The Light Out of Suffering

sufferingSuffering is the absence of the energy Love. Life is in consciousness. Consciousness is the energy Love. The Soul is Love and the level of Love we are of is the light in consciousness Spirit is living through in matter.

Everything we are experiencing is a level of light in our Soul. The premise is to become conscious of Love and the more conscious of Love we become the greater light in consciousness we have to create in matter that which is of Heaven. Matter gave the way for a human being to live through what they think. Love is the  alchemy in matter that is the energy able to change what we are experiencing.  It's the light that leads us away from suffering towards Heaven.

What we experience in matter is brought into being through thought. What we think is all we are experiencing. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. The way to understand the world is to understand that what you are thinking is creating your experience at every level in life. What we are trying to do is have the level of consciousness that helps us go beyond the circumstances of the mortal world to higher levels in Heaven. The only energy that expands consciousness is Love. Love is the light we live this life through. The level of Love in our Soul is giving us the level of the image we experience in matter.

The level of the world is humanities present level of consciousness we are living through. Consciousness is at cause and what we experience in matter is the effect. Human beings want to focus on energy and not matter because all matter is only energy changing form at the level of ones consciousness. Every experience we have will only be lived through our thoughts and the level in which we perceive what is happening is what will determine our level of thinking. Suffering is the absence of Love. Love is the energy in consciousness that is immediate in creating what can end suffering in thought. When we are able to live knowing what we experience is only a level of light within our Soul, we enable ourselves to consciously change the way we think and therefore change the level of matter we experience.

Every experience will have a choice and every level of life will have the same one and that is, "In this experience will I choose what is of Love or what is not of Love?" Meaning will I choose to live knowing everything I am experiencing is only existing in the light of my Soul for me to live Love through. Will I see my brother right in levels beyond my thinking and live it through Christ, will I not judge or attack and defend. Will I choose living Love, forgiveness, compassion, mercy, peace, kindness, selflessness, and call on God to help me see this differently so I do not suffer. Will I live this through Christ so that I invoke Heaven to help me think at a level other than the one I am at.  Or will I live this through the level of matter instead and be at the mercy of the mortal worlds level of circumstances.

If we are to understand the gift God gave us we are to understand the level of what we are thinking is all we can ever experience as life. What we think is all that is alive. Having the ability to change what we experience in matter is living the level of Love that gives the greater light in consciousness to have the alchemy that changes the image within our Soul.

We want to live the light that takes us out of suffering. Love is the energy in consciousness that is the light Spirit is living through. We increase the energy Love in order to change our level of consciousness to a higher light.

The World 

The world we are experiencing is the level of the base collective consciousness and is existing through photosynthesis from the level of Love humanity is living. The human race is in one level of consciousness. There are variations within this level of consciousness creating different levels of matter for human beings to experience. The purpose of observing ones consciousness in matter is to have the ability to change the way we think therefore changing the level of matter we experience. Human consciousness has been at the level of matter and not the level of energy having the level of the world only in matter instead of in Spirit. This created humanities level of consciousness to not be able to consciously evolve beyond the level creating war, poverty,  human suffering and animal suffering.

Consciousness will always give what one is thinking. If a human being is only able to think at the level of the mortal world then what is going to be experienced will always be at the same small fixed reality. Life needs to have the ability to go beyond the circumstances of the mortal world in a thought process able to create greater levels of answers, solutions and pathways for life's existence. The level needed to have the ability to think at levels beyond the present is changing the level of energy we are living through.

Understanding that the world is only energy at ones level of consciousness is giving every human being the ability to live what is in their own light through the level of the base collective consciousness. Human beings since the beginning of life have been living through an energy that was created at the beginning for consciousness to live through evolving. The level has been conditioned to exist linear at the level that has created the world human beings are living through. The level has been at the level of matter and not energy. The level gave human being the ability to live in a world that is having every level needed for life to exist except the level of Spirit. Spirit is the level that gives substance and the level that carve's the Soul into greater light so that consciousness can create in matter what is evolving. Spirit is the level humanity must focus on to have the Love needed for the human race to be sustainable.

As humanity begins to transition towards living in energy it will bring the human race out of having life in violence, suffering and in a small fixed reality to what is living greater in Heaven. Only through consciousness do we have the level to see what is beyond our present level of thinking. Love is the light in consciousness that thinking is emerging out of. When we choose Love and what is of Heaven it is consciousness having levels of energy greater than our present level. This changes perspectives, attitudes and our level in all areas needed to live the experience differently.

The greater light in consciousness the greater Love, peace and Heaven we have in our world. With Love we also have the greatest opportunity to realize our potential in any one level of consciousness. Conscious evolution is the level life must live in order to have the light to stay out of suffering and instead create what brings Heaven into matter here on earth.


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