Soul Knowledge and Wisdom

knowledge wisdomWisdom is born from how we live with others. Humanity caring for other human beings at the level of doing all they can and then doing more to end needless suffering and poverty is the level of Love needed in humanity. Giving beyond what gives to self is the level humanity needs in order to have greater life wisdom. It is only in being in service to others deeply for their lives to be better do we have the level to see the truth in life.

Soul knowledge is out out of light when we carve our Souls through experiences that have us live in greater levels than before. Loving and having mercy for all sentient beings is giving the light in consciousness what expands it for higher levels of consciousness. It is through our humanness we have greater levels in life provide the pathways to learn. Through living with each other in diversity and different levels of consciousness do we carve our Souls to see the level of what God created as life. It is in our caring for other human we open the light in Heaven. Through experiences we gain knowledge and through giving to other human being a deeper knowledge is born.

God created life with other people so humanity would have the God faculties to evolve with greater answers and solutions that lead humanity towards unity in humanity. Other people are the source of the light. They are the only level in life giving everything for humanity to evolve through. How we are treating each other, caring for our neighbors and living through conflict creates the ability to think deeper beyond the present level. When we live through Love it is the light in consciousness that expands to give us a greater level in thinking to solve humanities problems. When we are giving to others we are giving to the light in all life that is teaching us to live in levels of Christ. It is the level of consciousness that has solutions in peace, forgiveness, and helping others to not suffer. The light of Christ is the level humanity wants to live to have the Soul knowledge that has the answers needed for life to live happy, advance and evolve.

Every level of consciousness is having the experience of people and the level of life in one's own light to evolve through to Love. When what is being lived is has anger, hate, jealousy, anxiety or fear one is not being conscious of life and is in a God faculty to evolve through by living greater Love instead of living through the mortal world. We live through Love when we forgive, have mercy, make Love our only focus with a person.  One has to always remember what we think and do to another human being is what we live through. There is only one of us here with a universe in the light of our Soul. Love is the energy that expands consciousness and can help us live through our experiences to give every level of what we live happiness, peace and understanding.

We are to go deeper within the Soul to be conscious of the power of Love.  When we choose Love over every other feeling we have it is the level that invokes Heaven into our light. Humanity has been focused on self and matter rather than energy and Spirit. What we see is only living in our light. We see people outside of us and think they are separate when there is only energy and everyone is in our light. There is no place you begin and another ends Energy has no barriers. What we are experiencing in matter is only levels of energy in photosynthesis reflecting the light in our Soul. What we are living through is trying to have us live Love and become more conscious of what being alive is and the level of the world being Heaven.

We want to see people as Christ teaching us to go deeper into Love. What we see in another is the level of what is becoming Love. Humanity must remember that everything being lived is only in humanities level of consciousness. The mortal world is in Heaven and created to give every human being the experience of living in matter at the level of ones own consciousness. Through Christ we gain wisdom.

What we are living as self is only a temporary level at the level of the mortal world. There is no level of self existing it is only the medium for Spirit to live this part of life through. One will have many different levels of a self with different mediums and Spirits to live the light in the consciousness through as we become Love. The Soul is what is living and the Soul is the energy Love giving the light in consciousness for Spirit to live through. Focusing on self in this life is focusing on the level that is transitory and the illusion. Focusing on the Love is how we gain wisdom and have levels in consciousness to invoke Heaven and the bigger world we are in. In levels of energy is how we invoke Heaven. The level of the world we are living through is for us to have the ability to bring greater energy into our living and through the energy Love we become more conscious of Life.

We are experiencing a world through the light in our Soul awakening to Love.

In order to go beyond the level of thinking in the mortal world we want to pause the incessant thinking for the conscious space of God. One give's focus to the light in consciousness instead of  the story going from one thought to the next. The more we pause the more we are in the conscious space of God. Thought is only a processor. There is no level of thought that is of the Soul. We are not our thoughts they are only creating the experience for us to live through at the mortal world level becoming conscious of Love. Consciousness is of the Soul and being managed in Heaven. Consciousness is the light we are living Spirit through and is the deeper knowing of all that is of Heaven. Consciousness is not transitory like thought is.

When we pause the incessant thinking and go deeper into our Soul we feel the unity in life and begin to become conscious of a greater level that is God. God is the wisdom in life that can move through us as we live in greater light. Wisdom will only come out of Love. The Christ in life is in the light of Love. There is a level in life giving to consciousness beyond all levels when one is living Love. The level humanity has been missing is to live Love in all levels of life. In every situation we live there is Heaven but we have to be able to stay connected to God to live the Love needed to invoke what is Heaven. We have to live through Spirit being conscious of the inner light we are of. When we focus on the divine light within we choose what keeps Heaven in our lives. Staying in conversation with God is the level to keep focused on living Heaven while here on earth.

Forgiveness is one of the highest levels of Love in existence. Forgiveness releases everything other than Love in our energy. It purifies the Soul leaving what is only of Love.

  • We quiet our thoughts to hear God through our light.
  • Everything we see is only in the light of our Soul to become Love through.
  • Live Christ to live Heaven here on earth.
  • No level of harming another is harming their Soul. It is only our Soul that is harmed when we harm another no matter the reason or justification. We live through everything we think and do to another. Whether in this life or the next.
  • Forgiveness purifies the Soul for higher levels of light.
  • Love is the energy that expands the light in consciousness for Soul wisdom.
  • Wisdom and Soul Knowledge are only cultivated through the Love and compassion we give to other life.



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