Greater Wisdom

110 Ways to Greater Wisdom

1. Life is in photosynthesis.

2. Love is the way of the world.

3. Humanity is a species changing form for higher levels of consciousness.

4. There is more life in energy than there is in matter.

5. Life can only live at our level of consciousness.

6. What is real is what we make real.

7. Recognizing self as the blade of grass gives us the level of oneness to know we are only Love experiencing our light.

8. The glory of living is found in others.

9. When I don't know who I am I am the universe. When I do know who I am I am living through my level in consciousness. I am Love.

10. Nature is the garden of Heaven.

11. Consciousness is all that is alive

12. Peace dwells in Loves light.

13. What we think is all we can live through.

14. We are living through everything other than Love to Love.

15. Love is the light that expands consciousness to greater light.

16. We never see the totality of anyone. This includes our children, mom, dad, friends etc. We can only live them from our level of consciousness. They are living in another level of life experiencing the world from their level of consciousness.

17. The Love we give is the Love we live through.

18. God is in every atom giving humanity the way to live in matter at any one level of consciousness.

19. The human being is not the body but is the conscious energy inside of the body.

20. Conscious Energy with a capital "C" & "E" is a living species in the conscious space of God giving humanity all livingness in matter. They are the fabric of life.

21. In every human being lives the level of God.

22. We are experiencing images as life from the level of the energy Love in our Soul.

23. Humanity is a level of energy living in the light of our Soul for us to live Love through.

24. We are observing our consciousness in matter. There is only one of us here with God.

25. God is Love. Happiness lives in God's light.


They are in another level of life living the world from their level of consciousness.

Jesus Christ

26. Heaven is in joy, light, and peace.

27. Love is the only level in life that is real. The mortal world is an image only existing at our transitory level of consciousness.

28. The mortal world will never be the same in any other level of consciousness.

29. See everyone living only in your light at your level of consciousness. They only exist through your Soul to teach you to Love.

30. I am the level of everything.

31. I am the Heaven all life lives in.

32. I am the Love all life lives through.

33. I am God.

34. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness.

35. If not for God's light we would have no way to touch our faces, see the earth or live in matter. God is the level of every atom in photosynthesis giving us the way to experience matter at our level of consciousness.

36. We invoke God's light into our level of consciousness when we live Love like Christ.

37. God is energy hundreds of billions of years alive that created human beings in energy to live in matter at different levels of consciousness.

40. The mortal world is living in Heaven. Heaven is giving humanity the way to live in matter at any one level of consciousness.

38. The experience of matter at the present level of consciousness is relative and only one tiny fraction of living. We live in a life continuum for eternity.

39. The more conscious of Love we become the deeper in God's light we live.

41. The universe is consciousness.

42. Life exist at a very quantum level in holographic light.

43. People live through a holographic atom in our Soul in levels of energy.

44. Life is in energy. There is no place one person begins or another ends.

45. The level of life is in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance in decimals.

46. We are living to become Love and then eventually the very level of light that helps sustain all life.

47. Everything in existence is consciousness eternally expanding.

48. The universe is a pool of consciousness with other elder levels of consciousness.

49. There are over a million planets with life at levels beyond humanity's present level of consciousness. Elder consciousness is living to give humanity greater light to live through.


The moment we are conscious of any human being or level of matter they are only existing in our light. No level of the world we are experiencing exists outside of our consciousness. The world isn't outside of us, it is living through us.

50. The atmosphere is alive with plasma in greater levels of intelligence than humanity's.

51. The earth is a living organism living in the light of human consciousness.

52. Everything on the planet is connected to everything off planet. God created the Heavens to give human beings every level needed to live in any one level of consciousness.

53. Gravity doesn't exist. The universe isn't assigning any one atom its purpose or any one particle its livingness. Consciousness is.

54. We bring everything into being out of our level of consciousness. Creativity, imagination and believing in all things being possible are requisites in human life.

55. Every problem that can be thought already has an answer existing in levels of consciousness.

56. Life is in a continuous motion living forward towards Heaven. We age effortlessly in a higher intelligent process.

57. Human beings are living in a process aging effortlessly to higher levels of consciousness.

58. There is no birth and there is no death. There is only a continuous level of consciousness evolving.

59. Human beings live in two worlds at one time but are only conscious of one. This is giving us our life continuum in photosynthesis.

60. The Love we live in this life is creating the level of the next part of life.

61. Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter.

62. In higher levels of consciousness, human beings can live with Heaven while here on earth. Conscious Energy can communicate with us just like a person can.

63. Love is the energy that takes you beyond the mortal world to the level of Heaven.

64. Human life is beyond matter living in greater levels than any level of matter realized thus far.  We are higher levels of consciousness than we are being conscious of.

65. We live in a light beyond our own level of consciousness waiting for us to evolve into greater levels of light.

66. God is living for us to realize the Son of God.

67. God is reality.

68. The all-seeing eye is humanity living through the conscious space of God. We are energy existing inside of energy having an experience in matter through photosynthesis.

69. Our thoughts live through God at our level of consciousness.

70. Suffering is the absence of Love.

71. Love is the answer to everything in life because it is the light in consciousness.

72. Love is the most powerful energy in existence. God is Love and God is the energy all life is living through.

73. There is no self. We are creating the elusive self for the temporary experience of the mortal world in matter at this level of consciousness.

74. In every life, we live through a different medium with a different Spirit we will call self. Self doesn't exist. Consciousness does. We are Love.

75. Love is the light in consciousness giving Spirit the way to live in matter. The Soul is all that is alive. The Soul is Love.

76. We live in a life continuum for eternity cultivating greater levels of light to live through.

77. God is the light living in our consciousness. When we live Love we activate His light more. The more Love we live the greater light in God we live through.

78. Life has greater levels programmed within our light. The more we live through God the more we pierce through veils of consciousness to greater life.

79. The stars, moon, and sun are only living through our Soul.  Every tree and every fish is in our light living in matter for us to experience a universe. I am the universe.

80. As we consciously evolve we live from the human to the ant shedding ego and the mortal world for living Love.

81. The most powerful words in the human language are Jesus, God, I forgive you, I forgive myself and I Love you. They invoke higher levels of energy.

82. When we can respect life at the level of caring for an ant, we have the ability to respect our own level of life. We miss the light in life for not living conscious of the ant.

83. Every living organism is part of our light. If we are to live in higher levels of consciousness it will be through infinite Love towards all life in existence.

84. The tree lives in my light. The bird lives in my light. Humans live in my light. The earth lives in my light. The universe lives in my light. Life's purpose is only living in my light. I am the light all life lives in.

85. Where there is a conflict there is Holy light for all to live through.

86. Consciousness requires being able to conceive in order to receive. We live open to possibility no matter the circumstances because we know there is an infinite unlimited level of consciousness we can live through. We are living in God's conscious space. What we live in matter is only one level of consciousness among an infinite level we can experience.


87. Every human being can live as our savior or our persecutor.

88. Heaven is in everything and we must seek the light if we are to live through it.

89. If we live judging others it is us that live judged. We do it to ourselves.

90. No one can harm another's Soul. We can only harm our own.

91. Every trial and tribulation we face is the God faculty for evolving into higher realms of life.

92. Everyone in our lives is only existing to live Love through. Everything we live is only existing to become conscious of Love in.

93. There is no title or level of material that has purpose in life greater than becoming conscious of Love.  Love is all that is real. Everything else is the illusion to Love.

94. We are not our thoughts. We are Love. Thinking is only a processor processing the self-story at the level of the mortal world.

95. Thinking is transitory. In every life we will think differently with a different Spirit and transitory self. Consciousness is continuous in every level of life.

96. Thought is taking us forward in life. We live from one thought to the next trying to become conscious of Love.

97. When we pause our thinking it is the conscious space of God we live through.

98. We want to end thinking for consciousness. Consciousness is not transient like thinking. It's not part of the self-story. It is the deeper knowing of all living in God.

99. Conscious evolution is the blueprint for life.

100. Everyone has a divine light within they are expanding in each life.

101. Life is to live ecstasy at levels greater than human consciousness has conceived. We are living to live Love.

102. We give life its level to occur real but it's an illusion we are trying to awaken through to become conscious of Love.

103. The world isn't existing outside of us it is only living through us.

104. Love is helping us live at this very moment. It is the level of our Soul giving us the light to be conscious.

105. The level of everything is Love.

106. God is our Heavenly Father birthing the eternal spring of consciousness through every Soul.

107. The mortal world is created from the level of Love in humanity's collective consciousness. Love creates the circumstances we can live in life.

108. Every atom is consciousness.

109. God is with us to experience His light. His teachings take us beyond humanity's present level of consciousness into Heaven while here on earth. Our willingness to live Love is all that is required. The greater Love we live the greater access to God we have. There is no way to go beyond our present level of consciousness without God because the energy Love is the only way to expand consciousness.

110. When we live like a leaf blowing in the wind we are the light in Heaven because we are anchored in God more than anything else. Faith in God is the Holy Grail in life. We don’t have to know where we are going or what we are doing as long as we are living in God. His Love will light the path to Heaven always.