Thinking, Reality and Human Consciousness

human consciousness thinking realityThe world is energy and everything being experienced in matter is only in the level of ones consciousness. Life is living in consciousness. Human consciousness is the level of thinking at the mortal worlds level in a story creating self to live in matter. Reality is relative to ones level of consciousness.

Human consciousness is only one level of consciousness.The level is trying to become conscious of Love to evolve to living in a greater level of light. Humanity has always been in a level of consciousness that was created at the beginning of life for human consciousness to evolve through. Human consciousness is living to experience in matter different levels of light in different levels of energy.

There is no matter in energy. Matter is a nothingness having its livingness through the light in our consciousness. Human consciousness is living in photosynthesis for living in matter at ones level of consciousness. Conscious energy is the fabric of the world giving human consciousness the ability to have livingness in matter at ones level of consciousness. Human consciousness is only energy  at a specific level of light.  The world is in vibrations, frequencies and resonance at the level of our consciousness. Energy is all that is existing with matter as a level of light within the Soul. Human consciousness is a level that is giving the entire universe a level of light to exist through. Every level of what one is conscious of is only existing in their light. There is only one of us here with God.

The light in ones consciousness is the level of the energy Love in the Soul. The Soul is what is alive and living. The energy Love is the light in consciousness giving Spirit the level to live this life through in matter. Thoughts are a process having levels of the mortal worlds energy to live life through. We are not our thoughts. The level of thinking is a level that is only a processor. Thinking is emerging out of consciousness. Consciousness is the light giving the Spirit the level to think out of. Thinking is only a level in life that exist in levels of matter for human consciousness to live through.

Consciousness is the deeper knowing of all that is not transitory like thinking is. Human consciousness is existing at a level that is having incessant thinking as its level in creating the level of the world one is living through. Incessant thinking is keeping human beings moving through life one thought after the next. Thought is all that is alive. We live quietly thinking more than we do speaking. The quiet thinking is constantly building a level of life for us to live through. Our senses and the meaning in matter keep us at a level interacting with our consciousness in matter.

The word is the level of the world. The word is all there is that is creating ones level of consciousness in matter. What we give meaning to is from our level of light in our Soul. Every level of matter is only energy in the light of our Souls level. The level every level of matter is based on is in the eneergy Love we are of.

Human consciousness is existing in the conscious space of God. The mortal world is living in Heaven in order to live in matter at ones level of consciousness. Thinking is the processor at the transitory level of the mortal world. Thought is continuous keeping us existing in our light.We are literally only living what we think. What we think is all that is alive. Life is living in everything other than Love to become conscious of Love. This means that the level of human consciousness is at one level of Love and the world we experience is going to create at our level of experience at the very level of Love we are of.

Reality is relative. Reality is only a transitory level at one level of thinking. Consciousness is all that is living and consciousness is Love. Love is all that is real. Thinking is creating the illusion of the mortal world to live through to become conscious in. Reality is a level of thinking and is only giving to life for becoming conscious of God as reality. There is only one of us here living through levels of consciousness that at one level has the world outside of us and at another level has the world only living through us. This experience is transitory and the level of reality is transitory what is living is the light in the Soul and that is Love. The light in the Soul will give another experience in matter with a new medium and Spirit to live a new level of consciousness through. The Spirit will live in a temporary reality for the Soul to become greater Love. Love is the light that expands consciousness.

Every level of matter is a level of energy in photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is giving human consciousness the ability as energy to live in matter. Human consciousness is only having the experience of life at the level of the energy Love that can be lived. Matter is a nothingness existing only at the level of ones consciousness. The level of gravity and general relativity are only existing in humanities consciousness. They do not exist outside of human consciousness if they did the world would be ripped apart because the universe isn't assigning purpose to any one atom or assigning livingness to any one particle consciousness is.

What we are experiencing is light in photosynthesis in images within our level of consciousness. Human consciousness is understanding that if there is twenty people in a room the only one living in the light is the one observing the twenty people no matter who it is. Human is consciousness is giving every human being the ability to live the Son of God in levels of Heaven while here on earth.

Conscious evolution is the light humanity must always be living for in order to bring to life what can keep it existing. Every level of the universe is consciousness and every level of life is only energy in photosynthesis.

Thinking processes life. Consciousness is life. 

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