Who is Self?

who is selfSelf is the transitory level of our mortal world.  We are only using this body for this one experience. In every life, we will have a different body which is the medium and a different Spirit which is our persona. In this life, we may be called Tasha but in the next life, we may be called Laquesha. That is to say, there will never be another experience the same as this one. 

In every new life, we have a different family, friends, and self-story to live through. What we call self-doesn't exist. There is no level of self because we live in a life continuum having many experiences of life and each one will have a different medium and Spirit we call self. Self is the transitory level of every mortal world experience. We are consciousness leaving self for light. We're consciously evolving through our perspective of life in matter for understanding our existence as energy. 

The persona of self we create in this life is only to live through the human story in matter. This entire experience is temporary. Therefore, what we call self is nothing more than a costume we put on to live this level of consciousness. Consciousness is trying to awaken us to who we are and that's Love. We've all heard God is Love. Subsequently, we are Love. He created us out of His energy. We're not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body having the human experience. Consciousness is all that is alive. The level of matter is transitory and will change in every new level of consciousness. 

All form is transitory meaning our earth, the universe, and bodies will fall away when we leave this part of life. Everyone is aging effortlessly from an embryo to a senior and then beyond these bodies. When we have new life again we will create another self story and experience a different level of our world.  Spirit is transitory, but the Soul is what is living and the Soul is the energy Love. The Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in matter. The Soul gives Spirit the light in consciousness to live from. Our thoughts emerge out of consciousness and consciousness is the energy Love.

This is why we want to increase living Love. Every thought we have emerges out of energy and when we have greater Love to live from we have thoughts in higher wisdom. Therefore we have perspectives with greater light, happiness, and Heaven. This gives us the way to live experiencing a world of miracles and Love.

Increasing Love is the objective in life. God created us to live experiencing different levels of consciousness in matter. Which is our eternal life continuum. We literally will live indefinitely experiencing matter from different levels of consciousness. And in every new life, we will live trying to become more conscious of Love to increase the light in consciousness for living Heaven while here on earth.

When God created life He created our world in photosynthesis which gave us the way to live for eternity. Photosynthesis is living through holographic light in decimals. It's extremely quantum and never living outside of different levels of light in temperatures. What we see in matter and can touch only lives in our mind. We can only experience life from our level of consciousness. Everything is always only in our perspective. We never see the totality of anything including our friends,  family, and society. We only experience them from this one level of consciousness.

This is why scientist know they have no idea about the size of the universe. They can only see it from this one level of consciousness. What is existing is beyond how we presently think. We're not even seeing the totality of our own children or parents. There is no way to see beyond our own level of consciousness. They're existing in another level of life experiencing the world from their level of consciousness. The world we experience only lives through us from our perspective. 

As we consciously evolve we experience a different world in human consciousness. The people in our life will continue to manifest through our Soul in different levels of energy.  We are energy changing form over and over again becoming more enlightened as we become more conscious of Love. Our enlightenment comes out of Love because Love is God's energy. We want to increase His energy to live through higher levels of light. His intelligence is always ready to help us move through matter.

By focusing on sending Love to people we lift our light into greater levels of God's energy. Everyone we experience this life with is a level of energy in our Soul. They will live in the next part of life through a different light. We never lose anyone because they are energy in our Soul only changing form for the experience in matter.  Every person we see including our children, parents, and friends are living in photosynthesis. We see them as separate than us but there is no place where we begin or they end because everything is energy. They exist at our level of consciousness and when we change our energy we change the light they live in. 

We've always identified the body as what being alive was when what is living is the Soul.  The body is the costume we put on and take off as we live new life. There is no birth or death. What is continuous in every life is consciousness.

This is why we want to build our house on rock focusing on Love which is the Soul instead of anything else. If we go for false idols and place meaning in matter we build our house on sand because the mortal world is temporary and falls away when we leave. What is permanent is of God and that is Love. Nothing of matter goes with us when we leave this part of life. Our car, status, and bank accounts are all transitory levels only existing as the teacher trying to teach us to Love.

In every life, we are accumulating more and more Love which is having us go deeper into God slowly awakening to our existence. The Spirit after every life will rest in Heaven with loved ones while the Soul continues on creating the new experience in matter.

In higher levels of consciousness, we learn there is only one of us here with God and all we are is Love. Love is all that is real and everything else is the illusion to Love.

We are Love. God is Love and God created life to live becoming Him which is Love. I am not the body. I am the universe.  I am Love. I am God. I am all there is trying to awaken to every level of life living happily in my light as Love.



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