Heavens Key to Life

lifeLife is in energy and only what we create through our level of consciousness is in matter. We have life to live becoming conscious of Love. Humanity has been living in a world it sees in matter as the level of the world when what is existing is only energy. Matter is a nothingness having its livingness only through our level of consciousness. Energy is a level of vibration and resonance. There is no matter in energy. We are experiencing form through the level of light in our Soul. The level of light is the energy Love creating the level of the world we experience.

What is living in a human being is the Soul, and the Soul is the energy Love. How we live in the mortal world is through the Love in our Soul, giving us the level of consciousness for Spirit to live through in matter. Love is an energy having its light in levels higher than anything else in existence. God is Love. Everyone is born with Love to live this life having the ability to accumulate greater levels of Love in life. The more Love we accumulate the higher levels of consciousness we experience.

Humanity is trying to consciously evolve to higher levels of consciousness to have the ability to create in matter a world that is of Heaven. Consciousness is giving the level of meaning we place in matter and is the level of light we see life through. When we give meaning to matter we give it's livingness in our lives. Humanity wants to learn how to live in a greater level of light that expands the level of meaning we give to what we see. Presently, humanity is living in greater suffering by living life at the level of material instead of through Spirit.  Spirit is the level we want to live through to go beyond the mortal world level to levels of consciousness in Heaven. When we live through Spirit we focus on energy rather than matter. Energy is at cause and matter is the effect.

God gave the wind weight and knew the measurement of the seas. God is wisdom. The level of wisdom we want to gain is learning at the level of creation. How we view the world is only through consciousness. The more we can understand how we are living on a planet in space and how God created life the greater we are able to navigate through life in happiness and peace. There is only one way to see beyond the level we do today and that's by increasing the energy that has the power to expand our consciousness into higher light.  Love is the energy that expands our light in consciousness and is the only energy in existence able to bring greater wisdom. If we are living Love we are invoking Heaven all around us. Love is the energy that is giving others the light to live through.

God created life purpose to become Love because as we become conscious of Love it is Heaven that begins have a greater level in our lives. Every experience is trying to have us live greater Love. Other people are only existing for us to live Love through. The more Love we Live the more conscious of life we become. As we become conscious of life it is the world that opens up and begins to expand our divine light within to understand God as reality. Every person we see is reflecting a level of our Soul trying to help us live Love. We see everyone in our light giving us how we are as levels of Love.  We want to Love everyone we see for it is only ourselves we are discovering through them.

The level of the world is energy which means all matter whether a table, building, wall, person, or tree is only energy in the level of our consciousness. Living in energy means there is no place where one person begins or another ends regardless of whether they are seen in front of us or across the street. Energy doesn't have any barriers. There is no matter in energy and everything we are conscious of is energy in the light of our Soul. It is levels of Love we are living through in matter. What we see is only in our consciousness. There is nothing existing outside of our light.

Humanity is existing in photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is giving humanity the ability to live as energy in matter. Humanity is existing in two worlds at one time for photosynthesis and to create our life continuum but is only conscious of one world. The level of light in photosynthesis is the level of the energy Love.

The body is not who we are, we are the conscious energy inside of the body. The body is a level of consciousness, existing as an image in the Soul for the experience in matter. The level of self is transitory and only at the level of the mortal world. There is no level of self that exists, there is only our level of consciousness creating the level of self for Spirit to live through this life in matter. We live in a life continuum that will have many different mediums (bodies) and Spirits that we will call self and each one will live through the new level of consciousness we are of. The new level of consciousness is the new level of the energy Love in our Soul that has accumulated from our previous life experience. Consciousness is the energy Love.

The Soul is what is alive in a human being giving Spirit the level in consciousness to live through in matter. Thinking is only the processor that is processing the level of the mortal world. Consciousness is giving Spirit the light to have the means to think in this body. We are not our thoughts though they are only processing the self-story at the level of the mortal world for us to live through becoming conscious of Love.

The level of the mortal world is the level of humanity's collective consciousness. Everything existing has been brought into being through humanity. Everything we see existing as a product has been brought into being through thought. Nothing we have in life was created without first being an idea in someone's mind. Every building, industry, system, car and other levels that give society life have been brought into being through humanities level of thought. We are creating the experience of the world in matter through our level of consciousness.

Every problem, tragedy or level of human suffering is a reflection of the level of Love being lived by humanity. All suffering is the absence of Love. Love is the light in consciousness that has us live aligned with God bringing Heaven unto earth.  When God created life in consciousness he gave humanity the way to live in freewill able to create the world at the level one could think. All we are living through is our level of thinking. What we think is all that is alive. Every thought is what we live. We want to have the ability to change the way we think so we can change the world we experience.  We do this by living greater Love in our lives because Love is the energy that expands consciousness.

Every level of life is having its own light for its purpose in existence. Humanity is thinking everything into being. This means every living creature, animal, insect, blade of grass or drop of rain is only living through our level of consciousness. Our consciousness is giving the levels in matter how to exist for our experience. Jesus said - and this is paraphrasing - "Do unto others as you would have them do to you." It was in a greater level of teaching for humanity to learn that everything we see in matter is only in the light of our Soul. Other people and the earth are part of our living and light, we naturally want to care for them as we do ourselves for they are only existing in our light.

We can understand consciousness by understanding if there is a room of twenty people what is alive is only the one who is observing the twenty people. No matter who it is. Whoever is conscious of the others is living through the light. Every person is only existing to experience the Son of God. That God is reality and there is only one of us here with God. The universe isn't outside of us it is only living through us.

What we are living is a curriculum in Heaven trying to have us consciously evolve and awaken to what being alive is and the level of our world in Heaven. Our process carries into other lives beyond these bodies. The level of Love we live in this life is creating the level of experiences we will live in the next one.


The mortal world is living in the fabric of the living species Conscious Energy. Conscious Energy is the energy in the conscious space of God giving photosynthesis for living us as energy to live in matter. Conscious Energy is giving humanity the livingness in all matter. They are the mass, force, velocity, levity and temperature in all matter. Heaven is the only level in life keeping humanity alive and giving humanity the ability to experience matter at the level of one's consciousness. There is no part of life that does not have God in the level of every atom giving the light for photosynthesis to exist.

The earth is existing in our level of consciousness. Everything keeping it alive is off planet. The earth is having hydrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and many other elements from what is existing off planet. Our solar system has planets giving weather, nitrogen and light for us to live on earth. The earth is having its levels for livingness regulated through consciousness. How we treat everything in matter is only in a level of our consciousness trying to teach us how to live with greater Love. Love is the level in photosynthesis that the world lives through. The level of Love we give is the level of Love we can live through. We want to care for every person knowing they are living as our purpose in life and want to care for the earth to have the experience of it as healthy and vibrant.

How the world appears to us is a level teaching us how to live through this life. We can either see life as happening to us or happening for us. When we see life as happening for us we understand everything we experience is an opportunity to see beyond the level of the mortal world and into the light of Heaven. We're learning what is in matter is only a level of our consciousness and by changing our energy to Love we change the light in consciousness and therefore the world we experience.

Choosing Love in life is living the deeper purpose of our existence. Living through Spirit is living in the energy of Heaven. The level of living in matter is living in the mortal world relating to what we see in matter as what is living. When we are grounded in Spirit we see in the mortal world what is living is energy. That consciousness is the level that is at cause and what is in matter is the effect. The light in our Soul is the level of the world we are experiencing and the world is only existing for us to live Love through.

The world isn't outside of us, it is living through us. We want to understand what consciousness is and the level of what thinking is because as one becomes conscious of life it is the level of thinking that changes to consciousness. Thinking is only processing the story at the level of the mortal world for us to become conscious through. Humanity thinks incessantly from one thought to the next. Incessant thinking is creating our level of reality by weaving from one thought to the next what we live through. It is a level that is always moving forward giving us the next thought to live. What we think is all that is alive. Every thought whether only in our minds or spoken is what is being lived.

Humanity lives more in the level of thinking quietly then actually speaking to another person. The level of our thinking is building the story that gives us the level in matter to live through. The energy in our thoughts is giving us living and the level of the word is what is building the level of the world. How we allow our energy in our thoughts to live from one to the next is what creates the experience. The level of becoming conscious disrupts the level of incessant thinking. Beyond our level of thinking is the conscious space of God. When we pause how we think we allow for greater light to seep in. Choosing the energy Love gives us the ability to become conscious of life at the deeper level. Consciousness isn't transitory like thinking. Consciousness is the knowing of all that doesn't change like thoughts do.

The level that determine's our experience is the level of energy we live. Energy is always changing form and manifesting through matter at our level of consciousness. We want to have the ability to live in higher light by choosing the energy Love. Living with mercy, grace, forgiveness and Love gives us the ability to live through matter invoking Heaven in our lives. What we are living through is trying to have us live Love. Energy will change form and manifest through different people and events until we have lived the level of Love needed to move beyond that experience. When someone has experiences repeat themselves over and over it's because there is a level of Love that needs to be lived.

We want to remember what we are living is the light in Christ. Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself. We do this because everyone is a level of light in our Soul only existing for us to become Love through. Life is always trying to move forward and when it doesn't move forward energy begins to collapse. Consciously evolving by becoming conscious of Love keeps the world opening up to greater experiences.

Life's purpose is to live becoming conscious of Love so we can unlock greater levels of living in higher levels of life. God gave every human being the key to life by blessing us at birth with Love. Our Love is the doorway to Heaven and living with God. Having God guide us in life is the greatest experience one can live. God is the only level giving everything in life it's existence for us to live bringing into matter what we can consciously create. When we live with God we are living the light as children of God in Heaven while here on earth.

God gave us the beginning to live creating what we can as life. The gift God gave is evolving in consciousness through an experience in matter with the ability to create in the highest level of our consciousness the world we live through. Its infinite and unlimited in consciousness. Love is the key to life and is the level humanity wants to focus on. There is no other level in living other than Love that can give to the human race what keeps it evolving and having the ability to exist in Heaven while here on earth.





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