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Perception and Consciousness

🎧 Matter at the smallest particle is a wave only having its properties through photosynthesis. Matter is having its levels in human consciousness from energy that is of God.

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We Are Living Through Light

lightWe only experience people at our level of consciousness. They are in our light and how we see them is only through our level of energy.

We have no way to experience any persons totality because they are in another level of life...

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Matter is Energy in Consciousness

matter-is-consciousnessThe level of life is in consciousness which means everything we see is a level within our own light. How we have been living is only based on humanity's present level of consciousness which hasn't had the understanding for why we are living on...

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Human Beings Are Conscious Energy

human beingsIf we are to understand what being alive is and the level of our world at the level of Heaven we have to realize it will be very different than what we have ever known because it's a different level of consciousness...

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