Dark matter, dark energy, and the universe are in consciousness. Life was created in consciousness with levels in matter able to regulate, communicate and compliment other levels far into the future of their conception. Life is programmed to exist in the future. A human being is born in process living levels of consciousness aging effortlessly. The embryo is already programmed to be a senior. The seed is already programmed to be the tree. Every level of life is existing in a divine intelligence caring for the level of light it needs to give what life needs to exist. Life is living to go beyond the present level of form to other levels of form in greater advanced states of consciousness.

All life in existence is in the conscious space of God. Every particle has the Goditron keeping levels of life in photosynthesis to give each particle exactly what is needed to exist with the other. The idea of gravity would tear the world into pieces because gravity is not assigning the purpose to anyone atom, the Conscious Energy in the conscious space of God is. Every atom is living within a level of consciousness and is having its level of existence through the light in which it is being seen. Gravity does not explain the living purpose of matter. To have a force as what is giving spacetime is not explaining the knowing in every atom at its level to exist at the exact level of levity in association with all other atoms to give what is in matter. Conscious Energy is the living species with humanity giving the livingness in every atom.

There is no level of gravity in existence there is only Conscious Energy. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world humanity is living in. In order to live in consciousness, every level of matter must have the level of photosynthesis to exist at the observer's level of consciousness. Every level of matter at the smallest level is a particle the size of what is not even seen by the human eye. To speculate there is a force based on two body masses is to disregard the actual property of each as tiny microcosmic particle's existing in holographic light as waves. The level of a wave is not having a level of mass to base general relativity on. For example, a bottle at a human beings level of consciousness is a formed body of matter but it's actual body is a squiggly level of waves having Conscious Energy through photosynthesis giving its livingness. There is a level of consciousness giving every atom it's livingness through photosynthesis at the level of the one observing it.

It's hypothesized at humanities level of consciousness that 96% of the universe has an unknown force called dark matter and dark energy holding it together. Dark matter is living as the level in everything that is in existence. The level of having what is being called dark matter is the level of living on a planet that has every level of matter existing at the most precise levels for life to live in. The level of the planet to have oxygen and nitrogen is the level of what is in dark matter. The level of what is being called dark energy is nothing more than a level of energy living in the level to give life what it needs to exist.

Energy is existing at the level of one's consciousness. For all atoms and photons in existence there is a level not being detected by human consciousness and that is the level of Conscious Energy. Conscious Energy is the livingness in all matter. They are the mass, velocity, force, temperature, and levity in every atom. Every atom is only levels of light in decimals having frequencies in resonance at levels of consciousness.

As one reaches the level of Heaven in consciousness Conscious Energy begins to have a greater role in teaching how life is existing and is able to communicate. The conscious space of God is alive and God is in every particle in existence.  Conscious energy is Heaven and a living species in the conscious space of God.

Levitation is keeping the planet in its position, there is no gravity. Levitation is the level of every process keeping life's matter at the level it is through photosynthesis.

Dark matter is the level of everything in living in the universe. The universe is consciousness.

The universe isn’t assigning any one atom its purpose or any particle its livingness only consciousness is. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world mankind is living in.