Sharing the Gospel

These are gospel clips for keeping God first and always in the light of your mind. They have messages of divine understanding of why we want to live in Christ. The Bible gives us the way to shape our thought system to the highest level in God.
Living in God's Plan


Peaceful Podcast | Christening Our Lives in God


Peaceful Podcast | Love and Light


Peaceful Podcast | Never Doubt God


Surrendering to God


Peaceful Podcast | Life Beyond Our Reality


Living Heaven While Here on Earth


Above the Mortal Plane


Door to God


Holy to the Lord


God’s Lantern


Peaceful Podcast | Thought System


Let the Dead Bury the Dead


Proclaim the Light


Reaping What We Sow


Seeds of Love

Light of the World

The Bible


Deeper Life in Christ

The Holy Moment


The Treasure of Heaven


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