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Snow Squid and Heaven

🎧 ▶️ Our existence is in microorganisms and light. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. We're in the conscious space of God with His light in every atom giving us the way to live in human photosynthesis. Other races have been a part of our existence from the beginning just like microorganisms have.We are learning life is at a much deeper level and what being alive is, is more enormous and divine than we've ever understood.

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Heaven-Understanding our Existence

🎧 📖 It's only through consciously evolving do we carve our Souls for seeing through greater light which gives us the thought process to understand God deeper. If we stay at the same level of thinking we only have that as our reward. Faith is truly the matrimony of Heaven because we have to go beyond our level of thinking to live outside of what we know. Only through infinite faith and experiencing that trust in what is unknown do we find what is known.

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Understanding Evil

🎧 📖 Evil is created from the darkness in all of us. Our energy is part of the collective energy in humanity manifesting darkness in form for us to live Love through.

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God Isn’t in Religion

🎧 📖 Love is the only antidote to darkness because it is God. Love is the only level humanity must always live for and living it beyond societies level is a requisite in life.

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