Heavens Diary



This is part of a diary that was kept as Heaven was consciously evolving me to live with God.


I feel like everything happening wasn't just for me to learn about the world and heaven -- and this is why it's been so intense -- it's for me to become part of heaven while here on earth --That's a huge difference.

It's not just learning something
It's becoming something

I know it is because there is no other way to speak to something that is about God and mans existence and have the ability to give what is needed for people to understand a greater world --- what opened is just beyond anything I could ever believe possible -- yet it's my life and I'm living it and there is a level that is giving me the ability to write about things I just never even thought about like this --- yet because of what I've been living -- and know. It's as if the universe is my consciousness -- God is just incredible - so so so amazing.   



Heaven is having me experience more beyond the world so that I know the bigger world we are in. The kitten I rescued ended up leading me to a great doorway of life beyond -- the voices I hear are incredible and telling me about love -- Angels and my life -- If it wasn't so filled with ants I would sit there for hours.

I'm constantly amazed at how life is living here and people have no idea -- reality is so not what people believe it is -- and it has to change because man's perspective is a fraction of what is living here --

Conscious energy alone is divine beyond what anyone could imagine -- beautiful and with beyond wisdom. It's hundreds of billions upon billions years old.
Just to imagine when energy first became conscious -- and how long it has been is astounding to me. The level of what is alive is where people should be wanting to know and learn from-- the world is fascinating and love is a beautiful gateway in unlocking what is here Heaven is showing me all sides of life and it's so needed -- I want to know everything and love it--

I love hearing the voices and can't get over how incredible the world is that this is possible.



How is it I can be having all of this happen and be so calm and yet it be so beyond the reality I was in and what I thought possible ---

My conviction for life to change is massive -- to do the right thing off the charts -- yet the life I live isn't reflective of everything I am experiencing.

That's going to change
Maybe actually it is reflective
But because I'm feeling so much more --I expand too.

2 years ago mom was barreling out of the bedroom at 7:30 am and jolting me from sleep. Today I'm gently waking her up at 10:30 am and helping her into a wheelchair --

I love God and what he has given me
To see -- it's brilliant because everything that would be seen as negative or dark is feeding me the light to be love.

He has blessed me and I'm realizing more and more how much -- which I'm sure is all part of my awakening.



Every race has a quality that is essential to humanity. God created what would give each of us the key to the existence of the other. Each has something that the other does not and there are reasons for the difference. If we are to unlock the higher levels of living it is through cooperation and uniting that together our alchemy transforms and brings greater life-- we must mature in our perspective of each other as being one organism with different parts all creating what keeps us alive.



There isn't any way to not live this
It doesn't exist anymore and hasn't for quite some time --

Gods will - will be done because there is no other way--

It's incredible but the way is one way
And it's his way-- giving your life to God is like stepping into a vortex that slowly comes alive for you to see and the witness is slowly transformed into the experience that is of heavens alchemy --

I'm not even sure how to explain it
It slowly seeped in and became --
I know why it is said Gods will -- will be done.

It's like aging-- or leaving this body
It's going to happen-- done
Nothing we can do about it -- it's an is--

Living love is Gods way.



There has never been a time that God did not have a greater plan for someone. The light is in everything and any given moment there is a miracle ready to happen. Believe.

Through God life is only able to get better. We are not our bodies we are conscious energy that is always with God. When we focus on the light that all life is lived in we focus on love and what is perfect. You are a son of God and you are perfect. Today let us think about how perfect every cell in our body is and see the beautiful golden light of heaven restoring every cell to its divine right order. Let us forgive today all people we have held grudges with or upset with -- take it all out of our bodies and replace it with love--take the time to heal what we have held inside -- forgive ourselves for anything that we may have done or thought that was not aligned with God. Feel God bless us with the peace we have longed for. Repeat often: I am a son of God, I am a miracle and every cell in my body is perfectly healthy.



There's a relationship with every problem and challenge we face in life. Through each one is the path that carries the sacred light of heaven, able to help us grow and evolve to the highest possible versions of love we can be. Never lose faith.



Remember this world is only consciousness.



The world runs through each of us
And when we wake up the world being of us then we realize every bit of love, mercy and grace that we gave in our life is actually what is being given to the world --- so while the mind says no and wants us to live in the story. We have to go higher and beyond the story into heaven and carry heaven with us while here on earth.

So my mind wants me to see everything happening at heavens level.

My life is the worlds light
And God and his Angels are my life --- not for Debo to have the most pleasure and fun.

But for the world to have the love it needs to exist and me becoming love because I am as awake as I am and I am able to do it -my life has become this ---It's the deeper part of the divine programming in life.

And when I chose love six years ago-- it signaled the world to open up and see if life could grow in a higher direction. And that is what is happening.

Not adding to the story I am in and instead letting everything go -- is letting love be stronger -- its letting mercy be strongest and its letting greater living be what enters this world of humanity.

Beyond the consciousness of man's story -- to the consciousness of life itself --- God's consciousness.



The pain you've been feeling is the door to all your healing. There is a deeper reason for everything in this experience. And all of it leads to greater holy instances that eventually become your heaven here on earth.



Your mom is sleeping in another part of the light now.