All life is living in the fabric of Conscious Energy in the conscious space of God. The level of emphasis in life is in the level of the Conscious Energy humanity is giving out. God created the species Conscious Energy to give photosynthesis for humanity's livingness in matter. Gravity doesn't exist. Albert Einstein did not know the fabric of the world was Conscious Energy at the time gravity was brought into being. Einstein's theory of gravity was given at the level of humanity's consciousness. His theory of gravity wasn't able to explain the level of every particle existing in the light it is.

If gravity existed the world would be ripped apart because the universe isn't deciding an atoms purpose or the livingness of any particles, consciousness is. Gravity doesn't exist because life is living in light through photosynthesis and in order for light to be what a human being is experiencing the very level of gravity is mute. Levels of matter are in levels of consciousness through photosynthesis with Conscious Energy giving the livingness in all matter. The level of a wave is only existing in the level of light in photosynthesis through the level of one's consciousness. Every atom in existence is in the fabric of Conscious Energy which is in the conscious space of God. Gravity doesn't exist because matter is a nothingness only existing in the level of one's consciousness. Gravity and relativity have matter as something existing beyond energy and that is not the level of life. Gravity is only in humanities level of consciousness. There is no level in matter that is having its livingness outside of Conscious Energy and photosynthesis.

Consciousness is all that is alive. What humanity thinks into being is able to live at the level of consciousness only existing in the level that is giving its livingness to live. Humanities level of life is one level of consciousness. The mortal is in Heaven and Heaven is giving everything needed for humanity to experience matter.  Life is in levity. Nothing is keeping humanity down it is what is keeping humanity up.

Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature to all livingness in matter. All levels in matter are living in photosynthesis at the level of light in one's consciousness. Images are giving the experience in matter. Photosynthesis is living through levels of the energy Love. Love is the energy in all levels of life. Energy is all there is and what is being seen in matter is only in the level of one's consciousness in photosynthesis.

Consciousness is the level of everything.  The human race would not exist in form if not for the living species Conscious Energy giving humanity its livingness in matter.

The level of levitation in matter is the level of Conscious Energy inside the nucleus of the atom. The universe is consciousness. Every part of the universe is in a level of photosynthesis giving the level of energy the level to expand. The level of magnetic force in every atom is in relation to the level of levity being given to every particle within the light of its existence. The nucleus of an atom is having levels of energy beyond human consciousness in the light of humanities consciousness for livingness in matter.

The fabric of the world is one living organism creating the levels in matter to exist at the level of consciousness. The level of photosynthesis is giving light to the level of consciousness within the atom at the level of its purpose within the light in photosynthesis. Particles have a greater level of light in what is having levitation through the level of light at the level of force. Force is only existing in levels of photosynthesis. The light in the exterior nucleus of the atom is the levity and is being given by Conscious Energy within the atom. The atom is only at its level of force through the light in photosynthesis. The key level of what is extrapolated in every atom is in the level of light from the Goditron which is in every atom in existence and it is Gods light.

Dark energy is the level of everything in existence within the light of photosynthesis. Every level of every particle in the universe is existing within the light of Heaven including the constellations throughout the galaxies which are existing and forming in levels to give what life needs on earth to breath. There is no level of the universe not providing what is giving life on earth its existence through levels of photosynthesis.

Every atom has a level of energy that has hydrogen and a level of helium giving the level of light to exist through. The level of light in the consciousness of the human race is only giving the universe the levels for its existence in relation to the level of life on earth. There is no other energy giving the light needed for life to exist on earth greater than the energy of Love. Love is the light in consciousness and the level in photosynthesis humanity is living through.

Humanity's level of the universe is only at one level of consciousness. There is more in life beyond the present level of human consciousness. There is a level of Heaven living only within the light of Heaven. Conscious evolution towards Heaven is the key to opening levels of life in Heaven.

Humanity becoming conscious of Love is the level needed for bringing greater Heaven to earth. God is Love.

The idea of gravity is consciousness in Conscious Energy giving photosynthesis in the light of every particle it's livingness in the conscious space of God.

Levity is the levitation through Conscious Energy giving the light in matter.