Mindful Consciousness



Living with God is a journey into our Soul. Only through consciously evolving in energy do we have the opportunity for understanding God. Living Love is a requisite for every human being because it's the level of God we increase in our energy. Which gives us greater wisdom and knowledge. The deeper we are with God the deeper we are within our light.

In the meditation section, you will notice a symbol being used. The symbol says, God, referring to the oneness of all and it's in Aramaic which is the language Jesus spoke. We also use Yehoshua which is the first name of Jesus in Aramaic. As well as sacred words from the Bible in Aramaic. There is a Holy feeling when we keep ancient words that Yehoshua spoke. It's okay if you don't pronounce them perfectly. What is important is the energy in which you speak from and the vibration of sound.


In our silence we experience God smiling. God is living energy and through Spirit, we awaken to His light. Our world is vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. We're living in human photosynthesis and the matter we see is nothing more than tiny atoms living in holographic light. Through activating awareness and oneness we open our consciousness to higher levels of energy in Christ. Energy is in every atom and is the level of everything. Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world. We want to go beyond our level of thinking into the conscious space of God by widening the space between every thought and pausing incessant thinking. As we widen that space we quiet our mind and enter a deeper stillness in the universe. The silence is our release into light. Deeper silence is our goal and through that gentleness, we open our consciousness connected to God awakening to our ultimate Truth.

Stillness breathes peace, Love, and balance. When we have greater peace our mind lives in higher consciousness. We want to live the energy behind thought transcending consciousness. Creating greater space helps us absorb life circumstances by living them greater light.


Incessant thinking is jumping from one thought to the next incessantly. Incessant thinking creates suffering because we live rapidly never entering being conscious to our presence. We're not in the present moment. We think in the past and in the future missing the peace-filled moment we're in. We'll talk more to ourselves than to another human being in this life. We talk to ourselves as we do dishes, drive, walk, listen to others, work, shop, and sleep. It's mindless thinking that doesn't live in controlling thought. We are constantly in self-chatter. In idle thinking, we miss what is living beyond that one level. Literally, it's like a veil keeping us from Heaven. We can't experience what is beyond that one level of thinking until we consciously control how we think.

Thought keeps us moving through matter from morning to night. Yet, we are not our thoughts they are energy creating the story to become conscious of Love in. Thought is part of the temporal world and is energy that never becomes any level of our being. It's transitory. Consciousness is the deeper knowing of all that doesn't change as thoughts do. It's the permanent light in us that lives out of the Soul. All thought emerges out of consciousness. Consciousness gives the Spirit the light to live through. In every new life, we have a different medium and Spirit giving us the way to live through our current level of consciousness. Consciousness lives outside of us. It's coming into us from the Soul in Heaven. We want to increase consciousness instead of thinking at the temporal level returning to our Christ nature.

The next era in human consciousness is controlling our thoughts and therefore controlling the world we experience. We will learn to let go of thinking for living deeper in God. There is no greater purpose in life than awakening to living as Love. We are consciousness leaving self for light.


Space-time doesn't exist in Heaven. Human consciousness lives in space-time. We are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. There is no level of matter outside of our level of consciousness. Consciousness is all that is alive and matter is the dream. We live in human photosynthesis experiencing matter from Conscious Energy. Matter is a nothingness only existing at one level of consciousness. We are like God, our light is Love. We're slowly becoming higher levels of Love as we become more conscious of God.


We journey into the conscious space of God. Entering a state outside of our incessant thinking. The energy in our light lets go for other levels in our world. As we learn stillness and living deeper we live remembering a greater level of our Truth. Quieting our mind deepens the heart for hearing Heaven. We're opening the light of God, ultimate Truth and eternal consciousness. Experiencing hypothesis in higher levels of consciousness. As we live Love in stillness we experience higher vibrations of energy that transcend the level of our normal consciousness. There is a wave greater than what we are aware of that lives deep in Heaven. As we access that light we access the Souls journey into God. We're letting go of ourselves for the ultimate Truth which is Love. When we quiet the mind we rest in our Christ nature.


Prayer energy is living in energy of God. It holds calmness, compassion, kindness, peace, mercy, and forgiveness. The first thing in the morning before doing any chores is perfect for taking a few extra minutes to pray with God. When we start the day in prayer energy we center ourselves and create a synergy in our bodies more peaceful than without it. We create in our minds the space to absorb the day through a filter of greater light.

●  Pray in the morning and be grateful for all you have and the beautiful blessings in your life. Power the Soul with gratitude. Focus your mind on what is good.

●  Welcome your Heavenly Father to live in your light on this day. Dear Lord, we ask that you be of our eyes, ears, body, mind, Soul, and Spirit giving us the light of Christ to bless us in all we do and those we meet. May Angels surround us guiding us to the miracles that lift us higher into Heaven while here on earth. Amen

●  Throughout the day periodically check in to live conscious of the present moment. Send Love to the people around you and to where you will be going to. See a beautiful golden light paving your path and filling the space you will be entering. Send Love to everyone you think of.

●  The more aware we become of our thinking the more mindful we are to living in the present moment. Pausing our thoughts frequently is discipline in creating happiness. If we find ourselves having discomfort, conflict, upset or any challenge there is time to not respond. Instead, go inward and quietly create greater space by sending Love to anyone involved. Only focusing on Love. Feel God in your light. Talk with Him and invite Him into keeping your mind at peace and heart filled with infinite Love.  Know the present moment holds nothing but Love. As we center ourselves quieting the mind we create the space for higher answers out of energy in God's light.

●  Rosary beads are good for mantras and meditation. Mantras are a great way to be present in the conscious space of God. They can be a word such as God, Yehoshua, Jesus, Love, and Khayla (power) or a phrase like Rukha d' Qudsha which means the Spirit of Holiness. The energy in the vibration of the thought is the light in the mantra. Some mantras only have letters with energy as the preference. We repeat the word over and over and over again allowing the light to become our level. If at any time you begin to think of anything else gently take yourself back to the mantra. The words from the Bible in Aramaic, God, Yehoshua, Jesus, and Love hold heavenly power. For more mantras click here.


Listening deeply beyond all sound into silence is heavenly living in the conscious space of God. We want to focus on hearing everything we can and then continue going deeper and deeper. Quieting the mind as we tune in to where sound is emerging out of. Listen as deeply as you can. Go beyond the cars honking and people talking into the greater conscious space of God. Listen for the quietness. Sitting quietly experiencing awareness through silence in sound opens our light to what lays beyond the world we're in.

Join me for some meditations.