We exist in the conscious space of God. Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world. There is nothing in existence that is not in consciousness including the human body. DNA consciousness is the light in every cell giving us the ability to experience a body in matter.

A human being is conscious energy. Having elements of God who is hundreds of billions of years alive. We are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body having the experience in matter through the light in our consciousness. The light in consciousness is what Spirit is living through and is the level of the energy Love in one's Soul. Every life has a different Spirit that live's through the light in consciousness. The Soul is being managed in Heaven. The body is only living for the human experience of Spirit in this part of life. After this experience our conscious energy continue's into the next part of life while the body doesn't. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. Nothing in matter from this life goes with us into the next one. Form is constantly changing as conscious energy evolves to higher levels of consciousness. The body is changing every day with trillions and trillions of cells being changed.

The universe  is energy. The human body is made up of over 70% water. Having hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus and oxygen in levels of the universe. The atmosphere's level is in water. Energy is a level of water that is living in a level greater than the level of hydrogen through levels of nitrogen giving every level of life its existence. Every level of what is life is experienced through photosynthesis. The level of living as energy in matter is the gift God gave humanity. It created the way for humanity to live in freewill creating the world in matter at the level one could think.

Every organ in the body works perfectly in its own function while working together with over a thousand different levels in harmony for the body to live. This process keeps human beings moving forward aging effortlessly in the level of growing old. The light in the Soul is the level for the embryo to become the adult at the level of one's consciousness. Every level of matter is living through the level of light in one's consciousness. The body is not self. The level of self is transitory to the level of the mortal world. There is no level of self in a life continuum that has many different bodies and Spirits living through the light in one's consciousness. All that is being experienced as life is consciousness and the human body is just one level of consciousness to experience this part of life in.

Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world and is giving humanity it's livingness to live through consciousness in matter through photosynthesis. Life is living in photosynthesis through Conscious Energy. God is the light in every particle giving the Goditron for photosynthesis to exist. The level of livingness in matter is only being recognized through the level of light in one's consciousness.

CELL CONSCIOUSNESS: All living organisms have everything needed for their existence within the light of photosynthesis to keep evolving forward. The level of intelligence in every molecule of life is beyond the level of human consciousness. The cells consciousness are in the light of humanities in a hexagon having levels of living in the level of consciousness observing its light. The human body is constantly in a level of change. With molecules in the body changing in the tens of trillions per day. The level of the body in Conscious Energy is producing what is giving every organ what is needed to regulate it's livingness. In the level of every cell there is Conscious Energy regulating the transitioning in the changes through the light in photosynthesis. There is a level in photosynthesis carrying the level of Heaven through out its livingness. Every person is living in a light that is unique to their Soul and is experiencing the body in their light of consciousness to live this part of life.

The level of cell consciousness in the human body is existing to regulate all elements needed to give the level of living in the level of one's light. Every cell is having levels of calcium to regulate it's existence in temperature through levels of Conscious Energy. The level of temperature within the body is coming from the level of energy within every molecule. The temperature in human beings is living outside of the body and is living in the environment in a regulatory level of communication with the level of Conscious Energy in every cell. Levels of molecules existing for temperature changes are giving levels of calcium to other areas in the blood stream and the epidermis.

Life is in energy and there is no level of the human body as an actual body of self. It is an image in the Soul. The level of form is only in the level of one's consciousness. All life is in a level of energy interceding with one another.

The level of what is giving the human body it's ability to age effortlessly in this part of life is the level of effervescent energy within the light of photosynthesis. The level of what is giving life energy in the gene is in the level of carbon dioxide having Conscious Energy in the molecule through the light in photosynthesis. In the level of every particle there are elements of nitrogen giving levels to the organisms while there is a level of hydrogen giving levels of motion in Conscious Energy. This is part of the regulatory system within all particles and only within the light of one's consciousness. The level of enzyme's is giving the level of the bodies evolutionary cycle through the level of  light in the enzyme's in photosynthesis which is in the light of one's consciousness.

Charles Darwin was not correct in his theory of evolution. He was not conscious of what being alive was in his hypothesis of living beings. There is no natural selection in the level of one's gene that is superior to another human being. Life is only evolving in consciousness. Conscious evolution is what is giving the human race the ability to create what is brought into being to live through. The level of living for a human being is not predicated on the strength, or the ability within the body or the level of violence one holds in consciousness. The level of violence in human beings is the level of what has not yet evolved in consciousness.

Evolution is predicated on the level of divinity within the human being. Life is living through the level of energy that is Love and the level of what is giving humanity conscious evolution is the level of Love that is in the Soul. Love is the light in consciousness that expands consciousness giving the human beings the ability to bring into being what keeps life evolving and existing.  Consciousness is all that is evolving for it is all that is existing. Intelligence is only going to be able to give life what it needs the more conscious it becomes. Education does not discern conscious intelligence of life. Education is the binary product of the base collective consciousness. The level of living conscious is only through the light in one's consciousness which is through the level of the energy Love. God created life to evolve through energy not through institutions teaching each other at the same level of consciousness.

The human respiratory system is in the light of one's consciousness giving levels of energy to perform the functions within the body to live. The level of Conscious Energy within form is what is giving the human body the ability to have levels of functionality within the level of light in photosynthesis. The level of motion for every living organ in the human body is having a level of carbon dioxide with a level of Conscious Energy in the atoms to give the light the level of its livingness. The level of light within the atom is always predicated by the level of light in consciousness. The human body is existing in consciousness and within every cycle of every cell and organ there is a level of intelligence regulated through the light in photosynthesis in one's consciousness.

The human body was created for the experience in matter. Not for the human body to become what is living but to be what is giving consciousness the ability to live through matter. The level of the human body is the universe. It is the level of all elements in existence that have been existing for hundreds of billions of years. The human body is tiny atoms of light in the image of the level of one's consciousness in the light of their Soul. The level of the body is only existing for the experience at this level of consciousness. The light in consciousness is giving the body every level that keeps it existing in levels of Conscious Energy.

Just like the earth is regulated in consciousness, the body is reliant upon all levels of the atmosphere and the universe to exist. The level of levity giving the human body the level to exist on a planet floating in space is only having its livingness through the consciousness of the being.  There is no level of the body not in Heaven having its light to exist.

Levity is the levitation through Conscious Energy giving the light in matter.