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Life Off Planet

life off planetHumanity is a species that was created by God. God is dynamic energy in an intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive. Everything in existence is existing in the conscious space of God including all life light years away. Life...

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Soul Knowledge and Wisdom

knowledge wisdomWisdom is born from how we live with others. Humanity caring for other human beings at the level of doing all they can and then doing more to end needless suffering and poverty is the level of Love needed in humanity. Giving...

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Who is Self?

🎧 📖 Self is the transitory level of our mortal world.  We are only using this body for this one experience. In every life, we will have a different body which is the medium and a different Spirit which is our persona.

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Celestial Life

humanityHumanity and all life existing including life billions of light years away is existing in the conscious space of God. There is nothing existing outside of Heaven. The universe is consciousness in the conscious space of God.

The building blocks to life such as carbon dioxide,...

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