Living Love, Living Heaven

LoveThere is no matter, no self, and no body except in our level of consciousness. What is living is the energy Love in the Soul. Matter is a nothingness having it's livingness only in the level of our consciousness. Self is a transitory level of the mortal world. The level of the mortal world is the illusion we bring into being through our level of consciousness. We are experiencing images in our Soul as the level of matter we live through. All that is alive is consciousness. We live in consciousness through matter at the level of the mortal world awakening to Heaven.

We think of life as many other people, many places to experience and there being many objects of desire, but the level of Heaven isn't in one place, one person or anything of matter, it is in the light. Everything we are living is in the light. What is being experienced in consciousness never leaves its source. Everyone we Love is a level of light within our Soul. The level of living is not in what is seen outside of us, it is within the level of energy we are of. What we see is only in the light of our consciousness and the light of our consciousness is the level of the energy in our Soul.

Humanity is living in photosynthesis with Conscious Energy as the mass, force, velocity, levitation and temperature in all matter at our level of consciousness.

The mortal world is transitory. The light we see it in, is what has livingness. What we see in matter is only our level of consciousness. The level of matter is constantly changing to reflect the level of Love in the Soul.  Love an energy and the only reason humanity is existing. We're living to become conscious of Love and then eventually the very level of light that helps sustain all life. What we experience in life is giving us the choice to live Love through, and when we choose Love the energy accumulates in our Soul for the light in our consciousness to see higher levels of life and greater levels of Heaven here on earth.

When we read there is "no me" it is because the Soul is Love and the light all life is in. We will live many levels of life in different mediums that will all have a Spirit we call "self." Self is non existent the Soul is what is living giving the Spirit the light to live this life in matter. Self is a transitory level of the world we are experiencing at our present level of consciousness.

Love is all that is real.  Everything other than Love is the way to Love.  Living for Heaven is why God created life.  Living Christ is our path and way to living Heaven while here on earth. Give without judgment, and forgive relentlessly to live in the joy of the sinless world of Heaven.

Live in the Spirit of Jesus Christ our Savior and not through the level of the flesh. What is alive is the light in one's level of consciousness. The light in one's consciousness is the level of the energy Love in the Soul. All life is in the light of our Soul and only existing for us to live becoming conscious of Love.



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