Life's premise is to become Love which is the highest level of light in existence. Conscious evolution is humanities path to living Love in higher levels of light. God is Love. Love is the light in consciousness and the energy all life is in.  Love is the light in consciousness that Spirit is living through in every life as we carve our Soul into greater Love.  

Life is existing in the conscious space of God.  The conscious space of God is Conscious Energy. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world and is the living species that God created to give humanity it's livingness in photosynthesis to live in consciousness through matter. Every level of matter is energy being seen in the light of one's consciousness. We see in light that is unique to our level of the energy Love in our Soul. God created life in consciousness to give humanity the ability to live in freewill at the level one could think at. What we think is all that is alive.

Human beings bring everything into being. All matter begins in thought.Conscious evolution is when we are able to create in matter what is greater than what we were previously able to create. We change consciousness by changing our energy and the energy Love is the light that expands consciousness. Conscious evolution is the light in living through matter Heavenly.

Consciousness is coming from outside of us into us through Heaven.  The level of what being alive is, is having the level of light to be consciously active in levels of energy that are exchanging within the Soul. 

Spirit is living through the light in consciousness. Consciousness is giving Spirit the level of experience’s to live through this life that can carve the Soul into the greater energy of Love. Every person has a unique individualized curriculum they're living this Spirit through to evolve towards Heaven.  The more we live Love the greater the light in consciousness expands. Love is the gateway to higher levels of consciousness. It is the only way that someone can learn about creation through Heaven.

The mortal world is the level of the base collective consciousness. Humanity as a collective consciousness is creating the world to experience in conscious evolution. The level of Love being lived in the collective consciousness is the energy in photosynthesis creating the level of the world in matter. Love is the highest energy in existence and is the life force for the human race. The experiences humanity will face are the God faculties giving what is needed for humanity to evolve through towards Heaven. We are living to evolve through the mortal world to awakening in Heaven.

Life is moving forward. We age effortlessly in a process from an embryo to a senior and then enter new life beyond these bodies. The level of consciousness changes at every different stage of life. Humanity consciously evolving is a the level that has to always be for humanity to live on earth.

There is no natural selection in evolution for the human race there is only conscious evolution bringing into being what is lived through in matter. All levels of matter are only existing through the light in one's consciousness. The level of consciousness is all that is determining whether or not the human race will destroy themselves or find the way to live in peace. The level of every answer and solution that is being experienced in matter is only through consciousness. Consciousness is all that is evolving in life and through levels of consciousness we bring into matter what we live through.

The premise of living is to move away from what creates fear, human suffering and violence towards what brings unity, peace, Love and Heaven.  The level of the world in material does not discern the level of the human being's conscious state, only the level of human suffering, treatment of humans and animals and the use of violence does. The level of living peace is in the unity between nations understanding that each one is the level of evolution the other one is living through. Societies working together for needless human suffering to be eradicated, and the infrastructure of the mortal world balanced to give the Love, compassion and mercy needed for life to exist is what has to happen. Every level of life is having the opportunity for more Love to be lived and humanities level of consciousness is in the level of whether they make that choice to Love or not. Life is existing for Heaven to emerge through consciousness.

We can consciously evolve the more we understand creation land how life is living as one connected living organism in consciousness. Life at the level of creation is energy living in matter to realize the highest level of consciousness in any one level of consciousness.

When we are able to see life's purpose as part of the design to our existence we will understand why conscious evolution is the path that gives the human race its light to live through.