Suffering is The Absence of Love

Suffering is The Absence of LoveSuffering is the absence of Love and the absence of Love is the absence of light in consciousness. Consciousness is all that is alive and is the only level in matter. Matter is a nothingness existing at our level of consciousness.

The light in consciousness is the level of Love in the Soul. The Soul is what is living and giving Spirit the light in consciousness to live in matter. Consciousness is the light thinking emerges out of. Our level of thinking is only living through the level of the energy Love in our Soul. Every person is a level of light within our Soul having the level of what can give us Heaven. 

Matter is levels of energy in a frequency in levels of light. Everything we are seeing is energy from the level of the energy Love in our Soul. Its creating an image that is the level of the world we experience trying to become more conscious of Love. Photosynthesis is giving the way for humanity to live in consciousness through matter. Levels of energy create an image in the light of one's consciousness for matter to have it's livingness. Everything in matter is only in the level of one's consciousness.

Conscious energy is the living species giving photosynthesis for humanity to have livingness in matter. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world.  This is the gift God gave when he created life in his likeness. He blessed humanity with the way to live in matter evolving towards living Heaven here on earth. He gave life divinity in waiting. Humanity has a level of Heaven always in it's light. A human being is not the body but is the conscious energy inside the body living in a life continuum to become conscious of Love. Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. The actual world is a pool of consciousness living through levels of energy producing light in matter.

Suffering is the absence of Love. Love is the level of light in the Soul that Spirit is living this life through and Love is the light in consciousness we are living this life in. Love is the energy shaping how we see, what we think and what we live through. It's even creating the next level of life beyond this one. Learning to focus on Spirit rather than matter is how we begin to change the experience of this life to greater happiness and Heaven.

We're witnessing a world based on how we think. We live thinking incessantly from one thought to the next creating stories in our mind to live matter through.  Every level of thought is having a level of living in matter. When we think incessantly from one thought to the next it weaves our reality. Reality is only one level of thinking. When we have suffering in consciousness it's the absence of Love in our thinking. Levels of suffering are having levels of meaning in matter and not in Spirit. The detachment from Spirit is the space where Love needs to be instead of in the level of matter. Suffering comes from not having the light in consciousness to go beyond the mortal worlds present level. We exist in thought at the level of matter when higher levels of consciousness can be lived in Heaven giving us the ability to not suffer. Love is the energy that expands the light in consciousness.

There is no self in living. The level of self is created in Spirit for the Soul to live through the present base collective consciousness in matter.  What is living is the energy Love. The Soul is living through Spirit to experience matter evolving into higher levels of Love. One will live many "selves" for consciousness to live through because the Soul live's through many levels of consciousness and each will have a different Spirit and medium for that new level of consciousness. Self is only a level of consciousness. All that is living is a pool of consciousness witnessing itself as consciousness evolves until it reaches the level of light in Heaven. Then there is the level of one.

Levels of energy are what is living. Images through photosynthesis and Conscious Energy are creating the level in matter humanity is living through. Every human being is born with Love. God gave his children the key to life deep within their Souls to blossom into Heaven. Suffering is the absence of Love and Love is the key to living higher levels of consciousness into Heaven. Humanity has to live for Spirit rather than for what is in matter. To have the level of being to know energy is at cause and matter is at the effect of one's level of consciousness.

How life evolves is only being determined by the level of Love humanity can live. That is only done by having the Spiritual existence in life as the deeper level life is living for. Every person has an idea about what Jesus stood for in life and why he lived the level to have his life on the cross. The level was for humanity to not have levels of sin, to understand a greater level in living and that God was living with humanity.

Life separated from God and ones own divinity when it continued to live for what was in material instead of in consciousness and Spirit. There is no level able to consciously evolve if not living for the light. Love is the energy that give's life it's existence and Love is the only energy that expands consciousness.

Wisdom and knowledge bring a deeper meaning and purpose in life that enables humanity to live in higher levels with greater knowing of the world.  What was once a world that seemed to exist outside of us is now a world only existing within our light of consciousness. The level of what was once in suffering is now existing for levels of living in Heaven. When we choose Love we invoke Heaven in our live's to help guide us through our level of consciousness. We want live for a greater purpose that takes us into divinity and the light. The universe is Love and every level in life has Heaven. Live Love and live greater happiness and peace in your life.

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