Living In Photosynthesis

Living in photosynthesis is giving every human being the ability to live in matter. A human being could not live life without having photosynthesis in levels of light. We are not the body but the conscious energy inside of the body. In order for life as energy to live in matter through consciousness life needs photosynthesis. Life in photosynthesis is giving the level of light through conscious energy the level of matter for us to experience. Everything is in light.

Photosynthesis is the level all life is existing in. Photosynthesis is creating the way for every human being to live in their own light in matter with a level of matter in a light that is the base collective consciousnesses energy. This created the way for every human being to have the ability to consciously evolve beyond the level of the world. Light is all that is being experienced for a human being. The level of matter is an image within the Soul. Photosynthesis is living in energy that has structures in levels beyond human consciousness.The level of the world is being experienced in levels of energy in shapes living in decimals with holographic light beyond human consciousness.  Every atom is having God's light to live in matter.  Photosynthesis is giving every human being the way to live in matter at their individual level of consciousness. Conscious energy is giving photosynthesis the level for our consciousness level in matter. When life is changing in consciousness it is the light in all levels of the world that change to give humanity the light in a new level of photosynthesis.

God created the living species Conscious Energy with humanity to give the livingness in matter through photosynthesis. Human beings live through the light in consciousness which is the energy Love in the Soul to experience living in matter at the level they can think. Living in photosynthesis is only through Conscious Energy in the conscious space of God. Conscious energy is the fabric of the world.

There would be no way for the human race to exist without living in photosynthesis and Conscious Energy giving the livingness in matter. Humanity is conscious energy existing in two worlds at the same time for living in photosynthesis for life in matter but humanity is only conscious of one world. Living in photosynthesis gives humanity the ability to live in a life continuum shaping the next level of life through levels of the energy Love being lived.

God is giving the Goditron needed for living in photosynthesis. In every atom there is a level of light from God giving humanity the light for life in photosynthesis. The level of light in consciousness is from the level of Love one has accumulated in their Soul. The Soul is what is living and is alive. The Soul is giving Spirit the ability to experience matter through the level of ones consciousness.

Every living organism in life is in photosynthesis having the level needed for its unique role through humanities level of consciousness. Humanities premise is to live becoming conscious of Love and the level of the world in consciousness. Through the level of the mortal world becoming conscious of Love humanity has the ability to bring into matter what is of Heaven. Heaven is giving the mortal world what is needed to live through consciously evolving towards higher levels of life in Heaven. There is nothing in existence outside of Gods conscious space. All life is in the conscious space of God.

The World is Only Living In Photosynthesis
Consciousness is all that is alive. What we think is all we live. The conscious level of humanity is creating the level of the mortal world in matter word humanity is living through. Living in photosynthesis is being shaped by the levels of the energy Love humanity is living. Living in photosynthesis is only existing through the energy Love. When there is more Love lived there is a greater level of light in photosynthesis to give higher levels of consciousness for humanity to live through. The greater our level of consciousness the greater ability we have to create in matter Heaven here on earth.

New Life in Photosynthesis
Heaven manages living in photosynthesis for every human being. All life is in the light of God and living in photosynthesis through a life continuum.  As of the present the level of human life in existence is living in a life continuum. The level of what will be created as life in the future will not live in a life continuum. Life can only live in photosynthesis with the Goditron from God. The level of what will be experienced as life will not be long lived.

Living in photosynthesis is only from God. The Goditron in every atom is creating the light for the human race's existence. Not all life in the universe is in photosynthesis. The human being is a species living through consciousness as its existence. Other life off planet exist in other levels of consciousness for the level of their existence.

God created life in his likeness for humanity to experience life through different mediums at different levels of consciousness. All life in existence is in the light of God. The fabric of the world is Conscious Energy inside the conscious space of God. Life did not know Conscious Energy existed until these writings in 2016.

Life has everything needed to live eternally when living is aligned with God. Humanity is born with the key to what keeps life existing and that key is Love. The energy Love is the gateway to higher levels of consciousness and higher levels of life in Heaven. There is no other level in life that humanity can live in a greater level than through Heaven.

Living Love give's the energy of Love to one's Soul for the light in consciousness to live through towards Heaven. Humanity has needed Love to bring into being what could give humanity a level of higher light in photosynthesis. Love creates the way for humanity to live Heaven while here on earth experiencing their divinity living with God. There is no way for Heaven to give to humanity what humanity is not living in life. Christ Consciousness is the level of Love that invokes Heaven to give everything needed for life to live on earth.