The Principles of Heaven

Principles of HeavenGod created humanity's life purpose to live becoming conscious of Love because Love is the only energy creating the level of the world we experience. Matter is a nothingness existing only at our level of consciousness. Every experience is trying to have us live a greater Love. It's through Love we acquire Gods energy for knowing Him better.

The more conscious of Love we become the more we live Principles that embody Heaven. Living the light of Christ gives us the way to understand Heavens Principles.  Every Principle of Heaven only lives in how we treat other people and the level of Love we hold in our thoughts.

Every person we see is a reflection of energy in our Soul for living Love through. Our compassion, empathy, kindness, mercy, and forgiveness live in energy. The energy is out of the Love we have in our Soul.

What we experience outside of us is only living through us. Heaven is only living for us to live higher in God. As we live greater levels of Love it's God's energy in our light we live greater through.

The Principles of Heaven keep us living in the light of Christ. Living through the energy that is of Love. Human beings live in a world constantly changing form. Everything manifesting in matter is living out of consciousness for us to live deeper Love through.

Below are reminders for experiencing Heavens Principles. The Principle's of Heaven help us to live at a level of consciousness in Love. Living Christ is the way for happiness.

  •  Keep God first in all levels of our lives.
  • Live Love first, last and in all levels of life.
  • See others as yourself.
  • Live with people knowing they are levels of energy in our Soul.
  • Everyone outside of us is only living through us.
  • The mortal world is the illusion and only one level of consciousness.
  • Judging others creates our lives to live in judgment.
  • Love removes the illusion of society's level for Ultimate Reality in Heaven.
  • Care for people you only see in passing as if they were Christ in your light.
  • Happiness is the brother of Love.
  • Forgiveness is the highest level of Love.
  • Light builds our Soul for living a life continuum through Heaven. Matters level builds the Soul on sand in false idols.
  • Care for the ant-like it's Jesus and you will know the wisdom of ancient light.
  • Pray every day for all sentient beings to live in peace and happiness.
  • Have mercy on everyone for they are your teacher and Angel in this life..
  • We never harm another Soul we only harm our own. Everything we do to another creates our life continuum.
  • There is only one of us here with God.

The Principles of Heaven are based upon one agreement in life and that is Love thy neighbor as thy self.  In this light, we understand power is living through Love greater than any other level of energy in existence because it's God's energy.




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