What is Heaven?

heavenLife is in consciousness which means everything in thought is what is living. The level of matter is a level of photosynthesis living through the light in ones Soul. The light in the Soul is the level of the energy Love we have accumulated in our life continuum. The world we are experiencing is only energy in photosynthesis with matter at the level of light in our Soul. The mortal world is in Heaven. Heaven is all there is giving humanity the ability as energy to live in matter.

A human being is not the body but is the conscious energy inside the body. The experience of this life is to live in consciousness through matter becoming conscious of Love. Love is the energy all life is in. God is Love. 

The Soul is what is alive. The Soul is the energy Love. The Soul is managed in Heaven giving the light for Spirit to live in matter. The Soul is the level of Love we have accumulated over our life continuum. The level of light is the level in consciousness we live every life through. The body is only the medium for Spirit to live through giving the light in consciousness the way to experience matter. Every level of Love we are living is giving the light in our Soul the levels for this experience in life. We are energy experiencing matter in consciousness creating in matter through our level of consciousness the world we live through to higher levels of Love.

The mortal world is in Heaven. All life is existing in the conscious space of God. God is an energy hundreds of billions of years alive who had the osmosis to bring energy into matter. The human race is inside of Gods conscious space creating the level of humanities world in the level of humanities consciousness.

It is Gods light that gives the human race the ability to exist through photosynthesis with the Goditron, which is a level of Gods light in every atom in existence. Energy is the level of the human race. The fabric of the mortal world is the living species Conscious Energy in the conscious space of God. Conscious Energy is the livingness in all matter. Humanity would not have livingness in matter without the world being in Heaven. Heaven is giving humanity everything to experience life in mater at the level of ones consciousness.

Humanity is living to become conscious of the energy Love. Love is the light in consciousness giving humanity the experience on earth. As humanity consciously evolves it is Heaven that is being lived in greater levels through matter. Heaven is all there is and humanity is through consciousness to greater levels of life. The mortal world is everything other than Love giving humanity the way to Love to live through to Heaven. The mortal worlds level is humanities creation at the level of humanities consciousness with Heaven giving everything needed for human beings to experience their individual levels of consciousness in matter. When God created life he created life in consciousness giving the human race freewill to create any level of life that was at their level of consciousness to live through in matter. Love is the energy that expands consciousness and gives the human race the way to be conscious of Heaven. As one lives Love they invoke Heaven.

When we leave the body. All energy changes form. There is no death. What is living is the Soul that is managed in Heaven. The body is the medium for Spirit to live the light in consciousness through. The level of the body is only temporary for this level of consciousness in the mortal world. What is living is the energy Love in the Soul. The Soul is what is giving humanity the level to live in matter. Every new life has a different Spirit for the medium to live the level of light in the Soul through matter. Life is only living for the Soul to become Love in.

When a human being is leaving the body for Heaven the conscious energy is changing form. As energy changes form it is in different levels of resonance giving to the light in consciousness what is needed for the energy to enter levels of Heaven. At no time is any human being outside of Heavens light. All levels of consciousness only exist through Heavens light. There is no human beings or level of life in existence that is not always in the light of God.

When we are leaving the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body leaving for Heaven and able to live Heaven in any light we think. We are very alive. We are only leaving this body for new life. Heaven is the level of everything glorious in life that has ever been felt times an infinite level. Every level of Heaven is angelic and filled with levels of light providing everything anyone could ever dream or hope for. When a person is ready to leave they are surrounded by loved ones who are in Heaven and with Gods Angels. Angels lead us out of our bodies in the light of God to the higher realms of Heaven. Light is always surrounding the person entering Heaven and the light is overwhelming with Love. There is bliss and delight as one enters Heaven. We hear the angelic singing, the light filled with Angels as God himself is wrapping us in higher light with Love.  Bliss is all we feel. The Spirit is the Holy Body now at the level that brings one happiness, with the body in perfect condition at the age we feel the most bliss. Light is all we are of.

Nothing is ever lost in life it is only gained. Everyone we share life with is in the light of our Soul. The Spirit will rest with loved ones from this part of life as the Soul continues evolving into higher levels of Love through new life. Eventually we will have a new medium and Spirit for the light in consciousness to live through in matter again. Every life we live is giving us the experiences to carve the Soul into greater Love. After every life the Spirit rests in Heaven while the Soul continues creating a new level of consciousness to live in matter carving the Soul to greater Love.

Heaven is in everything. When we live Love we have the path to invoke Heaven while here on earth and experience higher levels of consciousness in Heaven. There is never a moment that God is not with us. He is only living for us to realize our divine light within. Love is the key to this life. There is no other level in living that gives what is needed to live Heaven while here on earth other than Love.

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