Heavens Love


heavens loveThe human race is living on a planet floating in space.  Everything off planet is helping to keep us alive. We have a sun ninety-three million miles away aligned perfectly to give us the exact levels needed for life on earth. We have stars four light years away having nitrogen not even yet living properties on earth. Jupiter has the exact composition for giving humanity temperatures and seasons. The earth's atmosphere being alive is telling humanity the level of intelligence giving us the way to be breath on our planet is hundreds of billions of years alive. Living in photosynthesis is from a greater level of intelligence.

We don't think about everything we should to understand our light in life. There are trillions and trillions of living organisms, elements and energy giving us the ability to experience matter. Temperature can only exist through other levels of life. Human beings have their bodies regulated in temperature through what is existing in the atmosphere. No level of human life can live without everything else giving our bodies the way to exist. Our world is living in a very extreme quantum level. What we see in matter is actually very tiny-tiny atoms in holographic light. These atoms are living energy at the level to create images in our Soul for us to live through. Everything we experience is out of energy in holographic light in decimals.

Our world has been living with greater levels of intelligence providing us the way to live in matter. God is a level far beyond humanity's. The fabric of our world is the living species Conscious Energy in the conscious space of God. Being born into a world with matter all around us made it hard for us to question our existence. Or have the ability to understand how matter was existing. We have taken matter for granted at such a level we didn't understand living on a planet floating in space with everything being provided to us to live was in a much higher intelligence than our own.

We come into the world and only learn about life through societies level of consciousness. How could we think outside of what was being taught? We are born with parents teaching us what life is. Then we go to school learning what life was which becomes what we think of as history and how to live this life. Every level of what is being taught has been taught by another human being. They actually had their level of perception and thinking taught to them. The idea of life is being passed down from generation to generation and so is the structure, religion, the money realm and every level of what we're living today.

Human consciousness has been living out of past generations that never understood life or how human beings were living on a planet floating in space. There is only one level in life has ever existed for humanity to have the pathway to learn about life and that is Love. Love is the energy of God that give's us greater wisdom, knowledge, and light in life. Love has always been the way of the world and is the only energy in existence that brings enlightenment. We never understood Love beyond societies level of living Love.

Understanding energy is requisite for every human being because the energy Love is the level giving us life, wisdom, and light in matter. God is Love.

Humanity is learning answers to deafening questions that have plagued us since the beginning of life. From the beginning, we placed God in religion. When God has nothing to do with religion because He is the blueprint to life. Religion doesn't define God nor does it have a decree in God greater than any other human being on earth. Religion lives at societies level when what is needed is human beings living Christ consciousness at Heavens level.

If we keep God at religions level we keep humanity only experiencing God from that very same level. Which is never taking humanity into Heaven. The premise of living with God is to evolve deeper with Him living through a conscious process evolving from the mortal world's level of thinking to Heavens level.

Jesus was the perfect example of going outside of society in living with God. He didn't live by any level of religion He lived outside of it. That's why He was persecuted by the high priest in Rome. He was deep in God walking the earth while having His consciousness in Heaven. God was giving Jesus light. There is a level we live when we live Christ that takes the Soul into Heavens Love.  Our light in God is giving us our light in Heaven.  Blessed are those that never live the mortal world's ecstasy but live opening Heaven in their Soul for ecstasy in God.

Our journey with God is to consciously evolve carving our Souls beyond societies level. Life is infinite and unlimited but because society lives at earthly levels it only holds a tiny-tiny fraction of reality. Life is living greater in what isn't being seen rather than what is being seen. We need to live through Spirit to understand our Truth and our existence in God. Living Love is detrimental because the energy is the light in consciousness that gives us knowledge to move through matter opening our universe.

We've been taught societies level of Love and it's a level that lives Love when it's convenient, comfortable and works for us in our lives. When living Love at the level of Jesus is the only way to live it. When we live Love comfortable we justify, rationalize and live love in thought instead of through the heart. We live it at societies level and that is in more darkness instead of light. We have to live it at Jesus's level if we are to experience Heaven. This is why life's purpose is becoming conscious of Love and living Love. Life is giving us the way to observe our consciousness learning and moving through matter as the teacher.

Going beyond our comfort zone, our thought process and societies level of Love takes us deeper into God's energy. We have miracles, Heaven, and greater life if all around us we just have to live greater Love. We want to carve the path to our own light in God just as every Saint has done before us. Following every person who has lived greater Heaven while here on earth.

Everything we experience in our world is temporary and only living for us to become conscious of Love. Putting Love first is what gives us greater light in consciousness.  The ultimate way to live this life is by living greater Love because it gives us heavenly levels in our light.

We're learning God's energy gives us the way to live this life in higher levels of consciousness. Love is the only energy in our existence creating what we live through.  Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. Everything we see is energy having Love run through it. The more Love we live the higher light in matter we live. We want to live the energy that runs through all life.

As we focused on earthly levels with material giving tangible rewards we moved further away from Spirit. We weren't seeing energy even though we knew energy at the smallest particle was a wave. There wasn't a way to realize more because matter was all we were focusing on. Life is in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Everything we see is only living out of our Soul.  Everyone we observe in life is a level of energy within our Soul trying to have us become conscious of Love. Love is literally the only level a human being should focus on to understand their existence, the world and what being alive is.

We experience life only from our perspective. Nothing exists outside of what we think. Life is only being lived in our minds through our level of consciousness. The human story is created from humanity's collective consciousness.  The Love humanity lives is creating the circumstances our world we can experience.

We want to focus on Spirit because consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect. Matter is the teacher giving us the way to observe our consciousness.  Everything we see is living through us. There is no place where one person begins or ends because everything is energy. It's important we stay present to matter living as images in our Soul because this helps us understand how the world is only living in our light.

All darkness on earth is created out of not living Love. Meaning a child can be born today into what has hate, violence, cruelty, unconsciousness, war, poverty and needless human suffering.  These places are showing us the levels in our consciousness that have yet to live Love.

When we only live for matter we separate from God and this why it is imperative we live through Spirit. We want His energy in our light because God's level is greater than any human beings. God knows every level of our Soul greater than we know ourselves because He created us. When we have God in our light we have His energy running through our consciousness giving us greater perspectives for higher answers, and solutions in life. This is how we live having peace, joy and infinite Love.

Everything we ever believed was biblical is a level that continues today and will for eternity. Humanity is existing in God and there is only one way for the human race to live and that is in Christ towards Heaven. We want to be conscious of life at the level to live the Love needed for opening the universe.

If we give matter greater meaning and have our self-identity at the same level we can only live at the mortal world level. Heaven is all around us trying to have us live in its level but we have to live focusing on the divine light within. We want to live Love beyond the mortal world into Heaven.

Living for conscious evolution is humanity's sole purpose for living Love. Conscious evolution is when we carve our Soul in a process through living Love beyond our present level. This changes the energy in our light for deeper levels of God's energy. The more Love we live the more light in consciousness we have. Heaven will help us go deeper into God. God will guide us through Heaven's light for our living deeper within Him.

Change, adversity, and suffering can all live through conscious evolution to give us greater Heaven while here on earth. Heaven is in everything always waiting for us to realize it. Change gives us greater possibilities because it takes us to levels we didn't have light in before. Everything leading us out of our comfort zone and thought process is opening us to higher levels of life. When we consciously evolve we experience an awakening to life beyond how we were thinking. We literally unravel our own thought process for light we never knew was existing within us.  As we live Love in Christ God is changing our thinking and eyes to live deeper in Him.

The process of consciously evolving will never live in what anyone expects or believes it should be. It will be the opposite of everything we think life is living as and for. Human consciousness created its reality at its level. Living with God is living beyond humanity's level and doesn't exist at humanity's level of consciousness because it is living in God. His ways bring us experiences to understand a light in Him beyond what we knew of life.

God created Love as the way of the world so we would always have a way to consciously evolve beyond any level we were in. But this means we have to live for our divine light greater than anything else in life. Living for false idols changes our consciousness from having light in God to living in earthly levels.

We're always making a choice in what energy we will live through.  No matter if we make the choice or not one will be made. Living Love is the only way to live through God. Love is literally the key to human life because it gives us the light to move through matter in heavenly ways.

God didn't create a species to live on a planet floating in space through photosynthesis and it be for something originating out of human consciousness. Human beings created our purpose not knowing anything about life. God has greater plans for us.

As we learn about human consciousness and creation it's imperative we live for conscious evolution. So that we keep understanding why it is a requirement to live Christ on earth. God's life purpose is far beyond what we are conceiving as life. There is a purpose greater than we can imagine for why human beings need to live Love.

We live in a life continuum for eternity and will come back to a world created out of human consciousness. We want to live in a world that has little darkness and has been living greater light in God.

Living peacefully on earth instead of needing weapons requires humanity to understand consciousness and energy.  Our thinking must evolve to have greater light to process thoughts and feelings living out of energy that create weapons. By living deeper in God we have greater ability for foresight, perspectives and light for seeing heavenly in our challenges. Only through consciousness can we end war. Every thought that holds violence, fear and suffering is energy that needs greater light to process higher levels deeper in God. God is our salvation for living heavenly on earth.

Humanity has to understand our consciousness is creating the world we experience. We have the ability to change the experience of the world by changing the energy we live through. Love is the light in consciousness that changes the light in matter.

Caring for another human being is the Soul of humanity. There is a level in human life deeper than we know from birth. Every human being has a level in life creating an energy that expands a level for another life to be born. Life is living in photosynthesis and every human being is carrying what gives life its ability to live. We have to always care for life beyond any level we think is acceptable and give much more than we think is needed.  Our caring for life gives human beings a greater life force and that life force is only strengthened through each and every one of us and our Love being lived.

We are a race that has the ability to live unity in humanity. We're in a universe giving us the way to realize our potential at any one level of consciousness.

By living greater levels of Love, we create possibility in life that presently isn't living in our light. Love creates a greater path in consciousness we have yet to live.  By living Love, we increase the unlimited factor in our lives for what we have yet to experience. God is giving every human being a chance to live in light. Having the ability to understand their lives greater than society's level and living Heaven while here on earth.

Living Love has always been a requisite for every child born on this planet because the world lives through Love. Love absorbs darkness into a nothingness. We have always had the level in life for greater knowledge. We just never lived in God deep enough to understand the miracle of this life. Living with God is our greatest gift in life because we live learning in ways we never thought possible. We have Heaven all around us and have to live greater Love to experience heavenly levels in life.

Living through the mortal world to Heaven is why we are here. We each have a destiny far beyond any level we ever fathomed and have the ability to live the Love that opens the door to our Soul. Live Love relentlessly living for God and experience a world so alive and only living to give you Heaven while here are on earth.



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