Practices for Heaven



practices for heavenEvery day we have a chance to experience amazing happiness. Our perception will create the filter we see the world through and our perception only lives from our level of energy.  The Soul's energy will discern whether we live through Love or fear. It's the light in consciousness all thought emerges out of. Perception is created through our energy.

We never question what we think or how thoughts are emerging. When how we think should be our only focus because every thought is what is living.  Every thought we have is what is alive. Having the ability to think with peace, happiness and Love is a process of learning to pause our incessant thinking and live present to our Heavenly Father. 

We can change the world we experience by changing our thoughts and we change our thoughts by changing our energy.  Heaven is a level of energy living all around us. Humanity never pierces the veil of Heaven because we live life at the mortal world level not understanding our power or what reality is. We are energy living inside of the conscious space of God. Everything we see in matter is energy. Scientist have known matter at the smallest particle was a wave but they didn't understand how matter was existing in consciousness until now.

Consciousness is energy living in matter out of our Soul. Love is the energy of God and is the light in consciousness Spirit is living through. We want to be able to harness the power of guiding every thought to what brings us greater happiness. The level of Love we live provides Spirit the level of light to live through. We want to live greater levels of Love for piercing through this veil to Heaven. 

People are energy living in our Soul. They only live from our perspective. How we think of them is what we experience. If we can learn to live knowing they are a level of energy in our Soul we can learn to alter our perception by loving them more. We are bringing everything into being through our light. We want to learn how to bring it into being through happiness. Which means understanding our world is vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. It's living energy. As we control our energy we control the level of our experiences. 

Buddha tried to teach humanity that living in harmony with life created living happily. Every enlightened master has passed onto humanity greater ways to control how we think. Living for enlightenment is the only requisite for every human being. Jesus the Son of God gave us the way to live Christ consciousness. He gave us the way to live Heaven while here on earth and that was by living Love because God is Love. If we have more of God's energy in our light we live in greater Heaven. 

Humanity has never thought of how we think as something to focus on. When it's essential because we're learning to control our consciousness is to control the experience of our world.  Understanding how matter is energy and how our thoughts are creating what we experience in matter has always been imperative for us to live in happiness.  We're only living from one level of thinking that never understood what reality was. Everything we see is an illusion, a dream only existing from one level of consciousness and there is an infinite level we can live through. We want to learn to move beyond the mortal world illusion to live in deeper levels of Heaven.  Into the conscious space of God.

The only way we evolve is by changing the energy we live out of.  God's energy is the only light that expands consciousness. We want to give Love to everyone we meet to have greater power in controlling what we experience.   

Thought emerges out of consciousness and consciousness is the level of Love in our Soul.  The Soul is what we want to focus on because our Spirit is living through the Love we give the Soul. The Soul is what is living while the Spirit and the world we are experiencing is temporal. The Soul will create every experience in our life continuum. Focusing what is eternal brings us greater power in living through happiness and inner peace.

When God created humanity He created human consciousness with everything in existence a human being could conceive. Leaving it up to us to bring into being anything we could think. There are greater levels of life existing for us to bring into being but to do that we have to live beyond the world we are presently seeing. It's like changing veils that live from one level to the next. Changing our eyes changes the experience of our world. We want to change the present veil for seeing life in Heaven. 

What we think is reality has only been shaped by past generations that didn't know what life was or how matter was existing.  Until now no one knew why we were on this planet floating in space or who God was. Religion doesn't explain who God is in the light of Heaven. There wasn't a way for any human being to know the light of Heaven until someone was living in that light. Learning about life in photosynthesis and Conscious Energy helps us understand how God is existing in every atom and what being alive is. We now can live consciously evolving deeper into God learning our fate is divinity. 

Living through our senses can never give us the way of the world in energy. Living through Spirit which is our energy does. When we disconnected from God living for false idols we lost our source for greater intelligence. Only through Love do we acquire Heaven's wisdom and knowledge. 

Our mind is a temporary tool being used by the Soul for experiencing matter. The more Love the Soul receives the greater light we have to live through. We want to focus on that because every thought emerges out of consciousness. The more Love we can live the higher our thoughts will be.

Humanity has been living with darkness and Love. We're trying to replace all darkness with Love. The mortal world illusion is the loveless world we are learning to give Love too in order to live through it to Heaven. We’re trying to live the Love that awakens us to God. We're moving away from living at earthly levels that have darkness for greater inner peace through our Soul. The earthly levels can't give consciousness light, we want to feed the Soul Love for giving consciousness light. 

We want to learn to live for what is eternal instead of temporal. Living for Love is eternal while living for what we can get in material and wealth is temporal. This experience in matter is temporary. All matter is transitory, we're here only moving through it. The world we experience is a teacher trying to give us the way to become conscious of Love which then gives us God's energy for greater wisdom and knowledge. This is how we keep moving forward for greater levels of life, happiness, peace, and Heaven.

We will learn to control our thinking and the energy we live through. Learning to not place deep meaning in matter because the meaning we place is the only level we can live through and we want to live beyond matters level. Being mindful to not place meaning in matter will create a thought process to live more in Heaven. 

It's better to have an empty bowl than to fill it with transitory thought. The less meaning we place in matter the higher light we have to live through. All matter emerges out of a nothingness. Focusing on the conscious space of God keeps us open to everything there is in life. Instead of writing our version we should keep everything open for God's version which will always give us our potential at any one level of consciousness. 

We want to expand the space around everything we see not focusing on the temporal level but instead giving greater emphasis to the conscious space of God.  We do this because what we see is from one level and we want to open ourselves to God's conscious space where there are other levels of life we can experience. Living empty is better than filling ourselves up with one level of thinking when there are infinite levels we can experience.

Learning to empty ourselves is part of the process of living greater levels of consciousness. If we carry meaning and attachment in matter we only live from the level we carry. Living in the conscious space of God opens us to the infinite possibility for experiencing greater levels of life. 

We are focusing on Love to always have it be what we live through. Human consciousness holds Love and darkness. If we carry darkness in us we have the possibility of creating in matter what also has darkness.  It will only manifest for us live Love through it. We want to give our Soul the Love it needs to live in happiness ridding the darkness.


1. We are only living in energy. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. Everything lives in our perspective. We change our perspective and we change the world we experience. 

2. Every person we see including family and friends are levels of energy in our Soul. We see them manifested in matter to live Love through. No one is separate from us. There is no place where one person begins or ends. Everything we see is energy living through us. Energy is the only level in life existing and matter is only existing at our level of consciousness. 

3. Happiness is the brother of Love. We have to shape our thinking to live in light rather than darkness. Living in prayer energy gives us the way to move through the world in Love. We want to live out of compassion, kindness, forgiveness, and mercy. This creates seeing our with the space to absorb any circumstance we may experience.  

4. See everyone as energy only needing Love. Meet them with Love. Leave them with Love.


We want to empty the thought process of the mortal world and fill it with Heaven. We choose our experiences by choosing the energy we live through. We want to live in the deepest levels of Love for our thoughts to emerge out of the highest levels in God.

Living in prayer energy is the ultimate way to have thoughts live in compassion, peace, mercy, and forgiveness. When thoughts emerge out of those energies our eyes seek the kindness, patience, peacefulness, tolerance, and humility in experiences.

We have the ability to absorb circumstances when we live in the conscious space of God knowing there is a higher light in everything.  By thinking in deeper levels of God we can experience greater light in matter.

The only requisite for living in happiness is to live Love mindfully controlling our thoughts. Every experience leads to the next one and if we're not being mindful of our perception we’ll carry upset, anger, anxiety, fear, and worry into the next moment. Human beings think incessantly and if we don’t dissolve upset as we experience it, we accumulate it and carry it through our lives. It stays in our energy easily accessed by our thought process which will always manifest in matter until we live Love through it.

We want to live in the energy Love. Energy only moves in the direction we keep it in. If something happens and we get upset we don’t want to stay in self-chatter repeating the story over and over again in our minds. Because we keep the pain living in our energy. We want to shift our energy for light. 

We only live in the past because we don’t live creating the present. If we create from the present moment an empty level in what happened we create the space to fill it with greater Heaven. We never want to live in the energy of upset because Heaven is always in another level. When we change our energy the thoughts in that level of energy change as well.

There is one level of energy that will keep dark thinking in place and another level that will keep heavenly thinking in place. We want to control which level we think through by living Love.

People live having levels of darkness throughout their lives not realizing they can release that energy for living in pure happiness. We have to make the choice of not staying in energy that is of pain learning to replace pain with Love.

We don't want to live carrying what is upsetting into our future. We never let it go beyond the moment. If something happens upsetting we must tend to it before we continue our day. The ebbs and flows of life are only living because we carry pain throughout our day not realizing that pain will create worry, anxiety, fear, jealousy, contempt, and anger in other parts of life. We want to live in deeper levels of Love that keep us from crashing into levels of surface pain. Just as waves crash on the surface but below the waves is calm water. We want to learn to live deeper in Gods conscious space for living in what is calm.

Suffering is the absence of Love.

We will take experiences today that bring pain and as they happen relieve them blessing the experiences by replacing the energy with light. The best way to live in happiness is to always be training our thought process to live in prayer energy. Prayer energy is the light of Heaven and helps every thought live through Love. As we do this we are able to manage experiences better by having greater space for them to live through. We want to hold more Love to absorb any experience that has pain. Then we continue adding practices to our spiritual life for awakening. 

As we go about our day let us meditate on sending Love to everyone we come in contact with. Seeing a beautiful golden light of Love being poured over them entering every cell lifting them into happiness. Let us see Love emanating out of every cell in our bodies encompassing everything we see.  Making Love be our only purpose in meeting with people or talking with them. Make Love first and last in everything we do.


Humility is the light of Heaven. We don’t want to always be right or see our brother wrong. There is greater peace in knowing everyone we experience is a level of energy in our Soul only living for us to live Love through. The version we experience is nothing more than a version showing us Love and darkness. The darkness is to live Love through. 

We can live in humility letting Love be our light. Seeing with eyes of Love giving us the ability to live beyond darkness. Crucifying others only crucifies us. Our judgment makes us become the ones who are judged. Just as everyone we persecute adds to living through guilt or shame. The darkness is only being shown to live Love through. We don't want to become the same level of energy as darkness we want to transcend it. 

Our eyes and ears only see and hear from either darkness or from Love. We want to keep our eyes and ears in Love. Learning to increase Love is learning to live in energy that is of compassion, peace, harmony and infinite tolerance. 

Every morning we center ourselves focusing on the conscious space of God and repeat this phrase for ten minutes and if during the day we feel anxiety, upset, worry or fear we repeat the phrase until we begin to feel God. It’s a calming practice that sends the energy of mercy into the world which gives our lives the mercy to live through.

In deep humility begin saying, "I wash the feet of everyone in the light of my photosynthesis, and I beg for mercy and forgiveness I am Love. I wash the feet of everyone in the light of my photosynthesis and I beg for mercy and forgiveness I am Love. I wash the feet of everyone in the light of my photosynthesis and I beg for mercy and forgiveness I am Love."

The more times we say it the more we release the fear that lives beyond our conscious level. We want to weed out darkness living deep within that creates worry, anxiety, fear, eyes that seek opponents, persecute and live through attack & defend.  Energy will change for peacefulness when we say this practice. Good to increase saying it for twenty minutes or more to experience a greater light in life. Once we have made this a regular practice saying it periodically throughout the day when we feel anxiety, worry or fear is the way. It will always calm us and cultivate inner peace. This is also part of a practice for forgiving people. It's a powerful phrase that has our light live in Love. 

Remember, we're changing a thought process that's been incessantly thinking in darkness since day one. We are moving away from self-chatter through stories for living present to the moment we are in controlling our thoughts for life in Heaven.

We must change it with the same level of conviction we have lived incessantly thinking. It may feel awkward or repetitive but the level of repetitive is a requisite for ending incessant thinking in stories that keep consciousness living shallow instead of in the deeper levels of life. In higher levels of consciousness, thinking fades for living in consciousness.  As we continue doing the practices we begin to feel greater power and joy. It's important we do not fall back to thinking incessantly in self-stories but continue living mindful and pausing incessant thinking for our present moment. 

Incessant thinking is the leading cause of suffering because it doesn't live deep enough to consciously control our energy or how we think. We react and live on the surface jumping from one thought to the next in emotions that don't even need to exist. We never want to match other peoples energy we always want to rise above it in happiness. There is great inner peace to be lived in deeper Love.


When something happens that’s upsetting we want to experience it through energy that can absorb its impact by having a greater space that's of Love. We always need to live increasing Love to dilute the mortal world's level of circumstances we experience every day.  We want to take everything that gives us pain and we replace it with Love. Finding a blessing is part of acquiring substance when something happens we don’t agree with, expect, or creates suffering. Which can happen frequently in life. While we can't control every circumstance in life we have, we can control how we feel and live through them. Blessing our experiences is a practice that gives us the ability to live through anything in life with Heaven. 

By pausing our incessant thinking we create the space for experiencing greater energy. We never want to think through the energy of pain because we will keep ourselves in it and then carry the energy into the future. Most people believe once they have resolved something through their temper or tears it is gone. It is not. No level of energy leaves us until we replace it with Love. We want to move out of that level of energy as quickly as possible. Knowing it’s one level of energy that can change. There are other levels we can think through but we have to shift our energy in order to shift the way we think.

When something happens that’s upsetting we will pause our thoughts and create space before reacting or thinking about it any more. Breaking up our pattern is important to shift our energy. We want to create greater space for how we think when we get upset.  This allows us to transcend the pain and old way of thinking for a new way of living. 

When something happens we pause and create space by talking with God instantly saying, "God help me at this moment to live this in a higher light." Keep saying, "God help me at this moment to live this in a higher light" and focus on our breathe going in through our nostrils and out of our mouths slowly. Creating calm.  Then quietly say to ourselves or out loud if alone, “This energy isn't mine. It doesn’t need to exist. I don’t have to live through pain energy. I can live this through Love. My thoughts are a nothingness. There is more here that is happy. My thoughts are a nothingness. I don't have to live through this pain energy. I can live through Love. My thoughts are a nothingness. I am Love. I don't have to live through this pain energy. There is Love." (Keep repeating until we relieve the pain  knowing it didn't have to exist, we can live this through Love)

We want to understand every thought was only living out of pain energy. Which is darkness. Replacing that energy with calmer light relieves us of pain. We don't have to live through pain in thought when something happens. We repeat it as many times until we feel God greater than the need to think in self-chatter about the upset. We want to feel our energy realizing there is more here and we don't have to live through pain. We can live through this in a higher light with thoughts that live through Love. Saying it a hundred times may be too little. We don’t want to live out of any pain energy. We're learning to replace the pain for processing an experience in higher light. The more we can center ourselves and think through Love the less suffering we will live in life. 

Learning to live without suffering is learning how thought emerges out of energy and living deeply in the energy of Love keeps thoughts emerging in higher light.  Everything other than Love is pain and we don't want to rationalize or justify its existing. We want to replace our thought process from living in a routine that persecutes, blames, attacks, feels like a victim, defends or feels justified living in anger. By controlling the space thoughts emerge out of we learn how to control and create the light for living in Heaven. 

Reality is relative and the mortal world is an illusion showing us the darkness we want to rid with Love. We always have other versions we can live through in greater light. We don't want to choose what comes first as what we have to live through. We want to take control of our experience by choosing the energy we want to live through.

Everything in matter including people is energy in photosynthesis which is malleable to our level of energy. Meaning our energy will always live in others reflecting our consciousness.  God enabled us to live different versions of every experience based upon the energy Love we live. We have the power to live this life with deep Love, happiness, and peace allowing God's energy to live through us.  

The key to living Heaven is to not fall back into the old thought systems. Every thought is what is alive. If we make the mortal world illusion real than we are at the effect of the mortal world. We want to keep making the conscious space of God the light we live through.

After we've repeated the phrase in Practice Two and feel God instead of the story we want to bless the experience. We bless the experience by finding light in what happened. It doesn’t have to be anything profound we just want to find light to live through. We are changing our thought process from living through the darkness to living through light.

After we created the space by saying the practice two phrase we always change our light for what is higher. Blessing the experience carries us into deeper levels beyond the pain that was living at the surface. Knowing there is no reason to live through pain or carry the pain any further. We transcend to live in the present moment instead of living in the past. Finding light may be in realizing we learned something, we live with God, nothing more terrible is happening, we can be grateful at this moment, we can live Love or we notice in our present moment there is more here with us living beyond this pain. 

We want to seek what is a blessing in our present moment. Even though it may be challenging we want to know the feeling that has us hold onto darkness is what we are learning is a choice and need to let go of. There is no reason to keep thinking in a process that upholds pain when we can think in a greater process that teaches us to live Heaven. We must make ourselves live greater Love in times of feeling darkness. Love rids the darkness and gives us God's energy to get through all of our trial and tribulation. 

We don't want to live in the past either. If something happened thirty minutes ago it doesn't exist except in our memory. We don't want to carry it any longer. Doing the practice will help us to live in the present moment instead of the past. We never carry what happened in the past with us. Learning to let go of the past is a requisite for understanding our power and existence. The more present we can be to the moment we are in the less darkness we live in.

Ducks are a great example of releasing old energy and moving on. After every quarrel, they shake and flap their wings vigorously shaking the old energy off to live happily. They don't take anything with them into the future. We don't want to take anything of the past with us into the future. We want to let go of energy in pain. Living present gives us the ability to experience inner peace. 

Staying mindful to letting upset go is the way. We control our thoughts and can live in a thought process that chooses what is of Heaven instead of living in old energy that keeps pain alive.  We want to always seek for goodness in life no matter what we initially think there is always more Heaven there to find. 


My thoughts are not telling me the truth there is more here I do not see.” Love is real and everything else is the way to Love. Human beings write on top the conscious space of God, creating stories to live through instead of awakening to Ultimate Reality. Beyond everything we see, there are greater levels of light we can live through. If we claim what we initially perceive as the level we want to live through we can only live through that level. If we know there are greater levels in everything then we know there is a bigger space around what we are focusing on. When we claim the bigger space to live through instead of the initial perception we open ourselves to living in higher light. 

This practice will help us create natural space around everything instead of keeping our reality at a tiny level.

Repeat constantly throughout the day. Finding different levels of matter to repeat with which can be a couch, garden, trees, envelope etc. "My eyes do not tell me the truth there is more here. My thoughts are not telling me the truth there is more here I do not see. What I think isn't real...only Love is real. My thoughts are not telling me the truth there is more here I do not see." This isn't existing...there is more here. My thoughts are not telling me the truth there is more here I do not see. I am in the conscious space of God. There is more I can see. ( repeat 3x's for every object we choose)

Saying this will always be a way in life until we live deeper in Heaven. We are energy and all that is here is energy. Our level of thinking is bringing everything into being we see. Learning to broaden the space around everything we see is learning that our level of consciousness has higher light we can live through. There is more living beyond our one thought. The space in living without claiming it keeps life unlimited to what is possible in energy. It's not about the couch itself it is about the mind living beyond the couch to the conscious space of God. That is the focus of the practice.

When we uphold a thought system that has become routine and see and hear from that same level we never live outside of that level. Even though there are infinite levels in Heaven we can live through we become slave to that one level of thinking. We want to live expanding everything we see for living beyond it. And when we live beyond it we open ourselves to a bigger world living all around us. Having the ability to not live anchoring ourselves to one level gives us the ability to live in other levels. 

"My thoughts are not telling me the truth there is more here I cannot see." Helps us live in the hypothesis of greater light. The empty bowl is better than a filled one. We want to let God fill our bowl giving us incredible experiences beyond what we can create. We want to expand small reality for the conscious space of God. 

Every practice will deliver us from where we live it. If we do it one day and don't do it the next day we can't change our thought process. Learning the world is filled with more life than what we are seeing and that there are greater levels for us to experience only lives when we let go of how we presently see, hear and think.  Leaving the old thought system for Heaven is a full-time practice because the darkness in the mortal world has been the only level we have known.

We're learning to leave the temporal level of life for the eternal bliss in Heaven. There is much more life here to live through and Heaven is all around us. Learning to go beyond our present thought process to living deeper in God is the way to experience miracles, happiness, and peace.

Happiness lives in Love and will always be the brother of Love. Through the light within happiness dwells emerging through our thoughts. Let us live in practices that keep us deep in Christ living peacefully in compassion. Life lives for us to live in Heaven while here on earth. 




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