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God Is With Us

🎧 📖 Everyone is searching for happiness through consumption instead of realizing happiness is inside of us waiting for us to realize its light. People try to find happiness through buying things and by placing meaning in matter which matter is transitory. So it's an empty chase. Everything in the outer world is only existing in light for us to recognize our truth as Love.  When we look outside for happiness we seek but never find because ultimately what is outside of us is only born through us. We are the light everything lives in. It's only our perspective that dictates what life is living as.  And when we change our perspective we change the world we experience.

We want to live accessing Heaven while here on earth. Our relationship with God might be living as a Muslim, Buddhist, atheist, Christian, or another sect but it doesn't matter. How we feel in this moment is the perfect place for us to begin understanding how life is living on this planet floating in space. Many generations have established how humanity presently believes in God and doesn't believe in God. But what was established didn't live in God to understand God.

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Understanding Evil

🎧 📖 Evil is created from the darkness in all of us. Our energy is part of the collective energy in humanity manifesting darkness in form for us to live Love through.

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Living Christ Consciousness

🎧 📖 Every human being will one day experience a profound level in God that takes them into higher levels of consciousness. There is no way to plan for when it will happen

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