Forgiveness, Pain and Suffering

forgiveness(The practices to heal are towards the bottom of this writing. Please read the writing to understand them.) Life is in energy and forgiveness is the greatest level for human beings to live in Heaven. Everything we are conscious of is in our light and every level of life is giving us a path to become Love. When something happens in life with other people it sends us into attack and defend. We blame and crucify them to the cross but because life is in energy it is only holding ourselves to the cross. The level of attack and defend is a level in life that is needing to learn the world is energy and what we do to others is only being done to ourselves. We create what we live through by how we think and treat other people.

In higher levels of consciousness, we learn there is only one here with God. We are living to awaken to the Son of God living Love. Life in energy is living in consciousness through matter for us to become Love. The experience in matter helps us see how we think. We're observing our consciousness in matter. What we think is all that is alive. When we can live with greater Love in our thoughts it is Heaven we are bringing into our experience of life.

Everything in life in matter is being brought into being. There is no table, car or chair that was not first an idea in the mind of humanity before being brought into being in matter. The level of matter at the smallest particle is energy, it is a wave. There is no place you begin or another person ends. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the mortal world. No one is outside of us, they are in our light reflecting a level within our Soul. What we live through are images in photosynthesis at the level of our consciousness. Life is in light.

Forgiveness is the highest level of Love there is. It is an energy that is able to heal perception and restore all levels of life to their natural divine right order. What we experience with other people stays within our light. Every thought of every person, incident or event other than Love is a level of pain in our light. We want to see everyone in our lives as Heaven in our light and only existing for us to live Love.  God created life for human beings to understand how all levels of life are in unity within the light of our savior and the savior is every human being alive.

The level of the mortal world is humanities collective consciousness and is the level of everything other than Love we are living through to Heaven.  While the level of the world can be very real to live through the level is an illusion. It is a level of consciousness. Love is all that is real. Love is the energy that gives humanity the ability to consciously live in peace, happiness, and Love.

What we experience with people and what we are conscious of stays in our light. It doesn't leave its source. The pain and suffering are always the loudest and are always seeking to renew themselves. We end suffering by changing the way we think. Humanity thinks incessantly in self-stories from one thought to the next attaching themselves to everything at the level of matter. The incessant thinking is creating reality. It weaves a story through matter and when we feel harmed we live it in our minds over and over again. Never healing the level of energy in our light. What we think, is all that is alive. We keep the energy existing by focusing on the level in matter.

To heal the experience's in matter we have to heal how we think about them. We have to heal the energy in our light. We have to see beyond what we initially saw. Perspective is only living in our level of consciousness. Humanity wants to recognize we live having perceptions that are one of a thousand we could have. We want to bring the energy Love into our lives to experience a higher level of light in consciousness and see what has us suffering differently. We want to go beyond it in thought. We can only do that by giving what changes the light in consciousness. Living greater Love changes the light in consciousness and will heal all levels of the Soul.

Forgiveness, mercy, and compassion are all energies of Love.  The reason Jesus washed the feet of Judah was to live Love at the highest level into what was being experienced. Remembering we are the Son of God we do just as Jesus did washing the feet of Judah. We live the highest level of Love giving Heaven the light to move through us.

Forgiveness is the greatest power one has in not suffering. When we forgive we release the pain held in our light. Suffering is existing in thought. Holding anger, betrayal, fear, jealousy, sorrow or any level other than Love is only keeping us on the cross. We live the anger we have for another. We live the contempt. We are the level of what is being judged in another. We live the hate. When we are seeing the wrongs of others it is in our light they are seen. What is in our light is what we are trying to evolve through to greater Love. There is nothing we can think of another that is not in our light. We choose Love because it free's us. It gives us the level of light to be free from the mortal world's level of pain and suffering. Love lifts us above the mortal world into Heaven.

Forgiveness is the energy that restores us to our divine right order.  Forgiveness releases us from the cross.One knows the pain is gone when what or who they think of is only having feelings of Love. Forgiveness has nothing to do with what someone else did. It is the only level for humanity to live free from suffering and pain. The level of releasing what is experienced in thought can only be released in thought. One is leaving the energy of pain and suffering from the level of light experienced. Here are a couple practice's to help bring greater light into your life to free you from pain and suffering.

Think of someone or a group of people in your life that had you feel suffering or upset.

See a big pitcher of water being poured and say in your mind or out loud "I wash the feet of Jenny and I beg for mercy and forgiveness. I am so sorry if I harmed you in any way in my thoughts or actions. I am the love that all life live's through."  (repeat this phrase as many times as you can be present to saying it)

To heal and release pain and suffering on a different level please use this practice.

I wash the feet of everyone in the light of my photosynthesis and I beg for mercy and forgiveness. I am so sorry if I harmed you in any way in my thoughts or actions. I am the Love that all life lives through. (repeat this phrase as many times as you can be present to saying it)

Repeat the practice over and over again trying to have it be the only thought you have today. Saying it a million times is not excessive. You want to live to have it be the only thought you are focusing on throughout the day with everyone who comes to mind. Take time with each person until you only feel different. It could take a day, a week or longer depending on your ability to do it religiously.  To practice it as the only thought throughout the day is the way to be free of all energy attached to the experience that has pain. You will do it longer than one day but will feel Heaven helping you within one day. There is no way to release suffering without giving what releases the level of energy from the light in our consciousness. Love is the energy that washes us clean. Forgiveness is the level that restores us to the divine right order of our Truth which is Love.

Live life knowing everyone can be your savior or the level you live this life through. Make them your savior and Love them with all your might and then Love them more and more for Heaven is what awaits you.


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