Life’s Meaning & Life’s Purpose

life's purpose life's meaningGod created life for humanity to have the way to experience matter in the level of light of one's consciousness. The human being is not the body but is the conscious energy inside the body. The world is energy and what is being lived in matter is through photosynthesis in our level of consciousness. Life's meaning has always been to have the light to consciously evolve towards Heaven. Living levels of life's purpose gives us the way to understand life's meaning at the deepest levels of creation. Living life's meaning is giving to what being alive is and knowing the level of the world we are living through is consciousness. Life's meaning has always been to live Love at the greatest level we could possibly achieve at anyone level of consciousness.

The light in one's consciousness is the level of Love in ones Soul they have accumulated over their life continuum. The premise of this part of life is to experience our consciousness in matter becoming conscious of Love evolving towards awakening in Heaven.

Life's meaning is to live the level of Heaven while here on earth that brings our Soul the most Love. Love is the energy that is giving life the path to exist, and is the level in photosynthesis giving humanity the ability to live in matter. Humanity living in consciousness is creating the level of the world in matter to evolve through. Consciousness is all that is alive. Living in matter is to experience our consciousness in different situations, elements and levels to live the level having the level to choose Love through. Love is the light in consciousness that is giving us the level of the experience.

Life's purpose is to become Love. God created life in Love and created humanity to live becoming Love because Love is the level of everything that is giving Heaven to life. Life's purpose helps us unravel our own existence by giving us greater light in consciousness every time we live Love. Life's purpose is helping humanity understand a level of living that is beyond what humanity has been able to conceive. As human beings live life's purpose it is the light in consciousness helping heavenly in levels beyond the present level. Love is the only energy in photosynthesis giving the world the level to live through. Every human being is born with Love and if not for Love there would be no level in a human being that had tolerance, patience, mercy and ecstasy to live peacefully among so many different levels of light.

When levels of Love are being lived it is in the levels in photosynthesis that change the experience in matter. Life's meaning is existing in this level of consciousness to help us live what can give us conscious evolution. Life's meaning is giving humanity the path that is giving to live Love. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world in the conscious space of God and is the living species giving humanity the livingness in all matter. They are the velocity, force, mass, levity and temperature in matter.

God created life in his likeness, conscious energy, because it gave life everything needed to live in freewill while creating the experience in matter at the level one could think. Humanity is creating everything it is living through. What is being brought into being is only occurring through consciousness. Matter is only energy in photosynthesis in levels of consciousness. Consciousness created the way for life to always have a direction in it's purpose towards Heaven because the energy Love is the level that keeps life existing and experiencing more Heaven the more conscious we become.

The level of humanities mortal world is in Heaven. The level of the mortal world is only a level of consciousness.  Living Love is the only level in consciousness that invokes Heaven and give's levels of thinking that can create greater levels of living in life. Humanity wants to focus on Spirit and energy instead of material and matter. Spirit is cause and matter is the effect. Understanding that life is in consciousness should lead humanity to focus only on conscious evolution as life's purpose with Love as the greatest level a human being can live and be of. There is no level giving life the ability to exist greater than the energy Love.

Living Love leads a Soul from experiencing a world outside of themselves to a world only existing within themselves. Life evolves from a world of seven billion people to a level of light within the Soul with only one of us here. Living Christ Consciousness is a level that is giving humanity the ability to live Heaven while here on earth and in the light of God.



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