Who is Self?

selfThe world we see is energy. There is no matter existing outside of our consciousness.

Self is transitory level and only existing for this experience of the human story in matter at this one level of consciousness.

We have always identified the body as what was living when what is living is the energy inside of the body. Consciousness is all that is alive. There is no level in matter living there is only consciousness in photosynthesis living. The body lives in consciousness it doesn't live out of matter. Consciousness is the only level in human life giving us the living images in our Soul. We are living through photosynthesis and photosynthesis gives us the way to see our bodies, buildings and the earth.

Self doesn't exist. The persona we think of as self is a transitory level created to live the self-story at this level of societies collective consciousness. We are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. The body is giving us the way to experience matter.

In every life, we will have a different body and a different Spirit to give the Soul the way to experience matter. The Soul is giving Spirit the light in consciousness to live. The Soul is what is living and the Soul is Love. Just as God is Love. We are living to become conscious of Love so we can increase the light in our Soul to give us heavenly light for our experiences in matter. Every life is giving us opportunities to live greater Love and as we do the more we understand our existence with God. There will always be a different Spirit giving the Soul the way to experience matter in consciousness. What is continuous is the Soul and that is consciousness.

Our life continuum is infinite and the amount of experiences we will have with new bodies and different Spirits is enormous. The level of self is only a frame helping us have a level in the human story for experiencing consciousness. We are only passing through matter trying to become conscious of Love.

When we leave these bodies only Love goes with us.  Nothing of matter goes. Our car, title, bank account are all transitory levels that exist only trying to teach us to live becoming conscious Love. The entire experience in matter is trying to have us become conscious of Love because God is Love and as we become conscious of Love we learn about our life continuum and what being alive is.

In every life, we are accumulating more and more Love which is having us go deeper into God slowly awakening to our existence. The Spirit will rest in Heaven with loved ones after every life while the Soul continues on creating the new experience in matter.

In higher levels of consciousness, we learn there is only one of us here with God and all we are is Love. Love is all that is real and everything else is the illusion to Love.

We are Love. God is Love and God created life to live becoming Him which is Love. I am not the body. I am the universe.  I am Love. I am God.