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Jesus and Meditation

🎧 We're carving our Soul to release darkness created from living at earthly levels. We're releasing the shackles that bind us to matter for Heaven. Meditation and prayer energy give us the way to do this. Every level of attachment and meaning we break we rise to understand God. Living beyond matter is why we're living. Humanity lives in consciousness which means matter will always be transitory. We are always leaving matter for new life. The body is not what is living it's the conscious energy inside of the body that's alive. The body will drop away as we continue to experience different levels of consciousness in matter.

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How to Live with Miracles

🎧 📖 The world is living in energy and our reality lives in miracles, light, and Love. Miracles are everyone's God given light to live in.Happiness is the brother of Love and Heaven is the light of Love. Every day learn to Love deeper and through all experiences so that the miracle of this life communicating with Heaven opens up. It's always better to give Love than anything else knowing that Love is the answer that invokes miracles, happiness, and Heaven.

Our state of mind is the only pathway Heaven can travel through. We want to open it by not deflecting miracles through incessant thinking. Having a practice for ending incessant thinking is a requisite for humanity. It's the level that takes us deeper into God.

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Practices for Heaven

🎧 📖 Every day we have a chance to experience amazing happiness. Our perception will create the filter we see the world through and our perception only lives from our level of energy.

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