Love is the Light in Consciousness All Life Live’s Through

light in consciousnessGod created life to live through Love because Love is the energy of God. Every experience is giving us the way to give Love to our living through giving it to others. The Love we live is the light in consciousness that brings us Heaven while here on earth. There is no other level that is having us live in peace, happiness and light. Love is the energy that is giving humanity the ability to live on earth.

It is the energy in photosynthesis and is the level of what is giving us the light in consciousness to live this life through. Every level of Love we can live is a level that is giving us a greater light to experience life in. Humanity wants to live for what can increase life to higher levels and having Love in our Soul is the light in consciousness that gives greater ability to see life through.

We are living to experience our consciousness in matter. Everything we see is in the light of our Soul. Matter is only the light in photosynthesis. There is no level of matter existing it is only the level of light in photosynthesis at the level of our consciousness giving us the experience. Everything is in energy and how we live through matter is based on the energy Love. We are trying to become more conscious of Love so that we live increasing the energy that changes what we experience in matter.

Living Love changes the light in consciousness and that changes the level of meaning in matter, our perception, and perspective of life's purpose and how we see other people in our living. Love is the light that changes every level of our experience. We want to focus on our energy rather than the level of what is happening in matter. Consciousness is cause and matter is the effect. Energy is the only level in life that is creating the level of the world we live through. The Soul is living to become Love and every experience is a level having the light to live Love through. What we see is only living in the light of our Soul.

If there is fear there will be separation and separation create's opponents. Creating opponents is a level in consciousness not understanding that everything we see is in our own light and only existing for us to live Love through.  God created life to live in freewill giving us the ability to create in matter the level we could think at. We want to replace fear with Love and learn to bring Love into all levels of our living.

We want to see the light in others more than focusing on the transitory self. Self doesn't exist it is a temporary level at the level of the mortal world. We are Love. What is living is the Soul accumulating the energy Love. Self is the mortal world level only living in this part of life for Spirit to live the light in consciousness through. Love is all that is living in a human being. Everything else is part of the level of life to awaken through.

Humanity has to live for Heaven instead of for what is in matter. We decapitate the Soul when we do not live through Spirit. Nothing in matter takes one higher to God, only living Love does. Every experience is transitory and every level of life we live is transitory. What is staying with our light is the level of Love we live in our experience's. The experience's continue until we have the Love needed to transform through alchemy to higher levels of light.

Other people are giving us the levels to live this life through in Love. They are the God faculties giving us the way to cut the Soul into higher light. What we are experiencing is trying to have us consciously evolve to become more conscious of Love. All human suffering is the absence of Love. Love is the energy that is the key to transforming all matter and is the energy that invokes Heaven into our lives.

If we are to live having what is needed for life to evolve, live in peace and experience greater levels of life it will only be through living greater levels of Love. God blessed us with the key to this life by blessing every one at birth with Love. Humanity will live in a greater level of life when humanity awakens to living in Heaven while here on earth. Everything we are experiencing is giving us the path to do so. Love is the light all life lives through.




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