Teaching Religion About God


Teaching Religion about God


We're in vibrations, frequency and resonance.

He is the light in consciousness.

God's energy holding every atom in human consciousness.

Giving us the way to evolve higher in Him.

The greatest blessing of our lives is upon us with God giving everyone a way to live deeper in Him. God is the blueprint to life and every human being should have a relationship living as deeply as they can in Him.  No one should determine the depth of the Souls journey into God by claiming any authority of God.  


Religion has never looked at itself with eyes from Heaven. Most people who are Catholic have been brought up to only understand God within the Christian paradigm. We never learned about God at creations level for knowing life was living beyond religion into Him. When Jesus taught us about God He was teaching beyond religions level trying to give everyone the path into God. It was the high priest of that time who crucified Jesus not living beyond religion to know the Messiah was right in front of them. 

Thousands of years ago when humanity began learning of God it was at a time that human consciousness knew very little about life or creation. Jesus changed that. He gave us the way to live deeper in God. When Jesus told us we were the people forever seeing but never seeing and always listening but never hearing it was because we lived God at society's level not living Him as reality. Religion never made a pathway beyond itself for deeper living in God because it never knew to consciously evolve in God.  Human consciousness has never lived out of linear consciousness. 

No one is being born to live beyond religion and then turn around and teach religion about God. When that's exactly what we should be doing. Never has anyone in religion lived in Heaven while here on earth or had higher enlightenment beyond society. They've only lived society's level of consciousness which is in lower earthly energy. No one had a way to know what we were creating was limiting our knowing God. We didn't undertsand our world was energy or that we were living in consciousness for the purpose of consciously evolving deeper into God. 

Society has never lived for enlightenment. When we didn't listen to God when He told us not to make money a second God the consequence was darkness. Everyone on earth including every bishop and cardinal has been raised through society's darkness. Even the most saintly of us are not being born only in light. We all come into the present level of human consciousness through a world living like Sodom. We made money a second God and live for false idols. No nation on earth follows the Ten Commandments which is a terrible testament for how we believe in God.

Even those that worship God in every breath can only live Him through society's ignorance. No one has had enlightenment beyond our darkness. The reason people believe they know God deeply is because religion allows knowing of God through experiencing Him in practice and protocol instead of living Him in Christ consciousness.

If we were living in Christ consciousness we would only live God as reality knowing society is the transiority level in life. Society is the illusion it only serves as a backdrop to living deeper in God. We haven't been experiencing Heaven on earth, celestial races or Angels profoundly as a natural part of life. Society will never live in the highest level of God until the entire human race has ascended in God. Until then, society is only the backdrop for deepening our lives in God. 

No one is living in God like Abraham, John the Baptist or Moses. We live society's level instead of opening higher light in God. We made reality what was living through our senses instead of knowing what we didn't see was more alive than what we did. We never knew our world was energy only living in consciousness. 

We never knew creation and that kept us from living deeper in God. When I tell people we never knew creation they always say, "Yes, I do. God created everything in existence."  When I speak of creation I'm referring to living as energy creating matters level from our level of consciousness. Living in Conscious Energy through human photosynthesis (which is not to be confused with plant photosynthesis) for experiencing matter from any one level of consciousness. God is living in every atom giving us the way to live in matter only in our perspective. 

Ususally the moment I ask, " Do you know what matter is?" People think I'm off the subject of God and talking about something that doesn't matter. When if we have no idea how matter is existing we have no idea who God is because He is the only level giving us the way to touch our faces, see the earth and have a body.

Understanding how matter is existing is imperative for knowing God. Creation alluded humanity because we lived through our senses making what was tangible life. When we created a three-dimensional theory we expanded that theory in all levels of life losing the way to see beyond it. We created a reality that had no conception of conscious evolution as life. We didn't know matter was a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. 

Everything we experience as life only exists at our personal level of consciousness. We only live in our perspective and never out of our narrative. Every level of life will only live in our light. Heaven is the only level with us, we're creating our version to live through to Heaven.

We all have a deeper pilgrimage to live in God. The reason people believe they know God deeply is because religion allows knowing of God through experiencing Him in practice and protocol instead of living Him in Christ consciousness. If we're living for enlightenment we will experience a greater understanding of God. When Jesus walked the earth He taught us to know God was beyond religion just as He lived.  

Our faith in God must live greater than any level in society. We have to live with God as the blueprint to life. Everything in life is leading us to Him. Humanity never claimed God over money. From the beginning, we made money a second God. Which created reality to be 360% away from Heaven. What should be natural and normal to us is foreign because we've lived in darkness. Heaven is living hundreds of billions of years alive. Miracles, Angels, celestial races and light are a natural part of life. 

Until these writings, no level of world government understood what being alive was or what matter was. When I tell people we haven't understood what being alive is they say, "I'm right in front of you breathing. I'm alive." When I say we haven't understood what being alive is I'm referring to knowing we are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. There is no human being walking the earth there are only images in our Soul we are living through. Life is only in energy. Everything is vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. The human being is trillions and trillions and trillions of tiny little atoms. 

When I tell people the only level existing is consciousness they haven't had the aptitude for conceiving what that means. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. Humanity will only understand God from the level it understands creation from. Consciousness is a light out of God having its living in self organzing energy in holographic light in decimals.

The light is creating the level in matter. We live in Spirit from our Soul in Heaven. The Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in matter. All consciousness comes in to us from outside of us. We live for eternity in different bodies for experiencing consciousness at different levels of matter. The human being is not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. The Soul is the only level living and continuous in life. The Soul is Love and the Soul is consciousness. In every life we are becoming Love like God with the Soul increasing in light for living more Heaven in matter. 

When God began teaching me about creation the experiences also showed the devil in human consciousness. The energy in human photosynthesis is creating the devils level. Every circumstance a human being can experience only lives out of the Love we live or don't live as a collective consciousness. 

When God created human consciousness He had to have a way to allow us to live in free will for creating our version of matter. Energy in temperature created the way for density in matter. The light human beings live through is beyond any  level we are seeing. We don't see creations side of life. We only experience living through our thoughts comfortably. 

The quantum level of our world is extremely quantum because we live in God's energy. Every atom is living in hyper light which is the conscious space of God with human beings assigning the purpose of the atom and the livingness of the particle. We imprint upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

We can't know God beyond our present level of consciousness but we can evolve into higher levels of consciousness for opening our world in Him. Which makes it imperative we live for conscious evolution. Religion never understood consciously evolving in God. The Bible has more light the more enlightened we become. 

Never should we carry the affairs of God as never increasing. Light moves through everything in life and we may be the very ones not having the aptitude to understand a deeper level of Him. We want to live for knowing God beyond any level we presently do. There will always be more to learn.  


Abraham was living God as reality beyond society. When Abraham heard God and ran back to Sarah and Lot telling them what God said. He did so because He had infinite faith in God. We don't live with God in that light. We aren't living God as reality. We live God comfortably at society's level instead of through our divine light.

We haven't lived deep enough for carrying the light as Abraham for hearing and telling everyone in our family God spoke to us and we need to move because He's guiding us to the new land. People would think we were crazy and would think about their job, friends, house, and community before thinking about God being in their lives. We don't live in Abrahams light. We know God at religions level praying, going to church and living society as reality instead of living God as reality. 

We want to experience God teaching us how to live in His creation instead of living Him at society's level.  Surrending at the level to blindly let Him rearrange our lives for knowing Him. Ultimately there is only one of us here with God. When Jesus said we lose our lives to gain our lives in Him. He meant it. We need to strengthen our faith in allowing the universe to open our journey with God. Instead of trying to placate to society and make God fit into our lives. Keep God first. 

Doctrinal Authority

No one at one level of consciousness knows the totality of anything. The doctrine within the Catholic church has kept human beings making it the authority of God, while no one in Christianity has lived a day of Heaven on earth or in higher levels of consciousness beyond society for knowing God at any level for claiming authority.

When God created life He did so with the alienable right of every Soul living as deeply as we can into Him without anyone preventing that depth. Religion created itself to live as the depth of God. When it hasn't begun a deeper journey into Him. Religion today is the only way a human being born on earth learns about God yet religion isn't evolving deeper into Him.  No level of scripture should be experienced in a light of finality. We can only understand scripture from one level of consciousness which beckons us to live for consciously evolving into higher levels of consciousness. 

Love is the  catalyst for living deeper in God. We need to live Love for having more of God's energy in our light. Love is the energy that expands consciousness. Everyone gives us the opportunity for knowing God more than we did. How we open determines our growth. If we live believing what we know is all there is than that is our reward. If we live knowing my eyes don't tell me truth they only tell what I think there is more living. We have better opportunity for learning beyond our present level. 

Scripture won't always be the only way we learn about God. God is the blueprint to life and He is in all things. How we shape and carve our Soul deeper in God comes from living Love and can live in more ways than just one. We can only understand scripture from our present level of consciousness and living for enlightenment opens that journey.  

This is the second time in life that someone is teaching religion more than it could ever know within its own existence. There is more to living in God than religions level because religion has hsn't lived deeper in God as the purpose of life. It has satisfied itself at the present level of society's consciousness when there is much existing in God. 

An example of understanding conscious evolution into God is if we have two experiences to look at. One group of people are devout worshippers of God and for decades have chosen to live in poverty, not at society's level in materialism. While it's admirable and good it's not necessarily going to create conscious evolution deeper into God because it's doesn't always garner carving of the Soul beyond the practice. Also, understanding society is the illusion is imperative for our living God only first.

People knowing they're going to live in poverty is much different than having your life ripped apart by people destroying it and making you live below poverty. There's a much different psychological experience between the two examples. Making the choice to live Love as people destroy your life violently is different than doing something admirable to help someone.

The depth, conviction, and substance we acquire when we live spontaneously experiencing a level of Love within our Soul opens the journey deeper into God. Living what is planned doesn't always create that depth in every situation. If the worst situation in our lives is upon us and we choose Love beyond any level someone in society would the world opens. 

Those who have taken the path of worshipping God through poverty are living as Angels with us and live Christ in the light of Love which is only living in light.  

When life creates choices for choosing Love or surrendering to God it's not always in what's obvious. It will never knock on our door and shout "This is it! Your opportunity is here!" It will instead be disguised in our anger, upset, justification, judgment, and all the places we could easily miss because of the darkness in our mind. Or people live complacently and in such routine of knowing what we know and don't know, we never live outside of ourselves for experiencing other light. Living Love comes in many different ways and making the choice is the Souls light. 

People think Love is based upon what works for us and will soon realize its the opposite. Love isn't what works for us its what makes us give to others more than self. Living in the light of Christ making others more important than us is how we feel Love at Heavens level. Our living in happiness and peace is from energy only existing out of Love. As we live Love we understand how everyone we see is a level of energy in our Soul only existing for us to live Love through. When Jesus said, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." He meant it. There is only one of us here with God.

Conscious evolution never comes from how we think it should or in the situations that seem perfectly aligned for it. It's in a different light energy is shaping higher consciousness.

Holy Orders

God taking a female into Heaven as the first human being to live Christ consciousness in the history of the human race is the impetus of Holy Orders changing. Heaven isn't calling one gender above any other to serve God.

The Papacy 

The papacy has nothing to do with living in Christ. We never lived in Heaven's light for knowing what we were creating.

Why did humanity make believing in a papacy discern a human beings belief in Christ or Christianity? We made a human being who is not of Heaven hold a place with God which doesn't serve living in God. Humanity has never lived in the light to know better. 

Anyone that sees the Pope go out on the street to greet people he is treated as someone holier than anyone else with thousands of people trying to get a glimpse of him. And yet he has never lived a day holier than any other human being on earth. There is no authority with a papacy from Heaven. 

The conclave has always been human beings who live at the level of society's consciousness. Not in higher light as the Apostles or any greater level in Heaven than any other human being on earth. There is a preposterous notion in religion to create what gives every human being the impression of authority with God when at no time has there ever been authority given.  

There isn't any easy way to understand how creating authority in society impedes upon living in God. Having people live as if they've achieved a level in Heaven based upon a role in society doesn't serve the depth of carving the Soul. The Apostles gave us what we needed to know about living through suffering and living out of society's level into God. Life can only carve the Soul as deep as we live it. If we think a papacy has authority because of a position in life we take the Souls journey out of God. Not to say the journey isn't deserving of human status but its not living with any greater authority in God than any other human being. Carving the Soul is a passage that changes consciousness and creates greater levels of energy in our light for living more in Heaven. 

The Soul's journey has to live consciously evolving beyond society. No level of hierarchy in Christianity has any greater decree or authority in God than any other human being on earth. Yet, every human being on earth believes it does. Herein lies why nobody is living beyond religion in Christ consciousness deeper into God. 

Different religions create so many laws and protocols they will never live beyond society's level of them for evolving deeper in God. One level of life must open for another and if we only keep the one prevalent there is nothing else we can live and know. Practices and protocols keep us from living beyond the idea surrounding their existence which only lives in society's level of consciousness. The practice must move our thoughts for living as Love beyond all matter.

God is in every atom and the entire world is our curriculum and ministry. What is life? Life is existing as God having property in every atom for leading us beyond matter to our Truth in Him. Everything we live has Heaven but human consciousness sees it through darker lower energy creating darkness and living through a filter that only lives in lower mind through ego and little person.  We never live only with God. We keep society's level real instead of giving everything in existence to only having God in it for helping and guiding us deeper in Him.  Eventually we understand there is only one of us here with God living through human consciousness to Heaven. There is nothing else existing. Human consciousness creates the story but our world is in Heaven and God is all there is.

Religion never had a way to see beyond itself until God did this. Believing in Jesus Christ and living with God doesn't have to do with whether or not someone upholds a papacy. We added that part for Christianity to have the power within the Roman empire. Apostle Peter was never a designated Pope. He was the disciple of Jesus Christ. He tried to instill profound living in Christ. The Roman battle for supremacy made people create having a papacy to ratify their position as the authority of God.

Humanity deviated away from the biblical pattern and instead fell to the devils level trying to establish power, control, and distinction of favor with God. In 313-314 at the behest of Roman rule, the pontiff was granted greater establishment. Christianity was given legal status within the Roman Empire. Which came out of a dogmatic political system trying to have authority. The papacy was trying to have supremacy over the east. When Siricius in December of 384 was elected Pontiff he demanded greater authority over all bishops and began claiming inherent authority to gain the power. Inherent authority doesn't exist. Living in God is for consciously evolving and carving our Soul into Him which unveils a greater light in life.

We don't carry Apostolic authority for living a role in society. No disciple is giving anybody a light that only God can bestow upon them for living in Him. There is no passing of the baton as a successor to an Apostle for what has to be established through light in Heaven carving our Soul. God gave the disciples the light. No one can pass on that authority just as I can't communicate with God or Heaven for anyone else. There's a journey we take changing consciousness for living deeper in God and its a process and a path unique to our Soul through conscious evolution.

Peter is a great example of living with God moving in him to know Him. Peter saw the Messiah when many didn't. His light grew deeper in God and so deeply He lived the highest level of light while living through persecution. The Apostles actually lived making a path into God. We want to make a path into God beyond status and society's level evolving our knowing beyond the level we do today.

When people were creating hierarchy, practices, and traditions as part of establishing Christian rule they didn't understand everything about God at that time. They only knew Hm from one level of consciousness and it was a tumultuous time deep in the devils level of darkness. They were trying to create favor in holding supremacy of God over others. The level of Christianity that gave God to humanity today never had the light to know Him any greater than how they did at that time.

The banquet of Christ doesn't place anyone at the head of the table living greater than anyone else. Only Jesus Christ is the head of the Church. No one on earth has knowing of God beyond society until they have lived Heaven on earth. The light in life Jesus refers to in Mathew 16:13-19 is inevitably the level of all there is in life and that's God working through us.

Mathew 16:13-19

In Mathew 16:13-19 Jesus asks, "Who do people say that the Son of Man is?" The disciples give various answers. When He asks, "Who do you say that I am?" Simon Peter answers, "You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God." Jesus then declares:

Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven. And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock, I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not overcome it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

Jesus isn't speaking from matters level. He's not speaking about building a brick church it's beyond that. He's telling us He realized God moving in Peter and that God can move in human beings that are not of Heaven as He. He is realizing a very profound level in God. He's seeing God move through Peter and God revealing to Peter who He is. "On this rock," is speaking to Peter knowing Jesus is the Messiah revealed not through flesh and blood but through God. God gave Peter the eyes to see Jesus. "Blessed are you" is said because Jesus realizes God living in Peter.

Jesus says, "On this rock, I will build my church." Referring to the Holy Spirit. Telling everyone through light there is knowing God. Spirit is living greater than we're aware of and Heaven speaks through a deeper level in us. What is not seen has more power than what is seen. When Jesus speaks to Peter He is solidifying the work of God in us all living based on our faith. This is the crux of our living with God. It's a key moment when Jesus realizes people can feel God beyond any knowing in flesh and blood for the church within to be built in God.

When Jesus says, I will give you the keys of the kingdom He is referring to God living in Peter and all that God can bestow upon humans. Peter was living happily with faith in Jesus being the Messiah from a knowing beyond anything in matter. It was through Spirit He knew the Messiah was Jesus. When Jesus knew God was moving in Peter He knew Spirit could move through everyone who held light. The church would be built on that. We carry the temple within us. Everyone has the keys to the kingdom when we have faith, trust, and belief in God. "Whatever you bind in Heaven will be bound in Heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in Heaven is talking about our spiritual light.

There isn't any authority in this passage being given to Peter for building a brick church nor is it about building something in matter. It's building the Father in people. It's Jesus proclaiming the power of light moving through Peter and it building the church in us. It builds the believer in God. It's God giving us eyes to see with and ears to hear with. He knows Peter will carry the light to others. Just as we carry the light to others about Christ. There is a deeper living with God in us through living God as reality.

Other Races

There is no level we see not living in intelligence. Every building, car, tree, ocean, and pebble lives in Conscious Energy. There is only consciousness as life. God is the light all life is in means He is consciousness in every atom in existence holding the light for human consciousness to live within Him. 

As humanity understands what being alive is and the level of our world the conversation about other races will be subtle and living as part of creation. The fabric of our world is Conscious Energy and they are another race in God. They are the mass, force, velocity, temperature and levity in all matter. They are part of human photosynthesis and the self -organzing energy in life. 

God isn't a human being He created human consciousness. Never has humanity gone to the depth of understanding an intelligence that creates a galaxy and trillions of creatures including a creature that can think happily is only able because of His living hundreds of billions of years alive. God is dynamic energy and He created us in His likeness as conscious energy. There is only energy existing with consciousness creating its level of matter to live through.

Human beings have been created to exist in human consciousness. Every race in existence has been created to exist at its own level of consciousness with purpose in life. Our world lives with trillions and trillions and trillions of different levels of energy living in intelligence as self-organizing energy in the conscious space of God. This is what creates everything we see.

We are constantly changing light for morphing with higher levels of energy for conscious evolution. Human beings are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body able to increase our energy into higher levels of intelligence.

God is the light life lives in. As we consciously evolve we ascend into higher levels of God's energy becoming another level of consciousness within Him. If there were no bodies and we only saw consciousness and energy. The continuous cycle in life would be seeing energy morph into other levels of energy for higher levels of consciousness to live through. We enter other levels of light in higher intelligence as part of life. Every time we live Love we are having God's energy more in our light. 

The seven pillars of Heaven are like seven rays of light having properties of God in every level of existence. The light is trillions and trillions and trillions of different levels of energy in God living in holographic light in decimals. Self-organizing energy in higher levels of intelligence give us everything we acquire for higher levels of consciousness.

The seven pillars of light give consciousness the ability for infinite and unlimited expansion in matter. Everything we can think into being is out of these seven pillars of light and already existing. They renew life, restore life and keep order.

One way to think about life is we are in God acquiring different levels of His energy for living in matter. Slowly unraveling a light within our Soul that has always been in Him as Love. 

Human consciousness is the youngest level of consciousness in existence. Self-organizing energy is an amazing level. They don't live as we do in emotions or for dreams. They are literally the fabric of our world in human photosynthesis. Our atmosphere is living energy with other races. Some live as the plasma in our atmosphere which enables other light in elements for us to breath.

I've experienced Conscious Energy in many different ways. They have made bottle caps impossible to twist off and then effortlessly come off. They made my laptop weigh like fifty pounds and then be as light as a feather. Once when pulling a blanket it became like concrete. Even while eating food they changed its properties in my mouth to become hard. While having a salad the lettuce became hard to move.There have been hundreds of thousands of experiences over the years because I live with them every day as part of my life.

Their intelligence is beyond us living in another light part of creation. In Heaven there is Conscious Energy, Angels, celestial races, and God. Every moment of my life for almost seven years has been only living in Heaven while here on earth. No one could have ever convinced me there was so much life existing including God. We just don't have a way to really grasp the profundity of life until we experience it.

Other races give the enormity of life because they range in many different forms and levels. The mind has to reach to comprehend their existence. Some we would know immediately as another race and others we wouldn't. Many don't have any facial features or bodies. They can look like objects, shapes, and nothing we would think had intelligence. But they are living hundreds of billions of years alive.

Every race I've experienced has been happy in another level of light far beyond humanity's. God blessed me for experiencing the wonder of life.  Human beings are the only species still harming each other. Other races live in higher intelligence and live only for conscious evolution. Once humanity realizes the world is consciousness we will only live for enlightenment for creating utopia in matter.

God created us to live in conscious evolution for knowing Him. For some people, other races will never be an experience. For my life, they are the epitome of understanding an infinite and unlimited existence.

As life begins a deeper journey into God. Humanity will rise for greater maturity and substance about the depth of our existence.

When Abraham heard God it was through the air in resonance. When Moses heard God it was through the burning bush in resonance. The world is quantumly existing in vibrations, frequencies and resonance. Hearing God is effortless once your ears are opened.  Jesus lived telepathy hearing the thoughts of the high priest. He was able to know His future as well. I've experienced God knowing my life years in advance. Telepathy and hearing voices in resonance are the same as someone being in front of you. I can hear God and Heaven effortlessly as other entities in my light communicating with me.

May this writing be a blessing for everyone. God is with us and there is nothing in this world we should live in satan when we have God. If we are with God than we know we are victorious. May this be humanity's victory.



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