The Principles of Heaven

Principles of HeavenGod created humanity's life purpose to live becoming conscious of Love because Love is the only energy creating the level of the world we experience. Matter is a nothingness existing only at our level of consciousness. Every experience is trying to have us live a greater level of Love. The more conscious of Love we become the more we live the Principles of Heaven and create in matter what is of tHeaven. The Principles of Heaven are based living Christ. Every Principle of Heaven is a level  giving to the light within our Soul.

Every person we see is a reflection in the light of our Soul needing Love, forgiveness and infinite compassion. What we experience outside of us is only living through us. Every person is a level of light in our Soul trying to have us become Love. The Principles of Heaven give us the way to live evolving beyond our present level of consciousness. Love is the energy that expands the light in consciousness for us to see beyond the level of the mortal world. The Principles of Heaven are only living to have us live Love through everything we experience in matter. Energy is all that is existing and the light in matter is our energy manifesting and changing form for us to experience and live Love through. Humanity is only living to help us see the light within ourselves giving us the way to live becoming more conscious of Love.

The Principle's of Heaven are to help us live at a level of consciousness bringing greater Love into every experience we have. It's a level of  living Christ in all levels of life.

  • Have happiness in God, in Peace, in Love.
  • See others as what is living as levels of light in your Soul.
  • Everyone outside of you is only living through you
  • The mortal world is temporary and only one level of consciousness
  • Have charity that is infinite. Give all you can. When we hold back it is in judgement and in fear and is only in our level of light that it exist. We want to live through our fear to Love.
  • Judging others condemns ourselves to living in judgement.
  • Living life through Heaven gives us the level of Heaven to live through.
  • Live Love over everything else. Have Love come first in everything.
  • Care for people you only see in passing as if they were Christ in your light.
  • Happiness is the level of peace that comes from the light of ones Soul living in Heaven.
  • Forgiveness is one of the highest levels of Love.
  • Let what is in matter have no meaning greater than what is in light. Matter is transitory and what one builds in light is eternal it is Love.
  • Live compassion, mercy and forgiveness for all sentient beings. Giving the level of Love life needs is our greatest contribution to life.
  • Pray every day for all sentient beings to live in peace, compassion and light.
  • Have mercy on every Soul for they are your teacher and Angel in this life.
  • Love everyone in your light for they are you.
  • No one can ever harm another Soul, no matter what is in matter it is only our own Soul that gets harmed. We are living in consciousness with everything outside of us only reflecting the light within our Soul. What we do to another we live through in becoming conscious of Love.
  • Live infinite mercy and forgiveness for others. Give grace and gratitude for they are a level of teaching in your light for you to Love.




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