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Inspired with God

You will be answered.
He knows you.
He is never apart from us.

Keeping our lives centered and in light.

When two or more people pray together there is a greater power of Heaven upon them. In Matthew 18:19, Jesus said, “Again, verily I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree in earth upon anything, whatsoever they shall desire, it shall be given them of my Father which is in heaven.”

We're offering online ministry and conference calls for moving through this pandemic with grace, Love and unity. Schedule an appointment below and for international requests, we offer Skype or Zoom. If you would like to post a prayer to our prayer wall instead of speaking with someone please visit our PRAYER REQUEST BOARD HERE.

Below is a calendar with the days and times that are available. Please allow up to fifteen minutes for prayer time. We hope this will accommodate you and apologize for any inconvenience if otherwise. All times are PST and the times available are in blue. If you have any questions please write us here.

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