Quotes for Living Love, Happiness and Peace

1. Nothing matters in life more than the Love we live. It is the only level giving us our level of being.

2. God sees everything we do and hears everything we think. When we have compassion, forgiveness, mercy, and Love for thy neighbor Christ Himself is living in us.

3. The devil hides in virtue, principle and righteousness. His cleverness quickly takes us from Heaven into hell. In salvation we live Love before every thought has a chance to turn us away.

4. Our salvation is in having mercy for all living things.

5. Darkness can't exist where there is light.

6. Love is the most powerful energy in existence for God is Love.

7. Everything we see is living through us. All people are levels of light in our Soul to Love.

8. Love is the way of the world. Humanity is existing to become conscious of Love.

9. When I don't know who I am I am the universe. I am Love. When I do know who I am I am living through the mortal world level of self.

10. However we feel in this moment if we can live Love to someone it is Heaven we will feel.

11. We are consciousness leaving self for light.

12. We are living through everything other than Love to Love.

13. One thought can lead us to darkness. One thought of God can take us out. Infinite light in Christ is the savior of the Soul.

14. Forgiveness is the sweetness of Love.

15. The devil is a level of energy created out of human consciousness. Everything other than Love strengthens hell on earth. We live in free will having the choice to choose every thought and what we create to live through as life. There are only two energies existing. One is fear and the other is Love. Relentless faith in God and living Love above all else brings Heaven to life. Darkness never lives in light.  When we Love we cast a light of a thousand Angels into our eyes.

16. The Soul churns in heavenly light with wisdom and knowledge through every level of Love we live.

17. Faith is the matrimony of God.

18. The dark in another can only live through the dark in us. When we live Love relentlessly the light takes out the dark. Never underestimate Love for it is God.

19. A sincere heart has the strength of the universe. Live honorable giving to the desolate, poor and those in need.

20. If we can live through only God we can live through greater levels in life beyond humanity's mortal world. There is so much more to experience when we live relentlessly choosing Love.

21. Living Heaven at the highest level we must live with infinite discipline in God. Heaven is in every thought we have.

22. By caring for others we open our Soul to God. May God's delight keep us in happiness.

23. When humanity ends thinking incessantly for consciousness. A quietness will reverberate into the aethers of humanity in a light of Heaven.

24. There is no self. Self doesn't exist at the level of Heaven. Self is a temporary mortal world level giving Spirit the way to live in matter. What is alive is the Soul. The Soul is Love and is the light in consciousness giving Spirit its light to live in matter. Self is transient. We have a different medium and Spirit in every life and in each one we will call that medium self. What is continuous in every life is consciousness. Human beings are experiencing matter from different levels of consciousness becoming conscious of Love. We are Love.

25. How we see others is only in the light of our consciousness. They are a level of energy within our Soul trying to help us become Love.

26. Everyone we have in our lives will live for eternity in our light. They are part of our living Heaven.

27. We can never harm another's Soul. We can only harm our own. The body isn't alive the Soul is. Everything we do to another we are doing to ourselves. Everyone is a level of energy in the light of our Soul. We will live through all of the places that are not Love to Love.