Sound Wave Meditations


Sound Wave Meditations with Solfeggio Frequencies


Sound waves are levels of resonance keeping matter existing. Every thought is vibrating in tiny atoms living in the matter around us including other human beings. Sound waves have been living in human consciousness since the beginning. Many Solfeggio frequencies were used in Gregorian chants, one of which was the great hymn of St. John the Baptist. These tones have been used to unite man with God.

People feel everything whether they consciously are aware of it or not. When we use sacred sound waves for meditation we are giving our energy a light greater than normal. Living in energy tells us we want to keep our energy aligned to the highest frequencies we can that provide joy, peace, and Love which is God. As you listen to sound wave meditations begin with a mantra to settle in and become present. Then letting go to no thought is good. Sometimes we will use a mantra throughout the sound meditation for relinquishing thought for light. Other times there may be a different meaning for the mantra such as happiness, healing, transcending and Love. Learning to open the conscious space of God is the way. His level in our light is what gives us wisdom and knowledge because His energy is Love and Love is the light that expands consciousness.


Please use headphones. As you listen to sound try to hear as deeply as you can into the vibrations. Knowing every level of vibration is giving to your well being. Using headphones is how we experience the brain hearing a third tone called a binaural beat. You may start with a mantra or thinking of light but allow your mind to pause into the nothingness. We want to open to the conscious space of God. Listening deeply will quiet the mind and open the space for a greater experience of light. Try to keep thoughts out of it, but guide out of it gently. Bringing your mind to one word and then to no word.

How we hear is through vibrations. Humanity hears words and sees words only through resonance. It isn't the words we actually live it's vibrations in a language far beyond what we have understood giving us the consciousness of sound.

When God hears us it isn't through our language. There is another level of light existing through algorithms in every level of matter created. The language isn't in numbers or any level of which human consciousness conceives. It's through greater levels of light in holographic light. These waves are in self-organizing energy which make up our world. They create different levels of density that live in auditory levels of language.  Living in matter we think what we see is living when there are only tiny atoms in waves existing. Sound meditation carries us into the light of God in greater ways than we have been living.

  • OPENING THE SOUL - 417 Hz------ 01:1:11
  • RELEASING DARKNESS - 396 Hz------ 01:1:11
  • CALMING AND REJUVENATING - 174 Hz------ 01:1:11
  • OPENING THE CONSCIOUS SPACE OF GOD - 963 Hz------ 01:1:11
  • HARNESSING HEAVENS ENERGY - 639 Hz------ 01:1:11
  • AWAKEN CONSCIOUSNESS - 528 Hz----- 01:1:11
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Calming and Rejuvenating

Opening the Soul

Releasing Darkness for Light



Understanding Meditation Frequencies

The car, chair, building, earth, and the universe are atoms in human photosynthesis. They only exist in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance through our consciousness. Matter is a nothingness that we bring into being. The world is energy in tiny atoms. Extremely quantum. Meditation changes the molecular structure in our atoms. Waves change with every living being instantaneously every moment of our lives. Whether we know it or not everything is in a rhythm through vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Every moment of our lives and every thought we have is aligning energy and purposing it. By using sound waves we align our energy to higher frequencies that change brain waves into greater ecstasy. Restoring, calming and exciting atoms we change the algorithm in our brain for processing different levels of light. It's an opening and how we merge our thought with waves is what changes the atoms purpose. Choose Love.

Sound Waves and Human Consciousness

Human beings are over 70% water in elements that only live as nothing. They are nothing until we claim them in our light. There was a study done in Japan that showed how water changes through vibrations of words and sounds. Some words were written on bottles of water displaying anger, hate, and murder. The water molecules were ugly and mangled. When they wrote words of Love, Happiness, and Peace the water molecules were beautiful geometric algorithms. What we think shapes the energy we live through. Being 70% water tells us our thoughts shape our experiences and the light we see the world through. Vibrations are our world and by changing our energy we change the world we experience.


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