every human being the experience of Life. The decimal is only being generated through levels of the energy Love. Every level of what is existing in matter is in a resonance giving to its light in our consciousness. The level in matter is only existing through our consciousness reflecting the light within.  No one is existing outside of the light we are living. Everything we see is in the light of our Soul and living only for us the become conscious of Love through.

The universe is in the conscious space of God. All energy is in a decimal having its livingness through our level of consciousness through photosynthesis. Humanity has to live for conscious evolution in order to create in matter what can keep it existing. Love is the light in consciousness that brings humanity the levels to live in Heaven.