Who is Self?

who is selfThe body is levels of the universe and in every atom there are elements of hydrogen hundreds of billions of years alive.  The body is the level of the mortal world experience and is not what is living. Self is a level for Spirit to live through consciousness in matter.

There is no real level of self. We live through a life continuum and each one will have a different medium that we will call self. It is the Soul that is alive and it is the light in the Soul giving Spirit the ability to live in matter creating the transitory self for this experience. What we are feeling as self is a temporary level of the mortal world. The universe is a pool of consciousness evolving with different levels of consciousness in different mediums giving us the miracle of life to become Love in.

Self is the image within our Soul. The image of self in this part of life is only in the light of our consciousness for this experience in matter becoming conscious of Love. The Soul is the level of the energy Love that is the light in consciousness Spirit is living through in every life. What is self is only a level of consciousness having the body as part of the experience. We are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. The body is the medium for this experience in matter at our present level of consciousness. There is no self, there is only a level of consciousness creating what s called a self.

In higher levels of consciousness we learn that there is only one of us here with God. What we are experiencing as a world is only in the light of our Soul. There is no level of life outside of our level of consciousness. What is living for us is only in our level of consciousness. As we evolve we learn that everything we are experiencing is reliant on the level of Love we live. The energy Love in our Soul is the only level in life living and creating what we experience in matter to become more Love in.

We are Love. God is Love and God created life to live becoming Love.

I am not the body. I am the universe.  I am Love. Love is all that is real. I am God.