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Other Races Living with Us



Is hundreds of billions of years alive. We live in the conscious space of God with Him in every atom giving us the way to live in matter at any one level of consciousness. We merge as energy with other races (energy) in order to live experiencing our consciousness in matter.


Our world is extremely quantum living in consciousness. Energy is microorganisms at extreme quantum levels in temperature living in holographic light. We live with trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy for living in human photosynthesis. They have intelligence and can communicate.

Conscious Energy

Is the fabric of our world. They are the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. They are the lining of Heaven and live in everything we see in intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive. Able to communicate.

Human Photosynthesis

Human consciousness lives in human photosynthesis. Not the same as plant photosynthesis. God created the way for us to live experiencing matter from any one level of consciousness. Human photosynthesis is trillions and trillions and trillions of energy in temperature in holographic light in decimals. Human photosynthesis gives us the way to experience the world only in our perspective. Human beings never live outside of their own narrative.

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These are raw videos of celestial life. The size is about 425MB and should only be a minute or two in download.

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Snow Squid

NASA never knew what matter was or the level of creation to know other races live quantumly as energy in our light. The world is living in consciousness with hundreds of trillions and trillions of subatomic particles that live in decimals in holographic light. Other races can be of any form and of no form just like God. Our searching for life off-planet indicates we haven't understood what a human being is. We're intelligence living in intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive. The human race was created out of God's energy and He is another race. His consciousness created ours. The fabric of our world is Heaven's species which is Conscious Energy created out of God's energy. We're living as energy imprinting upon energy the matter we see from our level of consciousness. Consciousness is all that is alive.

Snow Squid is a species in our atmosphere living as part of the plasma that provides help with oxygen. I named Snow Squid because I was in Saint Louis when it was snowing when I met Snow Squid. Most races I have experienced remind me of what is in the ocean except they are living in our atmosphere. Which is axiomatic of God creating life in the atmosphere to have similarities to what is in the ocean. (Download audio of writing)

Snow Squid looks and moves like a jellyfish. It has no facial features or body like a human but has intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive and able to communicate perfectly.  In this video, you will see Snow Squid at the top of the page.

other races

When the video was made there were many other races in the atmosphere. Even in this video, there is other life I'm sure isn't being caught by everyone. Heaven was showing me life and the level of races that came into my light was astounding. I was learning about human photosynthesis and how we exist in energy.

God is hundreds of billions of years alive and lives in every atom. Once we can comprehend the magnitude of His existence and how He is existing then we'll be able to have the aptitude for understanding creation and what a human being is. The fabric of our world is Conscious Energy and Conscious Energy is living in every level of matter we see. We live in Heaven in order to hear our thoughts, have a body and see the world at our level of consciousness.

We're living happily in another race for living in consciousness through human photosynthesis. When someone says, "God is the light all life is in." If we understand what that means, we're saying God is in every atom giving us the light in ours for experiencing a world in matter.

Humanity wants to live in the light breaking down every level of how we exist in intelligence that explains everything. Many theories in life only live in human consciousness and have been brought into being at that same level of consciousness. They are not Heavens level nor can they give the light for living deeper in God. Understanding life from Heaven's level is imperative for going deeper into our Soul's journey for understanding our existence.


We want to have eyes that can see and ears that can understand what life is. Energy is microorganisms at extreme quantum levels in temperature living in light. This light is able to communicate perfectly. It's the fabric of our world. Trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy are giving us what we see.

During the past six years, I have had many experiences with other life in Heaven. I say it like that because it's important to understand we live in the conscious space of God. There is nothing in existence outside of His light. Everything is part of our existing in human photosynthesis. But we've never been outside of the light in matter for understanding God and Heaven.

When we think of being created we must go deeper into what that looks like. We are a very complex level of atoms coming together in vibrations for having bodies and matter at our level of consciousness.

We think a human being is a body when we're not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. We are also a race that changes form. Never do we look at ourselves that way. Yet how celestial it is that human beings live for eternity dropping bodies for new ones and living at any level of consciousness experiencing matter.

When we think of a life continuum or afterlife we have to go deeper into what that means. Human photosynthesis is giving us the way to live in a life continuum at different levels of consciousness so that we can have different bodies. In order to live in human photosynthesis, we live as conscious energy. The body is temporary and it's a temporal experience just for living this one level of consciousness. God created mankind in his likeness which God is dynamic energy and we are conscious energy. Scientists already knew at the smallest particle there is only a wave and now we are learning human photosynthesis is why we are in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance.

Happily living there are other races that look like shapes and objects that we would never think of as intelligent. They have no facial features but can communicate effortlessly. They move through the air floating. Some have a box shape while others are just different shapes with mass and skin. Some are colorful and some have what looks like stringy tentacles coming down off of the shape maybe 40-50 of them. Coming down about 20 inches. The mass is bigger than a hand.

There has also been energy in shapes more like little species. Maybe a foot tall I have on video climbing across the ceiling. They are energy in different light living in our world. Their existence is only existing as part of the light all life is in.

A good way for people to think about life is in this very moment you have trillions of organisms crawling all over your body and over everything you touch and see. But you don't see any of them. God created our consciousness to live comfortably only experiencing our thoughts instead of creation. The world we are in is the same. We are not seeing the deep intricate level of providing life. We are only seeing what is comfortable in our thought process. We're only now having light for a glimpse into Heaven's level in life.

other races


Different Energy

This video has three different amazing levels of life living beside us. Everywhere we see is living energy. The space around all furniture, outside and in every room is energy living to give us the matter we see. There is no air without energy. We live at a very micro level in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance.

The world we see we take for granted because we're born into it. Not remembering that everything we see has been created including lettuce, apples, and potatoes. We think those foods are normal and yet they grow on a planet floating in space. Existing as normal to us but to life, it could be the strangest food ever seen.

We could even look like pink elephants and we would never even know it. We live in human consciousness believing human beings and our surroundings are normal. But they're not. They are only existing at this present level of consciousness and will eventually change.

other races


The Ant

A major blessing with another race that came while in Saint Louis.
I had the honor to live with what has been told to me is a privilege having the Ant allow human eyes to see it.

One night in Saint Louis while caring for my mom. I was sleeping on the floor in the living room and was woken by a huge seven-foot-tall Ant. His presence was of Love and deep wisdom. I was never afraid there was nothing to be afraid of. All if felt was a very deep level of wisdom. We spent only a few minutes in a light that was an exchange beyond human consciousness's level. He looked like a real ant except for being seven-foot tall and intelligent. The body was the same with sections and the head was just like you see on ants but standing with two legs. He never moved His mouth but I felt the light within.

There was another time as I was coming into the living room and I saw the Ant walk right through the wall into the house next door. Every blessing with other races has held Love, wisdom, and peace.

Other races do not need to speak and telepathic communication is normal. They also go deeper into our consciousness extremely quickly knowing everything about us within seconds.

We are an open book to other life and they can sense our nature and already know our lives. I knew this blessing was Heaven showing me another level of living that has been caring for humanity since the beginning. Something about seeing a huge ant goes deeper into human life. So much of our existence doesn't even register in us as miraculous. Yet so much is beyond anything we can imagine existing.

We take so much for granted. The ocean is living at exact levels for providing different elements for living. It requires greater nurturing and care for human existence.

We have trillions upon trillions of levels of life. From all of the species in the ocean, to what is in the earth and in the air. All of the gases and elements. Each one was created for its own unique role as part of life. Yet all of these trillions and trillions of pieces work perfectly together in a magnificent symphony of life giving us the ability to experience this planet floating in space.

Including the planets. We live benefitting from Jupiter helping us with our weather and the Sun ninety-three million miles away providing what gives to others elements for their existence.

If we look at some of the living organisms in macro by design they are beyond our scope and imagination. Even a fly is so extraordinaire it beckons us to go deeper into human life. Having speaker eyes and a body absolutely mind-opening. There are snowflakes in unique geometric shapes that have no way to exist other than from higher intelligence. By design they are miracles and each snowflake is unique from the other. Just like every human being is unique and providing their special light for life to exist.

Having Eyes to See

It's a privilege and an honor to be able to live experiencing life hundreds of billions of years in existence. We all have the same opportunity because we are all in God.

To think of life hundreds of billions of years alive and God in every atom is living opening ourselves to how advanced life is. The intricate level of intelligence human life has been created in by design is genius. We take so much for granted and think so much is normal but it's not. It's living so far out from our consciousness. Hundreds of billions of years of intelligence is nowhere near what we can conceive. We're learning a tiny glimpse only existing at this one level of consciousness for helping us consciously evolve deeper into God.

Our existence is beyond any level we have conceived or thought. Yet many clues have been all around us from the beginning. Scientists could never go deeper because they needed more light to see through. Now knowing about human photosynthesis they will have a greater understanding of life's existence and how God is living in every atom.

When we started living for false idols and second Gods we lost the light for the intelligence for what being alive was. We are so young and at the beginning of understanding God.

The world is enormous and our atmosphere and existence are micro-living in extreme quantum levels. The form we see is a reflection and only existing from our level of consciousness.

As humanity awakens more people will understand human existence and human consciousness. Right now we're a people having eyes that never see and ears that never hear. As we live deeper beyond material and money living for conscious evolution and for enlightenment we will know our light in God.

We want to live deeper for substance and maturity to understand other races and our enormous existence. May these videos provide the inspiration to learn about creation and rekindle your relationship with God and Heaven.




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