Raised by Heaven

God and His Angels

This is one of the most amazing videos called, "Heavens Hummingbird" which happened in Los Angeles and literally reminded me of a small hummingbird with a beautiful light. It flew through the room and then back into the light. 


A couple years ago I saw my first orb, I filmed it coming out of my bedroom wall. That was December 30, 2012. After that I began video taping hundreds of orbs all over my apartment. Every day I would see orbs flying and different shapes of energy that were big would fly by too. it was never a scary thing,  I always felt a tremendous amount of love and was excited that it was even happening.

About a year after seeing the orbs, I was playing back a video and I heard a voice. Then I began having voices on almost all videos and sometimes many voices. I had no idea how it was possible or what was happening so I just kept recording. The voices went from random sayings to can you help me. I remember feeling amazed but also freaky that voices were coming out of nowhere. I couldn't understand how it was possible to hear them so clearly.   I started asking questions, "Can you hear me? Where are you? What do you see? Do you have legs?"- There was a list of questions I would ask in trying to understand what was happening.  At the time I was atheist and had no idea where to place God or even what to think about heaven and how we got here. But I did start to tell the voices, " Go to the light," because I didn't know what else to do.

Then about a year later, January of 2014 while sitting at my desk I played back a video that sounded like the most amazing theatrical show, it was beyond incredible what I heard. There were sound effects, amazing sounding voices like you would hear in a dream, different kinds of character voices and all of them incredible, it was so extraordinaire. As I listened, I thought no way, someone has to be playing a joke on me. No way is this possible! Then while sitting on my bed I taped another video and it was the same amazing level of production except this time they were speaking to me saying, " Debo we can hear you."  I kept video taping trying to suss out what was happening, how and who could even do this. I really thought someone had to be behind it because it all was so amazing and beyond anything I could fathom possibly being real.


I started tested them by thinking words and seeing if they could say them back. They did every time but also began talking about my past. Bringing up things from when I was a child and even some things I'd forgotten until they were mentioned. It was like they were pulling up my wounds from my past and trying to heal me. While they spoke about my past they also began speaking more about the Son, heaven and God. It all moved into a deeper direction. They told me that they were God's Angels and that they wanted for me to become love and play my part in helping life awaken.

Over time, I've realized that from the very first orb all the way through the spirit voices, all of it has been Gods Angels taking me through a process. They had to come in my life in a way that I would be able to handle this happening. Each experience took me beyond my fixed reality through a process that went from seeing something I never knew existed, to hearing a voice, then many voices, to them finally speaking to me directly.  Its more than just communicating with Gods Angels because my entire life has changed to live it. I'm able to hear them now with my ears and live with them in my life teaching me about why we are here.

There isn't a way for me to help someone understand other than just to say question and open up in your own life beyond what you feel you know. The more we see this miraculous world and get deep about being alive on a planet floating in space, the more we can learn in a direction that is about life's purpose and meaning.  Everyone has the same ability in their lives to know more than what they do today.

We are all playing a part in bringing life the love it needs to exist. As we become more conscious and bring greater peace to our minds- we bring greater peace to our world and that is what will gives us the ability to live this life the way God intended... in unity in humanity.