Live for Divinity

divinityEvery human being is living to experience their divinity through becoming conscious of Love. Life has always had God present in every aspect of life since the beginning of time. It is Gods energy that gives humanity the light to experience matter in ones own level of consciousness. Every human being has the ability to live Heaven while here on earth when they choose to think with Love through Heaven. Divinity is all heaven is existing for. Ones divinity is having consciousness at levels of Heaven and that gives humanity the ability to bring into matter levels of Heaven.

Love is the energy that expands consciousness and is the energy in photosynthesis giving humanity the ability to live in matter at ones own level of consciousness. Humanity is in the conscious space of God.  Conscious Energy is the living species in the conscious space of God giving humanity it's livingness in matter. Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, temperature and levity in all matter. Human beings are living through the light in consciousness which is the level of the energy Love in the Soul that has accumulated in ones life continuum.

The mortal world is in Heaven. Humanity is trying to become conscious at the level of Love that goes beyond the mortal world into Heaven to realize divinity in light.  Love is the only energy that expands consciousness to have the ability to invoke the level needed to go beyond the level of the mortal world to experience ones divinity. God created humanity to become conscious of Love because Love is the light in consciousness that takes us beyond the mortal world level.

One can see humanities level of consciousness living Love by the level of fear in life creating the need for weapons, the level of suffering in sentient beings and the level of violence still existing in humanities consciousness. Suffering is the absence of Love. The premise in living is for humanity to consciously evolve towards ones divinity lessening every year the need for weapons in life, lessening the suffering in all sentient beings and becoming more enlightened than animal using violence. If humanity increases in weapons every year, with opponents and suffering then humanity is not consciously evolving in the direction that can sustain life. Life is only existing through the energy Love. The level needed to bring life what keeps it existing is Love and there is little Love in world having a life purpose that creates billionaires as living while millions of children starve to death and billions live in poverty. The level of consciousness that is creating this is the very level not understanding life at the maturity needed to give life what it needs to exist.

The level of war must be understood for what it is doing to the human race. War invokes darkness from all sides and only keeps the same level of energy in consciousness existing in life. There is no level in consciousness having greater light than the other when both are in action harming life What is thought is relative and the level that is to be observed is if the action is the same as the problem. The level of violence existing in humanity is from the level in consciousness still existing in survival living through fear seeing other human beings separate from ones own light.

Understanding life in energy and every human being is living through ones own light for the sole purpose of their living Love should give humanity the level to understand why harming another human being is only harming themselves. There is no actual harming of another's Soul, when we harm another it is only our Soul that gets harmed. It is the level of light in our Soul that all life is living through as we become Love. We will live through how we have treated others in our life continuum in other levels of life. There is only one of us here becoming Love. The experience of the world is the miracle God has given humanity. Everything we see is only in our light giving us what to live Love through.

What creates war is what happens in government way before there are soldiers in combat. It is the level of consciousness not caring about another human beings welfare that create's what has war exist. Light in consciousness is only through the energy Love. The conviction for peace has to be greater than any other level for life not to have war. When there is the absence of Love there is fear and fear creates one needing control, power and opponents. Not having a life purpose that is for conscious evolution is a problem for a species living in consciousness that needs conscious evolution to bring the energy into life that keeps it existing and that is the energy Love.

God created life to bring into matter what creates Heaven on earth. For every human being to realize their divinity by living Love for others. The only level humanity has needed in its living is Love to be aligned with God and Gods life purpose.

Living Love at the level of Christ opens life for humanity to understand living on a planet floating in space and how the energy Love is the key to life's existence. The world is in different levels of consciousness that have different levels of life within them. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and the level of what is living with humanity is far greater than what humanity has been able to consciously conceive.  God created life by design having consciousness give every human being the ability to live in freewill at their own level of consciousness evolving into Love and experiencing ones own light to live the Son of God in Heaven while here on earth.

When humanity is being conscious of Love they are being conscious of a power on earth far greater than any other level in existence, for God is Love. To live divine is why humanity is living and to have the path in Christ is the level God gave humanity to know how to live unlocking the level of the world for humanities existence at the highest level that can consciously be conceived. Living for divinity is giving consciousness the light to evolve and is bringing to humanity what can help it live in peace and brotherhood through a unity in life that extends into a universe of miracles in living.

If humanity is to live on earth there has to be the level of creation in its living for the sole purpose of bringing into life what has it live in higher levels of life. The world living in consciousness through energy in photosynthesis is a level that should be having the human race create what is always bringing conscious evolution into living. Through evolution humanity can live eternally creating higher levels of life in matter to live through.



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