Living Heaven


living heavenAfter this writing, there will be a link to download videos of energy human eyes have never seen. The videos have life humanity never knew was existing giving us the way to live in matter.

Living in Heaven isn't anything that anyone can fathom until it is upon them. Becuase consciousness is going to dictate every person's experience and what we are able to live through.

The level of God is living heavenly in how Saints have portrayed God. It is those that have faced great levels of challenges beyond any level humanity has been experiencing that know the level of God first hand and can speak to His level in life. It will never be the level of the majority as the majority does not live Christ.  Living Heaven is living Christ in every level of life beyond humanity's chosen purpose.

Without having faith in God there is no level of knowing God. Having faith in God is living through levels of the devil that take us through our own level of consciousness. Through levels beyond what a human being can live without having God helping them. It is God who helps us move through a thought process of the mortal world for one of Heaven. The process is through the dark in our own consciousness and then through the dark in humanity's collective consciousness. Finding deep within the light to carry God's light in life rather than societies level of consciousness.

Humanity has been living at the level of matter. When we needed to live through Spirit to understand energy, consciousness and our world in Heaven. The level of how we have been thinking is three hundred and sixty degrees away from our own existence in Heaven.

We've been taught humanity's base collective perspective of what a human being is, who God is and what happens when we leave our bodies. This narrative has been the opposite of life and extremely small. It's hasn't given us the way to have knowledge that leads us to conscious evolution understanding life's existence.

We learn from past generations teaching us what life is and never question beyond societies level of living. We don't question what society is living for. Societies level of consciousness has only been at the level of matter and not living through Spirit. There has never been a human being living in Heaven through Christ consciousness until now.

When we think of reality it's only through what we have been taught and what we can conceive. Societies collective consciousness is creating our parameters to what we believe is normal, and not normal. This created a world that has never been out of the base collective consciousness. We've lived in a level that only keeps the same level living.

When God created life He created Heaven to be a level that human consciousness could not prevent another human being from living. There is no level in our world that can give Heaven except for Love. Someone could go to Yale, be a religious figure, be a billionaire or considered a genius and they would have no greater level with God. Love is the only light in God. God created our world with Love as the way of the world. Because every human being is born with Love and has the same opportunity to live Love.

Two subjects we want to understand greater are who God is, and the afterlife.  Most people will say they believe in God and will agree that everyone is living in His light. Yet, no one can explain what that means beyond He is energy. God is hundred of billions of years alive and is consciousness. He created humanity out of His likeness which is conscious energy. We live in photosynthesis and Gods light in photosynthesis is the light all life is living in. God is in every atom giving humanity the way as energy to live in matter at any one level of consciousness through photosynthesis.

We're in the conscious space of God with Conscious Energy giving us our livingness in matter. The living species Conscious Energy is with a capital "C" and capital "E." Our world has to live in Heaven in order for us to experience form and matter in consciousness. We would have no matter in our livingness if not for Conscious Energy. We have to have photosynthesis in order to live in matter. So God is a level in everything we are of and everything we are conscious of. God is Love and His energy is in everyone because we are born with Love and live in His light which is Love. What is living in every human being is only consciousness. Consciousness is living through the level of Love we are of and that is the light of our Soul. We are Love.

The second understanding is the afterlife. When most people are asked, " Do you believe we live beyond this life?" They say, "Yes." We want to understand what that actually means. First, it means we are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. If we are living in another life after this one something has to drive that. Consciousness is the level driving our life continuum. Consciousness is continuous in every life. We are trying to become conscious of Love because Love is the light in consciousness giving us the way to live in matter. In every life we accumulate more Love and therefore greater light in consciousness.

The body which is the medium will be different in every life. We also have a different Spirit for every life because we have a different persona in every life. In this life we may be called Jenny or Steve but in the next one, we might be Donna or Larry. Spirit will be giving the Soul the way to live in matter at the new level of consciousness. Every level of our life continuum is living through photosynthesis. We are presently existing in two worlds at one time but only conscious of one for photosynthesis to create our next life. Love is the energy that will create what we live through in the next part of life.

Every level of our living is only in consciousness. There is nothing existing outside of our level of consciousness in matter. When we leave this body we are leaving everything there is except for the level of Love we are of. That light will carry us through the next level of our lives. Spirit will rest in Heaven with loved ones from this life but the Soul will continue creating the next part of life.

When I think about life off planet there is a knowing of a unity in life with elder levels of consciousness. Because there are elder levels of consciousness right here living alongside us giving us the way to live in matter. Conscious Energy(capital "C" and "E) and God are both levels of consciousness far beyond humanity's. No one could possibly think what created us would be at our level of consciousness.

God's level of consciousness created consciousness, human beings, Conscious Energy, matter, a universe, and photosynthesis. None of that could ever be out of human consciousness. God and Conscious Energy give us our living, teach and guide us but their light is so far beyond anything we can conceive. They live in another level of consciousness. They are very very different.

We haven't had the aptitude to conceive what being alive is or our world at the level it's existing. We have only lived at the level of matter with a version that fit into that same level. Humanity is having a light to understand what could not be conceived or realized before.

There isn't a level of consciousness existing that is the same as humanity's. All levels of consciousness are very different. When we get into consciousness millions or billions of years old it is a level far beyond how we think of life altogether. Human consciousness was created by God. The "word" created the world. Every level of what we live through has been given to us to expand upon in our own light. A human being only knows a human being at our level of consciousness.

We think we look normal but we could look like pink octopuses and would never know it because we are born with humanity living normal. We are born and raised with human beings all around us and how we look is normal living in human consciousness. But life extends far beyond our one level. There is only consciousness to experience. If we can evolve to greater levels we can live experiencing greater life. Consciousness is giving humanity the level to live through to what lives greater beyond the present level.

God created life in decimals through holographic light that is living energy beyond any level of a quantity known. There is no quantitive level to hypothesize in living energy because it is infinitely expanding as consciousness expands. The universe is a pool of consciousness with over a million planets having life in different levels of consciousness. Everything in existence is in God's light.

Humanity has been living from a very young perspective and that's only because we have been living at the level of matter. We are presently at a level of consciousness that believes life is about fame and wealth. When our existence is living through a level hundreds of billions of years alive. We have a divine light within and a purpose in discovering our divinity and Heaven. Yet we never tap into higher levels of consciousness because we don't live for it.  Love has always been the level to live in life to have enlightenment.

We knew we were on a planet floating in space with a Sun ninety-three million miles away. And that at the smallest particle there are only waves but we had no level in us to understand our existence in photosynthesis. That's because we disconnected from God long ago and consciously did not live through Spirit at the level to understand Love.

Love is the light that carves the Soul in life and gives us greater wisdom and knowledge.  When we think about our planet in photosynthesis we should immediately realize there is an abundance of energy, hydrogen, water and light in vibrations, frequencies and resonance.

Our light can only live through different temperatures that regulate photosynthesis in waves having properties in hydrogen in greater levels than we could ever conceive possible. The energy in our atmosphere and in our living has the intelligence to give light to life's existence.  We want to understand living is everything the devil didn't want us to know. While we live for false idols and wealth we never have light to live in greater levels of life. Yet, our world is beyond epic filled with miracles, light, and amazing life.

God and Heaven have been a version in human consciousness at the level of matter, not the level of energy understanding what being alive is and our world in Heaven. Having greater perspective only comes from having the ability to open up to greater possibility. Just questioning with a willingness to learn opens our journey into deeper levels.

When Heaven first came into my life it was through a level that could give me greater possibility. They came through my level of thinking and what was normal for me to question. My level of consciousness was all they could work with.  There is no other way for anything to be lived other than in our own level of consciousness and Heaven is no exception.

God will not violate our free will. We are living in free will which means we have the choice to think anything we want and live through it. We already know about incessant thinking and how we create life through stories in our narrative. In our incessantly thinking we only live through life from that one level. There is no room for anything else to live beyond that. It has to come through it.

We can only receive what we can conceive. My journey has taken me beyond human reality to a level greater than what anyone knew was existing. The process for Heaven to give me a way to understand life was bigger than anything I ever thought possible. By having me see and experience what challenged me to question life and live deeper created the path for me to live through. My life changed three hundred and sixty degrees away from everything I had previously lived for at that level of consciousness.

When we live going deeper into Heaven it will never stay at our present level of living. How we think of life is what is changing and everything we have in our lives changes dramatically. We are detaching from life as we knew it. There is no other way to change consciousness other than to live in a light that is the opposite of how we live today. Life gets taken apart and dismantled down to its very core for us to see something beyond what we knew was living in us.

For my level of thinking at the time having enormous levels of energy around me kept me wanting to know more. I kept trying to figure out how everything was possible. When Heaven first came into my life I was atheist. I couldn't even hear the word, God without quietly replacing it with "the universe" in my mind.

My journey progressed through seeing energy and then hearing a voice on a video which led to hearing many voices on videos. Energy has no boundaries. There is no place where one person begins or ends. Heaven has no space-time and our existence is in Heaven. Human consciousness created space and time for our level to live in matter.

Having the ability to hear energy is within everybody but we do not live the Love in God to do so. Hearing Heaven is only having a light in Heavens level. When humanity disconnected from God we ended living at a level living through light. Love gives us light to live deeper in Heaven.

Throughout this process I always felt overwhelmed with Love. My desire to know the truth of what was happening kept me videotaping and logging notes of everything I was experiencing. The conversation was always about humanity and God.  After a few years in this process,  Heaven had taken me through my own level of thinking into another light in Heavens consciousness. It has been nine years living with God teaching me and five of those years living in Heaven.

We never know how God is going to enter our lives. What is beyond our reality can only come into our world at our level of thinking. If we see things that at first, are not normal to us. We don't want to define it from societies level of consciousness because it's easy to miss a divine opportunity. Heaven is with us every day and yet we don't realize what is in our light. Always go with Love and go with what isn't the majorities perspective. When we give meaning to something it is at one level of thinking. We will only be able to live through what we give meaning from that one level. Try to see life understanding God is hundreds of billions of years alive. What we think isn't all that is alive it's only one level of consciousness. We want to stay open to seeing more.

One of the most important teachings we can understand is everybody is living life in their own light. We are the only ones bringing everything into being. What we think is and will always only live in how we think of it.

There is a pathway in everything that leads to Heaven. Heaven is in everything waiting for us to realize the greater light in life. Questioning our lives from our hearts is a necessity when learning about life beyond what we ever knew was existing. If we can feel levels of light we will live through higher levels of light instead of living through what is dark.

I hope these video's spark everyone's attention to understand how different our world is from how we have been learning to live through it. God is only living for us to live Love.

There are videos with life no human eyes have ever seen before. A video called Snow Energy Squid no human being in the history of the human race has ever seen or knew this life was existing with us. They are in abundance throughout our atmosphere giving humanity the level of energy for photosynthesis. What living is has always been beyond the level of human consciousness. Humanity is only beginning to peel back the veil of life and how extraordinaire it is. Only through Love do we live deeper in God opening our levels to greater life in Heaven.

Here is the link for downloading the videos: HEAVENS.LOVE/VIDEOS

Every level of life is greater than how we have been living and is very different than what we have ever known. We see from a young perspective that has not gone deep for knowing how life is existing on a planet floating in space. The maturity needed from humanity is deafening because we have created consciousness to live very shallow, and now have to live understanding greater complexities and deafening levels of Truth. Humanity is in a new era leaving matter for energy and learning once again to live with God living through His light which will always bring us happiness, peace, and Love.



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