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Celeste R Smith

Please pray for me others in my community is picking with me I was working at McDonald's down the street from my home they came by and told my manger I was crazy and no one like me, but when I moved in 2 years ago I stayed to myself and they still treat me but any thing but a child of God. Now I've had 3 possums to have to be removed out my bathroom cabinet from coming inside my wall from the outside hot water heater storage room nobody seems to believe I can't rest in my own home and afraid it will come out the walls inside when I'm not aware whether home are not , they just better me and say this will make me move the possums rats or snakes.they left the door open while I've been working and trapped something in there just evil people pray they leave me alone.i don't have no more than any body trying to make it.this a low rent complex for disabled and elderly why they want to see me down.i don't know

Received: October 22, 2018

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