The earth is a living organism in consciousness. Every blade of grass, tree and ocean is living through photosynthesis. The planet was created to give humanity what it would need to live through matter as it evolves through different levels of consciousness towards Heaven. Higher levels of consciousness bring greater levels of life into the levels of the earth for life to evolve through. The universe is consciousness.

Life is living in an intelligence that is communicating off planet with other levels of life. The ecosystem in life is one enormous living organism that is of the universe.

Every microorganism lives outside of the light we see. They are individually connected to a greater level of subatomic particle that doesn’t resemble the level of its livingness. No one has answered how every microorganism is existing harmoniously with each other while independently living within its own operational state. No one has known that the lining within every organism has intelligence and can communication within an infinite level of life for its livingness to be exactly as it is. The reason no one questions the livingness as a scientist is no one is thinking about the fabric of our world living as another race.

Photosynthesis is giving the experience of the earth through the level of light in humanities collective consciousness. Love is the energy in the light of humanities collective consciousness that life is living through. Conscious Energy is the fabric of everything in existence in the conscious space of God. Conscious Energy is the living species God created to give humanity photosynthesis to live in consciousness through matter.

Every element that give's humanity life such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium and hydrogen are all existing in levels regulated with what is off planet millions of miles away and as far as light years away. The planet is living in an intelligence communicating off planet with levels of elements produced through organic levels in the universe. All elements on earth and off planet must keep aligned in levels to produce what give's the exact levels needed for life to live on a healthy planet.

Planets in our milky way and the elements in the universe give the earth the organic substances that keep it alive. The universe in consciousness is giving levels of levitation through Conscious Energy for the planets position. The planets in the milky way have role's in their existence that give every level needed for life on earth. The level of life on other planets exist within the light of God and exist to expand the light in humanities consciousness. The level of life off planet will keep the human race consciously evolving beyond the present level to higher realms of Heaven. Life is in a pool of consciousness with intelligence hundreds of billions of years old.

Every level of the earth, including the rivers, trees, and oceans are in regulatory levels to what is off planet. The sun ninety three million miles away has the greatest role for life existing through photosynthesis. Every star light years away is contributing to the nitrogen and other levels of elements that give humanity life like hydrogen. Levels of nitrogen in the universe are essential for humanity to breath on earth they help create the carbon. Humanities level of consciousness give's the regulatory intelligence on earth the levels needed for life to exist.

The level of earth must have the level of consciousness to stay within the levels needed for elements off planet to stay aligned to give what life needs. Humanities level of consciousness is giving to life what is either keeping the earth in healthy alignment or depleting the earth of it's health. The more conscious humans can be in nurturing all living organisms to continue their existence organically within the levels presently existing while increasing the health of the planet will create the levels needed for the earth to continue living.

PLANT MOLECULES: Every plant molecule is existing in Conscious Energy with a Goditron giving the photosynthesis in the level of light for it's livingness. Every level of molecule has it's own level of photosynthesis for it's individual role while perfectly existing united together with trillions of other levels to deliver the exact levels needed as a whole to keep the earth living and humanity breathing.

The level of molecules changing is in the trillions every day and are able to be manipulated in levels needed for life to exist on earth. All molecules have levels of intelligence in photosynthesis for their completeness within the light of their livingness from the Goditron.

The level of photosynthesis in the earths living is exchanging with elements light years away and even in other dimensions. There is communication between all living organisms on planet to produce what keeps it healthy.

The pigmentation in plants have a level of communication in a hierarchy of intelligence to give what helps other levels of organisms with what they need to exist in the synchronicity of life. The darker pigmentation is the higher level in the hierarchy that gives levels needed in photosynthesis to other living organisms. All levels of the earth coexist in a divine intelligence with one element giving to another in a balanced cooperating intelligence. Plants are in a divine level of intelligence and having communication in levels beyond human consciousness. Life is one living organism that extends through the universe. The planet is energy in photosynthesis at the level of humanities consciousness. The fabric of the universe is Conscious Energy creating what is giving humanity the ability to live in consciousness through matter.

Conscious Energy is giving all living organism the ability to communicate in their livingness. The earth is levitating in Conscious Energy with every atom in existence providing the level of light and energy in photosynthesis at the levels needed to exist in the universe. We live in a world that is changing and is malleable because of the Conscious Energy regulating every atom in the conscious space of God.

Love is the only energy that give's photosynthesis the levels needed for life to exist. As humanity consciously evolves becoming conscious of Love, the preservation of the living planet will take greater precedent in caring for what makes the earth sustainable for all future life to live on.