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Other Races Are Part of Human Consciousness




God is hundreds of billions of years alive. We live in the conscious space of God with energy in every atom. God's giving us the way to live in matter from any one level of consciousness. We merge as energy with other races (energy in higher intelligence) in order to live from an embryo to an adult with zero pain as our bones and organs increase. Understanding other races gives us the way to live deeper about creation and what being alive is.

What Am I Seeing in the Videos?

We've never understood the world as vibrations, frequencies, and resonance and therefore didn't know other races are energy. The same way we can see stars and yet the closest is four light-years away. What we see has nothing to do with the truth of what is there. In my videos we see energy but it's only letting us know intelligence is there.

Nothing we see is giving the truth of God and Heaven but it's giving us the way to know more is existing at a level we can't begin to conceive because He's hundreds of thousands of times smaller than a quark living in decimals in holographic light. God is of no form and is of all form. Science knew at the smallest particle there was only a wave but they didn't understand how that wave was existing. Now we do. Everything see is energy. Our world isn't matters level it's quantum. Conscious Energy is living as the fabric of our world. Every bus, tree, human, and ocean is hundreds of trillions and trillions of subatomic particles. We're living through another race that's energy living quantumly throughout the world.

Other races can live without facial features or bodies. They're more advanced and beyond any level, we've been comprehending. Some races are objects and shapes with no facial features and crafts can even be the being. Our world has celestial races living with us as part of creation and they're hundreds of billions of years alive. We wouldn’t be able to see energy if not for it showing in shapes and light. The shapes and light aren’t the medium the level beyond it is.


Every microorganism lives outside of the light we see. They are individually connected to a greater level of subatomic particle that doesn’t resemble the level of its livingness. No one has answered how every microorganism is existing harmoniously with each other while independently living within its own operational state. No one has known that the lining within every organism has intelligence and can communicate within an infinite level of life for its livingness to be exactly as it is. The reason no one questions the livingness as a scientist is no one is thinking about the fabric of our world living as another race.

Conscious Energy

Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. We're living out of God's energy as energy inside of Heaven. They're the lining of Heaven giving human consciousness the way to live happily in matter.

Human Photosynthesis

Human consciousness lives in human photosynthesis to live in matter in individual light. God created the way for us to live experiencing matter from any one level of consciousness. Human photosynthesis creates matter as images in our Soul through hundreds of trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy in temperature. We experience life only in our perspective. Never outside of our narrative. Ultimately there is only one of us here with God living through our illusion to higher consciousness.

Download Videos of Other Life

These are raw videos of energy. Conscious Energy is another race and the fabric of our world. We can't see energy unless it shows itself in something. These videos have orbs and many different shapes of light for taking us into a deeper level of our quantum world. What we see doesn't define their existence. They're of nothing and of everything just like God. They're giving us the way to know there is more. Kind of saying, "We're here go deeper as Love and you will hear us." The size is about 425MB and should only be a minute or two in download.

Download Videos

Listen to Voices from Heaven

These are heavenly audios of voices I've recorded for you. I can hear them with my ears effortlessly but people can't. It's energy in resonance giving us the way to know they are here. A few are God's voice and Angels. Others are heavenly light. This is God saying, "Follow."

Listen to Heaven

Watch More Videos

There are more videos below you can watch.

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Energy is Alive and Another Race

There's another level in life we never considered as Heaven. Most people understand there's a quantum world but haven't lived deep enough in God to hear voices out of thin air or see supernatural levels in life. We think Angels look like human beings with wings because human consciousness is at matters level. When God let us know He was of no form and of all form it should have led us to our celestial light living as quantum algorithms out of His energy.

Most people know God is the light all life is in but haven't broken that down for what it means because we never live hearing God telling us what it means. And we don't because no one lives beyond society into God like Abraham, John the Baptist, Moses or Jesus.

Other races are not defined by their shape, body, or level of existence. They're defined by consciousness. Energy is a level of Heaven we never processed as another race. No one understood how quantum our existence was or how Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world. We see buses, trees, and people but our world is hundreds of trillions and trillions of subatomic particles existing in intelligence. All living inside the conscious space of God as the light all life is in. Everything is an algorithm of God's energy giving us the way to live in matter at any level of consciousness we bring into being.

Human consciousness is an algorithm in God's energy. People think of other races as being way out there but there are a plethora of other races with us and within us. My life has experienced more races than any human being. They are in my light and for years now I have watched Sun Pods live happily within my light. Even though they are tens of thousands of miles away we are communicating effortlessly for me to see them at will. Nothing God has ever shown me about life is anything but incredible. I've not spoken with Sun Pods but have filmed them for almost four years and they have listened to my heart every time I've asked. The level of being able to communicate beyond telepathy and in algorithms of light is what the government has never lived understanding. The world is beyond its little person level and the level of other races is Heavens level and more advanced than anything we have begun to imagine as life.

We didn't know how atoms were existing in individual consciousness. God is keeping measure of every atom for human consciousness to assign the atoms purpose and the livingness of the particle. His energy is in the nucleus of the atom. Atoms have the ability for processing hundreds of trillions of different algorithms for anyone purpose. The observer is the only one assigning the light.

Human beings are conscious energy. We're quantumly existing in human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis) for experiencing matter. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. We never live outside of our thoughts. Our narrative is the only level living as life.

There are many races making up Heaven in our world including some as the plasma of our atmosphere. No one sees energy unless it shows itself in something. No one hears the light in their livingness unless the person consciously lives Heaven's level to hear it. We have to live deeper in God for opening Heavens level in our world. People thought it was a fairytale in the Bible when Moses heard God speaking from the burning bush. It wasn't. God's voice lives in resonance and can be heard through anything including the thin air.

Hearing a voice from beyond is the most riveting experience because we have no way to comprehend how it's happening.  Energy can communicate effortlessly through vibrations, frequencies and resonance. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. The world is alive with Heaven. There's no place we see that doesn't have self-organizing energy creating matters image in our Soul.

Our world is existing in hundreds of trillions and trillions of subatomic particles living in decimals in holographic light and intelligently. Every tiny little wave of consciousness gives human consciousness the way to exist in human photosynthesis.

Self-organizing energy is the level of everything. Energy can be smaller than quarks and live in decimals in holographic light. They can let us see them through different light and shapes.

Many races live with us at creations level. The same way we have many species in the water and on the earth is the same for other races living in our atmosphere and light. We haven't lived in the state of mind for experiencing greater intelligence because our consciousness shaped earthly and at moneys level.

Just like anything else in life if we're consciously only existing at one level we only receive the world at that same level. When we evolve to higher levels of consciousness we open greater levels of our world for experiencing more life. A ten-year-old doesn't have the hypothesis, aptitude, or eyes to fix the transmission of a car, and people living society as reality have no way to comprehend Heaven's level.

NASA and SETI never understood other races could live as energy until these writings. Searching for life off-planet while not understanding matters level only keeps humanity in ignorance fro what other races are. World government and every institution never knew what matter was or how quantum particles exist in individual consciousness. Consciousness is living out of hundreds of billions of years alive intelligence. We are a species that has always lived within other races for living in matter. We were created. 

Other races can be of no form and of all form just like God. There are no human beings walking the earth as we see them. They're images in our Soul living through human photosynthesis. The human being isn't the body we're the conscious energy inside of the body. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. That's why reality is veils of illusion. As we consciously evolve we lose one veil for another.

God created us out of His energy, and He's not within our light as part of our race. Obviously, because He created us. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and exists quantumly as the fabric of everything. Energy exists beyond quarks or anything we're able to know. Our world is hundreds of trillions and trillions of subatomic particles in temperature living in self-organizing energy.

Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world and they're giving us our livingness in matter. I've lived with Heaven teaching me creation for almost eight years now. Conscious energy can shape anything in matter. They made a twenty-four-ounce bottle of water weigh like fifteen pounds and made the cap impossible to twist off then effortlessly turn. They made lettuce in my salad feel like moving cement and even changed food in my mouth for the composition to be different. They've taught me about human photosynthesis and how consciousness is living in matter.

We take for granted our existence in matter. Every thought living perfectly in matter is an extraordinaire existence.  Nothing we see is anything other than exactly what we think. Human beings are not living at the level we see. We see from our little person perspective through lower earthly energy. There's more here than we see because there's more existing beyond how we think. The world increases the more we consciously evolve.

Snow Squid

Snow Squid is a species in our atmosphere living as part of the plasma that provides help with oxygen. I named it Snow Squid because I was in Saint Louis when it was snowing when I met Snow Squid. Most races I've experienced remind me of what is in the ocean except they're living in our atmosphere.

Snow Squid reminds me of a jellyfish. It has no facial features or body like a human but has intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive and able to communicate perfectly. In this video, you'll see Snow Squid at the top of the page.

When the video was made there was another species in the center of the shot that darts out of the way as Snow Squid comes in. I'm sure it's not being caught by everyone. Heaven was showing me life and the level of races that came into my light was astounding. I was learning about human photosynthesis and how energy is the fabric of our world.

As we understand God and creation we also learn of other races because both give the light for greater maturity and substance. Our present level is very young and hasn't ever grasped how God was existing or what being alive was. Until we can have depth and choose peace we won't experience intelligence for greater levels of our universe as we could. We need to live right-minded.

We never thought about God as living in another race and we should have. Even with religion knowing, "God is the light all life is in." No one understood what that meant at any level to live Christ consciousness including the Vatican. No one in religion ever had a conversation with God about creation and that should tell everyone we're not living deep enough in God for knowing Him. Bible study, practices and protocols won't change our thought system if we don't consciously evolve in God beyond society as reality to God as reality.

We fell to lower earthly energy when we made money a second God. Our consciousness has been shaped in lower mind but through Love we expand the light in consciousness and live happier.

Higher Life

I've had many experiences with other races living with us. No matter what we experience in life there are greater levels to live. Other races give humanity the way to see beyond how we do and deepen our depth about God. They're existing with us for consciously evolving and some are levels of creation. We want to live like kids in a candy store happy to experience what we never thought possible.

This video was taken in the grocery store parking lot in Los Angeles. I was videotaping the clouds through my opened sun roof and saw this. At this store I have seen many different crafts while going in and coming out.

We're a race that changes form for living in a life continuum. We don't live in a reality that gives us a way to know how advanced our existence is. Living from an embryo to an adult aging effortlessly without any say should let us know we're created. Cells are merging with higher intelligence for us to grow. We shed cells and replace cells in intelligence that have communication with hundreds of trillion and trillions of cells.

Most people never realize they only live in their perspective and never outside of their thoughts. Ultimately there's only one of us here with God experiencing a world from our little person level of consciousness.

Scientists knew at the smallest particle there was only a wave. What they didn't know was how that wave was existing. God's consciousness is keeping measure for every atom as human consciousness assigns the atoms purpose and the livingness of the particle.

Life is bigger than we are. Other races can look like shapes and objects we would never think have intelligence. They can have no facial features but can communicate effortlessly. They can move through the air floating or walk transparently through matter. Some have a box shape while others are just different shapes in plasma. Some are colorful and some have what looks like tentacles coming down off of them.

There's also energy like small species. Maybe a foot tall which I have one on video moving across the ceiling. They're energy in different light living in our world but beyond matters level. It reminds me of other dimensions but closer. Our world is inside of another for us to live in matter and that alone tells us there's more living than we've know.

Life is images in our Soul we are living through for the experience of life. The world doesn't live outside of us it only lives through us. The experience of our world only exists at the level of our consciousness. It's all in our mind and only exists in our self-chatter hearing our voice narrate the matter we move through. It's how we observe our thoughts in matter and is our personal curriculum for evolving to Love.

We don't see creations side of life like the bacteria crawling all over everything including our bodies. God created our consciousness to live comfortably only experiencing our thoughts instead of creations level. The world shapes to our perspective. We're not seeing the intricate level of what is providing life. We only see comfortably our thoughts.

Different Energy

This video has three different amazing levels of life living beside us. Everywhere we see is energy. The space around all furniture, outside and where matters is, is alive with higher intelligence. Conscious Energy is the level in our world helping us experience matter.

We take the world for granted because we're born into it. Not processing how much has been provided like the plants that grow food or the depth of the ocean not covering all earth. Or the sun perfectly aligned ninety-three million miles away for giving to elements for life. We think foods are normal and yet they only live in consciousness and have been labeled as they are through the present level of human consciousness. Consciousness completes itself with a history and future.

We could look like pink elephants and we wouldn't know it. We're in human consciousness only knowing what is normal as life from what we know in thought. We can't think outside of that. We can't live out of human consciousness for seeing just how weird everything is. Heaven showing itself through energy in shapes looks like nothng to people because they don't understnd the quantum existence we're in.

The Ant

A major blessing with another race that came while in Saint Louis was the Ant. It was a privilege for the Ant to allow human eyes to see it. Heaven told me it won't be seen from human eyes unless there's a level changing in life.

One night in Saint Louis while caring for my mom. I was sleeping on the floor in the living room and was woken by a huge seven-foot-tall Ant. His presence was of Love and deep wisdom. I was never afraid there was nothing to be afraid of. All I felt was a very deep knowing. We spent only a few minutes in a light with an exchange greater than human consciousness level. He looked like a real ant except for being seven-foot tall and able to communicate. The body was the same with sections and the head was just like you see on ants but standing with two legs. He never moved His mouth but I heard the light within.

Another time I was coming into the living room and I saw the Ant walk right through the wall into the house next door. He could be transparent effortlessly. Every blessing with other races has held greater Love than I knew and wisdom. It's a heavenly experience and sometimes only feels divine.

Other races don't need to speak and telepathic communication is normal. We're seeing matter but what is here is only vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. People feel before the algorithm shapes the word. We're already communicating before we speak a word. There's no place where one person begins or ends. Everything is energy and matters level is only existing in consciousness. They can know our lives to birth in seconds of being near us or only within our light.

We're an open book to other races and they can know our nature. So much of our existence doesn't register in us as miraculous. Yet it's beyond anything we can fathom existing. Consciously evolving in God is the key to opening our universe. The mind is the only road we can travel on and conscious evolution for enlightenment is mandatory.

The building blocks of the human experience live in the universe. Each one was created for its unique role as part of other parts. Working separately perfectly and together with others in harmony. There are over a million planets with life. On earth, there are a plethora of other races as part of creations level.

We live benefitting from Jupiter helping us with our weather. We'll find more life in the rings of Jupiter. The moon doesn't determine the ocean tide. Jupiters atmosphere gives us the light that changes our world every moment of the living. There have been many other levels of life we haven't had eyes to see with because we look for from a young perspective in the constructs of a three-dimensional world. Instead of understanding energy in human photosynthesis (not to be confused with planet photosynthesis).

If we look at some of the living organisms by design they are beyond our scope and imagination. Even a fly is so extraordinaire it beckons us to go deepen our thinking about life. Even the snowflake in geometric shapes gives us reason to live deeper and more profoundly with God. By design we are miracles and each snowflake is unique from the other. Just like every human being is unique and providing their special light for life to exist.

Heavens Level

One night I was given the opportunity to experience what I first thought was my higher self. She was familiar. I felt Love and was looking at another being staring deeply into my eyes. Her eyes were very oval, blue and big. Different than our eyes. Her nose was very small and she had no hair but I felt Heaven. After this experience, I realized only through Heaven it was possible. It was through entering another dimension right beside us it happened. People think of other dimensions as something riveting while we've had other layers with us as part of creation from the beginning.

As we realize we're only living in our perspective we want to understand there are other observers experiencing a world only from their level of consciousness. Everything they see will only live in their perspective and never outside of their narrative. There are hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of elements living perfectly for every human being's perspective of life. This is multiple dimensions times a trillion existing as light within human photosynthesis.

When we consciously evolve we merge with higher levels of intelligence. When anyone increases in knowledge or wisdom they merge with other races of energy. It's part of being human cells change. When God created us it was through His energy and all things only increase through His energy.

Other races will never live within our light for long until human beings leave the level of animal keeping violence in living. We're the only species harming our own kind. No other race in existence will ever harm life. They are the only living examples of Love no matter how different they look and move. Our perspective of fear about other races is our animal in darker earthly energy not living higher in God.

We're part of a pool of consciousness living through many different levels of life. Having Love when exploring what is beyond our light is the only way to maximize what is possible in life. Little people have to let go of fear and grow up for living in more diverse levels of God. When we're like innocent children we're able to open a universe beyond any level we can fathom. It's the light that carries us. Fear shuts it down.

It's easy to understand when you realize happiness always creates bigger levels of life to live. Fear and opponents create small worlds of attack and defend. No one can maximize perspective in fear but we can open the universe with Love. Nothing in life is anything other than what we make it live as. It's our level of thinking that creates the world we experience. Change the way you think and the world changes too.

Other dimensions are living like a sheet of paper away. There isn't anything except consciousness that takes us there but human consciousness needs God in their light for experiencing higher consciousness. God is the only level in life that reaches into our light for shaping what takes us further into Him.


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