Other Races Give Light



Consciousness is hundreds of trillions of little subatomic particles in temperature. Consciousness is an algorithm out of God's energy. God's consciousness is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of energy in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance living as the light everything lives out of. We're a level of His energy increasing into higher light within Him.

Subatomic Particles

Our world is extremely quantum living in consciousness. Energy is smaller than quarks living in decimals in holographic light. They're extreme quantum levels in temperature living through human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis). We live with trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy for living in human photosynthesis. They can communicate.

Conscious Energy

Is the fabric of our world. They are the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. They are the lining of Heaven and live in everything we see. They can communicate and help us live deeper with God.

Human Photosynthesis

Human consciousness lives in human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis). God created the way for us to live experiencing matter from any one level of consciousness. Human photosynthesis is trillions and trillions and trillions of energy in temperature in holographic light in decimals. Human photosynthesis gives us the way to experience the world only in our perspective. Human beings never live outside of their own narrative.

Download Videos of Other Life

These are raw videos of celestial life. The size is about 425MB and should only be a minute or two in download.

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Listen to Voices from Beyond

These are heavenly audio's of voices I've recorded for you. I can hear them with my ears effortlessly but people can't. It's energy in resonance giving us the way to know they are here. A few are God's voice and Angels. Others are heavenly light.

Listen to Heaven

Energy is Another Level of Races in our Light That Can Communicate

We never understood God for even understanding what being human was. We took everything at face value and when science came out with a three-dimensional theory we never questioned it including how God was existing. Most people know God is the light all life is in. What does that mean? It means the world is energy and matter is a nothingness only existing in consciosuness. He is the light in every atom giving us the way to live in matter. Without knowing the level of our world we continue creating life to live in a shallow reality that never opens God.

Everything we've brought into being is a fraction of what is here. We don't think in our right minds for knowing we're merging constantly with other races in higher consciousness. When we made money a second God we moved away from living with God and having experiences that freak us out hearing Him out of think air. Life is only living for us to consciously evolve awakening our Soul in God. There's nothing in existence outside of His light.

The fabric of our word is hundreds of trillions and trillions of subatomic particles living in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world and Heavens race. They are the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. We are consciousness living in decimals in holographic light for matter to exist. Everything we experience as life is only in our narrative giving us the way to consciously evolve for understanding the enormity of our existence in God. No one thinks about life only existing at our level of consciousness but we only experience life in our perspective. We never experience life outside of our thoughts. We're having experiences in matter for observing our consciousness becoming Love.

We think of other races as "them" instead of as "us." Consciousness is all that's alive. Energy is the only level living and we're merging with other races to live in matter. We would have no way to grow from an embryo to an adult without the light of God and His races.

Genesis gave us the way to live in the human story but also gave us the way to understand there was more to know than human consciousness could process as life. No one was having conversations about quarks or transplanting hearts. We would learn more when human consciousness could receive.

Science never understood how the smallest particle was living in individual consciousness. The wave is intelligence and held in measure by God's consciousness for human consciousness to assign the atoms purpose and the livingness of the particle.

When people write about other races and use the words aliens or even extraterrestrials it's because they haven't understood life or how human consciousness is existing in matter.  Matter is existing in human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis). We live through Conscious Energy in order to live in matter at our level of consciousness and Conscious Energy is the race of Heaven. They are the fabric of our world and quantumly existing smaller than quarks. 

God has been giving me the blessing for meeting with other races teaching me about creation. I've been living in Heaven for almost eight years with other races and celestial races.  It first began in Sherman Oaks when Heaven came into my life. During the eight years, God taught me about creation, and during His teaching, He opened the universe for me to experience other races in our atmosphere and light. I've lived with other races in the same way anyone would live with their family.  Even having other races in light communicating from my thoughts even though they are tens of thousands of miles away. They hear me and appear for me to see them when I sit outside. God has given me many different in-person experiences with other races but Sun Pods are special because I've never met them in person but they have for almost four years been in my light.

No one realizes the magnitude of consciousness and having the ability to communicate outside of any level human beings are conceiving as living. I'm experiencing other races in a light no human being has or will. Nothing exists as it is now for any human being. I'm living Christ consciousness and God is giving me the way to experience bigger levels of our world and light.

God is hundreds of billions of years alive and He created everything in existence out of His energy. Energy is all there is with matter living in consciousness. God created us in His likeness and it's not the body we're the conscious energy inside of the body. We're consciousness like God. Consciousness is an algorithm out of God's energy. We're levels of Him returning to light. Consciousness is hundreds of trillions of little subatomic particles in temperature. In all of these levels of energy lives different races of intelligence part of the self-organizing energy in God. Humanity was created in human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis) for living happily, creating matters level to live through as we evolve into light.

Our world is energy living in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. There are no human beings walking the earth as we see them. We're imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. Our world only exists as images in our Soul, in Heaven. The Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in matter living in the medium for this one experience at this level of consciousness. We can't fathom our world as only a dream because we're in it living at the level of consciousness not seeing beyond our thoughts. We're only experiencing the world from our little person perspective, humanity darkened our eyes by living money as a second God.

When humanity made money, a second God our consciousness fell to lower earthly energy. We're living in lower mind.

We made matter life instead of consciously evolving knowing consciousness was at cause and matter was the effect. 

Consciousness needs the energy to process and we're only processing darker levels that are earthly instead of higher in God. Human consciousness is creating its version of life making choices for the level of energy we process in consciousness. How we perceive other races and what being human is has only been from the little person perspective not knowing how other races exist or what being alive is.

Most people don't know society is the illusion and just one level of consciousness out of an infinite we can experience. Until it's pointed out most people never realize they live only in their perspective and never outside of their narrative as life. Every thought we have is all we know as life. We don't live outside of our thoughts. Ultimately, there's only one of us here with God but no one understands that until they live in higher consciousness and have the gaps of reality from living God as reality.

Understanding Higher Intelligence

There is no need for other races to learn something about a human being. They know and have been with us from the beginning.  Other races can be from millions of years to hundreds of billions of years alive. They have no need to examine anyone because they live in our light and know everything about us. Within moments, by just being in our light they can know our lives from birth. Light travels and they don't have to be near us to know more about us. They can live transparent, which means they have every ability to know us well. We're the ones wanting to know about other races and projecting within our light for wanting to know their existence and our truth.

The experience of life is in consciousness. Therefore we want to experience the bigger world from Love, maturity, and depth. If we only try to learn from our present level of consciousness, we won't have what we could because human consciousness is in fear instead of Love. Everything in life is opening consciousness for greater depth and hypothesis in life. Other races have always been a part of our existence. We're the ones that haven't had eyes to see and haven't understood creation.

When God came into my life, it was in a process for having my reality change for His. I've lived for almost eight years having God deep in my light. Some people have no way to understand my living with God at Heaven's level. Humanity hasn't been consciously evolving in God. Religion doesn't live beyond itself. to know God. We're not living for Him we created life to live for society as reality and added God instead of knowing He was with us for teaching us about His creation.

It's been many years of living with other races of Heaven and in a process of light. There are times I can be sitting at my desk working and feel soft touches on my head, ever so light. And know it's God working within my light changing it for knowing more. Never have I seen God except moving through matter and in light. I've felt Him moving through me a few times and His power and force are undeniable. They were serious moments when I needed to leave a place. His level is in all things. My greatest living with God is through the psychological changes from His teachings for living Christ Consciousness. I hear Him effortlessly as well as Heaven. There's not a moment of my life not experiencing light from Heaven.

I went from someone who didn't know God to living with Him teaching. I went from knowing nothing about religion to having God's level about it in me. I went from not knowing Jesus, the Bible or ever going to church to knowing a deeper level of the Bible and Jesus from God. Only God has taught me about Christ consciousness and creation.

I went from not knowing anything I write on the website to learning all of it with God. I could never know creation if not for God teaching me. No one in the history of humanity has understood creation.

There's never been a pope, cardinal or bishop having conversations with God about creation.  And that's telling for why this is happening. Only God can teach a human being about creation at this level.

I live in a different reality. My life isn't living with purpose at society's level. It's only living God as reality. I'm with Heaven and Conscious Energy twenty-four seven helping me live deeper in God. Our perspective of God just waving a wand and it changes our consciousness is a fairytale because we live in free will. The world is amazingly malleable but human consciousness has to live through the level we're of.  We can't go beyond how we think we have to live through it. 

Life is an illusion, but it lives very real and the process of conscious evolution is definitely nothing anyone can fathom. Few people have ever lived beyond society's level of consciousness and few would sign up for it if they knew what unraveling the thought system was. Only God can work within our light making changes that help us live through society's devil and our own. Miracles are very real and can happen to anyone at anytime. 


I've experienced my light changing and never have I seen anyone. I've physically experienced changes as well. Once there was a tag on my side and it was kind of big. Heaven told me, "It would come off." Within a few days, it was gone. Another very amazing level happened with God creating more enzymes in my body. I'm 54 and my menstrual cycle hasn't happened in years. In January 2020 I had my menstrual cycle for a few days and was told it was for enzymes. I felt nothing and had no idea until it was happening. I knew a miracle was underway. No one could have told me I would wake up to Heaven changing my body.

Our world isn't matters level. Its quantum with matter only existing at our level of consciousness. No race exists how we see them. We're only having our eyes from a perspective that never understood life or what matter was. We're living in materialism creating luxury brands to expand life through money which is a level of thinking level that doesn't grasp what being alive is or what life needs to live sustainably.

There's more living beyond our thinking. We carry the little person level because we're not living for enlightenment or higher consciousness. The miracle of experiencing life beyond any level we fathomed existing is truly the most amazing experience anyone can have. 

We hypothesize for greater understanding but haven't understood higher intelligence. Maturity and depth come from substance that money prevents human beings from having. If we can buy our lives superficial happiness through material we never learn to develop true muscle in our Soul for living happily.

Human beings chase the empty bowl without knowing a greater level of themselves with deeper peace and light. What society never learns is how to exist beyond what money buys. Our emotions and substance are shallow because of never learning to live beyond it. Living for enlightenment and understanding consciousness gives us the bigger world.

We're trying to understand other races when we haven't even understood what being alive is. People trying to understand other races without understanding themselves only makes perspectives darker than what exists. We're projecting from perspectives out of our little person. We need to open our thinking for living through Love having principality in God. 

It takes over one walk around the block to know something. What we see and think sits at one level and over time and with greater experiences of living Love, it carves itself deeper into us. We learn beyond what we first thought we knew. It was years with God giving me levels of teachings that began from one level and overtime continued growing deeper and deeper. Other life experiences having nothing to do with the subject and can bring an epiphany or light to what we're being taught. Life isn't in a straight line for how intelligence increases. We can study one subject but something that has nothing to do with it will bring the answer.

Our mind is living in algorithms through out the universe. 

When consciousness increases it's not becoming a genius its understanding life at levels of Heaven and creation. Through living with God all things are possible and what we gain is our truth in life and how to live it without society's little person level.

We're consciously evolving through veils of illusion for greater reality in God. Right now humanity wants to live for higher consciousness increasing light in matter.

The Doctor

God can change the world instantly. When He created human consciousness, it was in free will. Meaning we can think anything we want and live through it. On a deeper level, nothing can be lived unless we have the substance for that light. God will not violate principals that govern consciousness. What we can conceive is all we can live through. Nothing can change that.

Every part of Heaven has a unique light. With Heaven, I've experienced different terms for certain things. Sometimes we use the word "doctor" for the practice that changes human photosynthesis. Some times, "little sister" is used when the gap, in reality, is expanding. When God is opening another level, Angels will use "mashed potatoes" and I'll eat some kind of potatoes prior to it. We coined that name because Heaven uses what we like most. I've known certain foods have properties they use. Everything in life has uses beyond our knowing and has a purpose beyond our level. More times than not God lives something within moments of collapsing before the change happens for strengthening faith and gaining substance.

"Mash potatoes" has been part of my living deeper through society's devil. There's no other level in life that can give what leads us into higher consciousness beyond society's level other than living through it. Hearing God and Heaven as we do is the gift of living with them. The reason we're to keep God first is we live heavenly when we do. 

Humanity doesn't live experiencing God every day touching their lives at matters level. We tend to think of Him in prayer instead of as a living being existing with us. He's using everything in our story for realizing Him. He wants us to know Him as reality and live as He shows us His creation.

God and Heaven are in such another light there are no feelings of inhibitions from living with other races seeing and hearing everything we do. There's comfort in having a light greater than ours living within our light giving to Love.

I never knew who God was before my life changed. It's the first time in the history of the human race a normal human being is having the light of Heaven for living Christ consciousness. Many levels in life gave for this to live at this time. No level in existence is not part of what carries it. 

God created hundreds of trillions of pieces for using everything in life for life. Everything in human consciousness has use. Energy increases for intelligence in human beings. It's literally other races of energy merging within our light. God's energy has to increase in our light for us to process higher levels of consciousness.

People are going to evolve knowing God is another race as is Heaven and more so understand that other races are different levels of consciousness. We don't quantify another race by body or shape it's done through consciousness. 

When I began communicating with Heaven I went into a department store and Heaven turned on my light. Which people will feel as tremendous Love as if an Angel is with them. The clerk thought I was an Angel and literally couldn't function. She was holding my hands and then stumbling behind the counter for her purse to call her pastor. She couldn't believe it was happening. I had no warning either. It was a moment God did to see my light.  As I walked away, Heaven changed it back to normal.

Human photosynthesis is living with images as life. Only light is living and it's malleable. There's nothing Heaven can't change or manipulate within seconds but they can't break consciousness in free will. God creating us in free will is a gift. He doesn't reign over us nor does He break life principles. The collective consciousness lives through what we create for consciously evolving and God doesn't detour consciousness. We're creating every circusmstance a human being can experience by the Love we live and don't live. We should live Love for blessing humanity's consciousness. 

We live exactly what we think as life. Other races are vast and many don't have any facial features or bodies. What we think is the craft can also be the being. There are objects and shapes we wouldn't know as other intelligence.

Self-organizing energy is the quantum level of our existence. Energy can be smaller than quarks and live in decimals in holographic light. Only they can let us see them through different light and shapes.

Hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles create the images we experience. Self-organizing energy is Conscious Energy and the living race of Heaven. Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. They can communicate and exist in everything.

Energy can't be seen from our eyes. They can light up areas and exist in all matter and create levels of shapes for us to see them. They can manifest as plasma and other elements. Their existence is invisible to us but we can hear them just like hearing God out of thin air. Their voices are in resonance without any medium. Resonance can travel through anything and is a profound level in how human consciousness registers matters level in sound waves.

Everything we see is living in consciousness and communicating including the pebble, branch, and breeze. We merge with other races of energy for increasing cells going from an embryo to an adult. We don't feel our bones growing, organs changing or any pain as we grow. It's because of human photosynthesis the light changes for living in different areas of our Soul.

Other Races

When other races become the subject to someone it's the opportunity for having deeper awareness about life. Some people will never believe God exists or that other races exist. Even though we're on a planet floating in space among trillions of galaxies. Their perspective isn't going to process the bigger world. Humanity has alot of growing up to do.

We've lived far too long at matters level making money determine who is successful or not. Living in ego has created authority and who is legitimate based upon ignorance. In a world that's neevr understood what matter is or what being alive is. Tell me who is living in reality? What we are living in is only an agreement through darker earthly energy that has its veil existing for poking holes through for light.

Intelligence has never been based upon deeper guidance other than what is society's little person level. When we live in a society that will pay an athlete millions of dollars but barely pay a teacher what they can live on there is no intelligence. People have created the house of cards without having depth for a foundation that carries human consciousness in conscious evolution.

Power is only being discerned by those that have money. When money doesn't discern who has intelligence, morals, integrity, virtue, ethics or cares for humanity. People have lived for wealth because society teaches it and then they only exist at matters level which lives in ego, satan and little person. We have people in world government that never should have entered the door because of lack of ability and perspective for upholdiing humanatarian principles over economic ones. Humanity needs peacemakers, and those consciously living for what gives the human race conscious evolution.

Society loses from a world that doesn't live consciously evolving for the brightest and the best to be at the helm. People only have to be famous or wealthy for everyone to think they're intelligent or credible. Which is ignorance. There's a reason society has never matured for understanding what being alive is or how advanced living on a planet in space is.

Human life has made a mess of what intelligence is by lmaking money equate to power. Never has humanity understood creation or merging with energy higher in God. Money kept everyone living more juvenile without the depth to carry that experience. Luxury buying is the biggest red flag for human consciousness living in ignorance.

We're living on a planet floating in space with limited resources and yet we shaped our society to live to accumulate in excess. We're tearing down trees, taxing the environment, oceans and using resources for luxury instead of for life. People live for square footage, closets as big as bedrooms, four houses, two hundred pairs of shoes, five cars and anything else that society dictates is a success. People haven't learned what life is because we shaped reality superficial instead of in our deepest living.

Society is the darkest in human history because of what money created for life to live through. We have to unravel our thought process for intelligence beyond it for creating a world in light. The bigger world creates God faculties for doing just that. Having other races in our light opens us for deeper contemplation of life's enormity and how much more there is beyond how we think today. 

Our journey isn't to prove to someone there is more here. It's for them to see it. When Jesus walked the earth He was trying to teach the high priest about God. They thought they were the authority of God and knew God perfectly greater than anyone else but they didn't. Their Souls hadn't been in light for knowing who God was. They lived society's level and couldn't see Jesus. Eventually, they crucified Jesus because they weren't able to see the Messiah right in front of them. They missed the greatest miracle of their lives for knowing God.

The Soul's journey is to carve light for consciousness to live beyond the present level we do. If I became the medium for people to ask God something I would steal the carving of their Soul from then not evolving to do it themselves. The point of me testifying is so that everyone can evolve to live it too. They would never hear God through Heaven's level or even have the capacity to understand God any deeper than they do today. The journey in consciousness is to acquire what gives us greater light. We can't climb the mountain by daydreaming. The depth for the experience comes from the journey. This is the same when experiencing other races or seeing them in our light.

If we can understand a dream can live very real, we can understand consciousness has more portals to live through than the body gives. When the time comes and we leave the body for new life, we move through another dimension. We think of dimensions with space-time but only human consciousness has its version of space-time. We live today in multiple dimensions through higher light in our Soul. How we percieve reality is three-dimesnional but there are levels of life we can move through within consciousness. 

We are in a parallel universe. We live in two worlds at one time for living in a life continuum but we're only conscious of one. The Love we live in this life will create the next version of life we live.

There are other portals of living within our Soul to experience. Reality for human beings is tiny compared to what exists. Living for higher consciousess is the only way we can open our world to understand the depth of being alive. 

God Guides My Eyes to See Other Races and Crafts

God is the only one who shows me other life. He directs my eyes where to look and when at the exact moment something is there. It would be impossible to see some of the things I have if not for it being brought to me. Even some of my videos with other races I feel Heaven holding the phone in that direction. When I ask through my heart and go outside God will show me Sun Pods. They live in the ring of the sun and happily move outside of it for us to witness. They live through our hearts and can be there in moments. They are the sweet reminder of life living far beyond any level we're knowing. 

While in Saint Louis caring for my mom Heaven began teaching me about other races. There was a time other crafts and life were in my life constantly. Every day for about two years, some other race visited me. It was a tremendous blessing because I was caring for my mother as she was leaving for Heaven. One craft made the local news. They can be transparent or show themselves. It became a normal experience to know that celestial races were with me and in our atmosphere. I've been living in Heaven while here on earth for almost eight years knowing the bigger world. 

Love and Fear

We learn to replace fear with Love when we consciously become aware of our world. When we hold Love and live like innocent children running in a candy store, we experience a world from a phenomenal place. I used to sit on my bed clapping, laughing and yelling for the energy to send something big out of my walls before I knew it was Heaven. There was nothing scary about it.

I've only experienced other races having infinite Love. They're not in human consciousness and exist peacefully. We have emotions and think incessantly without opening greater intelligence. Other races live for conscious evolution because they know they create matter out of consciousness. Peacefulness is their nature because they're enlightened beings. Human consciousness is the only level in existence hurting their own kind and having violence in consciousness. There are over a million planets with life.

When we hold fear, we shut ourselves off from the world and experiencing extraordinare levels of it. Many people won't experience other races because it's not in their light for this lifetime.  Our incredulous perspectives only hurt ourselves from learning beyond what we're afraid of. People who  live only in their knowing without hypothisis in greater light are afraid of what they don't know. It creates inferior feelings. When what we don't know should empower us for learning. We should always live the opportunity as a privilege and honor to experience something beyond any level we've fathomed. It's a miracle we can live with different races in other light and understand each other. Our ability to hear them in human consciousness is only possible through human photosynthesis.

The enormity of living in consciousness tells us we'll get exactly what we think. Experiencing other races is surreal and definitely takes the cake in what we can't fathom existing until it happens. We have to process with maturity and substance to be as present as we can with God. Love is what takes everything into the light for the amazing. There have been times the only words I could think for other races to hear was, "I love you and you're beautiful." I repeated it over and over again.

There will never be a more amazing experience to live than when we have no way of comprehending something existing and then it exists. It's incredible to live in that experience with greater life.

Heaven Comes at Our Level of Thinking

Heaven came into my life on the road they could travel. They could only travel within my thinking and how the world occurred to me. They took me through a process of going beyond society's reality to Heaven. Our stigma is what has to be whittled away for seeing more. Everyone will experience Heaven and God only from what they can conceive. There is nothing else we can experience in life. People say, "You can only receive what you can conceive." It's literal because we only live through consciousness.

As humanity learns of my living in Christ consciousness and begins a deeper knowing of creation and God, we'll understand other races at the same time for having the aptitude to comprehend what living is.

I know people want nothing more than to know if God is real or if other races exist by experiencing it. They have to live it and let their capacity increase for the experience. Gaining substance is the only way for having light for experiencing a bigger world. Live Love deeply with God and watch how He helps you open your reality to life.

Be the child and the world is yours. If we try to have control we never get beyond the veil covering our eyes. Through God all things are possible and He created everything for us. Let Him open your life for what is the next chapter in consciously evolving.