Life is only living in consciousness. Matter is a nothingness existing only at the level of ones consciousness. A human being is not the body but is the conscious energy inside the body. Life in matter enables us to live experiencing our own level of consciousness as life. The matter we see is only energy existing in photosynthesis at the level of light in our consciousness. The gift God gave to mankind when he created life was to have the ability as energy to live in matter at the level of ones consciousness. It is a level of existence that gave humanity living in freewill while always having a path to exist provided conscious evolution was able to be achieved.

The universe is energy. The human body is made up of over 70% water. The atmosphere level is in water. Energy is a level of water that is living in a level greater than the level of hydrogen through levels of nitrogen giving every level of life its existence. Every level of life mankind is experiencing is through energy in photosynthesis. The level of living as energy in matter is the gift God created for mankind to experience light in consciousness through Heaven.

Life in matter is to experience consciousness in different levels of matter having choices to live greater Love. Life's purpose is to become Love because it is the level that creates Heaven on earth. Humanity gives meaning to everything in matter. The meaning creates the livingness for life in matter at our level of consciousness and that meaning becomes a level in thought that we weave as our reality. The level lived through is the level of light in one's Soul. The level of light in consciousness is the level of the energy Love we've accumulated in the Soul over our life continuum.

Everything in matter is producing thought. We think from one thought to the next incessantly thinking our level of reality into being. We're only living what we think. Every thought is all that is alive. Life in matter is to experience our level of consciousness in matter through the level of light in our Soul. It's learning we can change the world by changing the energy we live through. The level of the energy Love in our Soul is the level of light in our consciousness we see life through. Love is the light giving Spirit the way to live in this life at our level of consciousness.

In order to live in consciousness through matter humanity is living in photosynthesis. God created life to give humanity the ability to live in freewill at the level of ones consciousness. The living species Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world giving photosynthesis for life to have livingness in matter. Life in matter is through Conscious energy giving the mass, force, velocity, levity and temperature in all matter. Life in matter is only having its existence through being in the conscious space of God. The energy Love is level of what is creating the light in photosynthesis for humanities experience in matter.

Matter is transitory and only based on ones level of consciousness. Energy is always changing form. Life in matter is energy changing form at ones level of consciousness.  The level of energy is eternal if we are living accumulating Love. Energy never leaves its source.

We live at a level of consciousness seeing many different people, earth events and circumstances at the level of the mortal world that has us believe we are separated because we see different levels of matter. Yet, all form we see are only in the light of our Soul. There is no place anyone begins or ends. Energy has no barriers. Our energy is constantly changing form and manifesting through the levels of consciousness in photosynthesis. Life in matter is always giving us reason to choose Love through. The mortal world is moving through us at our level of consciousness.

Every person or animal we've had in our lives that's left their body, never left, they only changed form. They are transforming into greater levels of life. The level of what is changing form doesn't leave it's source. The Love shared through the experience will be lived in other levels of Life through higher levels of Love. The Spirit no longer here is united in Heaven. Nothing is ever lost or taken, the existence is within consciousness and never leaves its source. There can be greater happiness in living knowing that life is eternal through Love. What is in form is not what is alive, conscious energy in the body is what is living and it's only light living to change form in consciousness.

Energy changing form is what being alive is and the more we can live the energy Love the more we change the world in matter to Heaven. We want to see all human beings as our purpose in living. The people we work with, we see on the bus, on the news, in the store and on the streets are all creating the way for us to become conscious of Love. The Love we live, is the light we live through.

God created life to give every Spirit the ability to live Heaven while here on earth. It is the purpose of life and the level that brings divinity into living for the world to experience while here on earth.